Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beginning of my BLOGGING LIFE :)

Hello ALL!

I actually never thought about starting a blog before until I spoke at a small conference last week and a social worker I had just met thought it would be a great idea after hearing me speak. I suppose I do have a very interesting life as the mother to 7 children including 4 toddlers. I am going to put a post on of something that actually happened to me the day of the conference that was just to CRAZY not to put into words. Here was my crazy day... Hope you enjoy :)


Today started out fairly normal, except for the fact that my 4th grade home schooled son just doesn't seem to be soaking his math in. I will admit I was a smidge frustrated. We have only been in school 4 days and he is just struggling. AnyWHO... I had planned on cutting classes short today to go speak at a conference that I had been scheduled to speak at for quite some time about an hour away and of course my husband was out of town so I had arranged the kids to stay with a friend about 30 minutes from my conference. I THOUGHT I was well organized and left with just enough time to even stop and get gas All good pre-planned trips with 6 kids are destined to go down the tubes BUT I was able to keep my cool when about 30 minutes from home the baby (1 yr old) pukes everywhere-not just any puke-curdled milk with peaches puke EWWW!! And there I stood in my business suit and heels. I proceeded to find a store nearby and went in to plead for help. They were so kind to give me a roll of paper towels and some bags to put his yucky clothes in. I disassembled the entire car seat and wiped and cleaned the entire thing with hand sanitized and replaced everything but the cover-it was covered! So, the kind lady gave me a table cloth or table runner?? and baby Jett sat on that and seemed fine with a clean change of clothes-this whole process took approximately 40 minutes SO, I was on to plan B, there was NO WAY I would have time to take them to my friends, I had to head straight to the conference IF I could find someone there to watch all 6 kids while I spoke I called ahead and since I was speaking at the department of social services, they were happy to watch the kids! This all went so well that I decided to take them all to the mall (keep in mind all stores except Wal-Mart are at least an hour from our farm) because the red light came on on the fridge water filter and I had to replace it or not drink the water-which I live on SO, I had no choice but to haul them all in for the adventure They did fairly well until they got to the dryer/fridge section and they ALL felt the need to open every door to every one! OH, it gets better, THEN guess what the ONLY filter was that they were out of??? OF COURSE, the one I needed I explained the situation about living a distance from Sears and she got on the computer and said there were supposedly 20 water filters SOMEWHERE in the store. After many more doors were opened and closed my patience was running thin so finally, here she came with the filter I needed YAY!!! I paid my $50 plus bucks and I WAS going to leave but I thought, you know, how often do I get out with the little stinkers alone and how cool would it be to take them to CANDYOPOLIS-the candy store SO, I mentioned it and everyone cheered. We all held hands 2 by 2 by 3 to get a long way down the mall to candy heaven. I stopped outside the door, gave a lecture on "the procedure" I would be using to make sure things ran as smooth as possible inside the store and hoped for the best. I handed each one a bag and knew the baby would be the least patient so he got 4 suckers and he had to eat one right away which kept his focus off touching anything else SO, then each took their turn and got some candy in their own bag, they wer SO OBEDIENT! I told them they couldn't open it until we trekked back across the mall, got in the car and everyone's seatbelts were buckled and guess what??? IT WORKED!! I turned on Happy Feet once we got in the car and headed for McDonald's with another "memorable moment made with my children." They were so precious and thrilled about that candy. Oh, the little things Then after receiving the McDon's food, I decided to dole it out after leaving the parking lot and getting down the road cause we were in a real congested area. Realizing they had forgot my apple dippers and apple juice I was thankful for the 2 large waters and the candy we bought. We still had just what we needed although I lost out on $3 in the process-it just ain't worth going back for that with 6 kids during rush hour!!! So, we got home, unloaded, washed puked up clothes and carseats and after chomping on my own extra large mommy-size peanut butter cup from CANDYOPOLIS that pretty much ends another normal day in our household. Making me feel happy and more blessed than ever! Good NIGHT!