Friday, September 30, 2011


I would KISS YOU if you could tell me IF THIS IS EVEN POSSIBLE?????

Cause I'm finding out taking 9 people

I used to have a blog reader STACEY H-mom to Bennett and Avery that told me how once but I can't find her blog any more.

ANY ideas or links or suggestions would be awesome.

We already have our RV reservations at Fort Wilderness RESORT. This place looks awesome in itself at over 750 acres with LOADS TO DO!
Thats bigger than our farm PEOPLE!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birth Sisters..Is there pain..Heartache?

As we are all getting ready to head to Awana this evening..

My sweet, smart, precious MyMy came to me... She said "Mom, can I wear my hair like this????" 

I said.."Its a little messy, go get me a brush and I will redo it for you."

She then came to me after about 10 minutes with this picture....

A picture of her birth sister, at 6 years old-the exact same age she is now. 

"THIS IS WHY I want to wear my hair like this tonight..Is that okay?"

Their resemblence is undeniable...

She did her hair as an EXACT REPLICA of her sisters down to the piece of hair hanging down on the right side...

With tears in my eyes...thinking of missing out on my child hood with my own 3 birth sisters... "OF COURSE!" I said.

I wonder what is going on inside her precious little mind..

I know one thing, we need to get these girls together very soon..

If you are an adoptive parent out there and you are wondering whether or not you should be "open" or get together with your kids birth siblings... YOU SHOULD!

If you know they have birth siblings and you don't know where they are...  LOOK FOR THEM!

You will not regret it..

Now excuse me please... I have to go make some phone calls and arrange some play dates for my children with their siblings...