Friday, January 31, 2014

They don't call in Sun n' Fun for nothin!

There has been SO much for us to do here! One of our favorite days is Thursdays! Sewing Days!! Tori got a machine for Christmas! I knew NOTHING about sewing but it has been SO awesome to learn and see!     Her first project was a Hot Dog pillow case. She then made a little makeup bag complete with zipper and another pillowcase for her sister! I'm impressed! Her work is SO good!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here we GROW!! Expanding!



IF you live in...
Or any of the other countries listed below!!!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

How Would $10,000 Change Your LIFE?

WOW!! We JUST got back from our It Works Conference in Tampa!!! 2014 will be another LIFE CHANGING YEAR!!  

I got to meet one of my Blog Readers gone Wrapper Gone BFF, IN PERSON. who is on her way to the TOP with IT WORKS and MANY THOUSANDS in bonuses!!!! We are praying she will get $50,000 at least! God has REALLY blessed me with an amazing team of friends and family around! It was SURREAL to squeeze her in person!!! I LOVE YOU "G"!!

We had a blast!! The conference started off with a Praise and Worship service!  Then the next night, We got to dress up all fancy and be in the VIP ELITE LOUNGE!! It was SO AWESOME!! It was SO FUN do be there with our oldest, her hubby and the new GLAMbaby too!

I also got the surprise of being in the TOP 100 income earners out of 70,000 Distributors!! It was a surreal experience to go across stage with 10,000 people watching on!! What was even MORE AWESOME is that one of my BFF's  (mom to 10) was ALSO in the top 100 and we got to STROLL the stage together! GO GOD!!! AMAZING what God has done through 2 moms with 18 kids between us!!

Have you been praying for a way to get out of debt??? This may be your answer. CRAZY how a $99 decision changed our Children's LEGACY!!! The company RE INTRODUCED the GOOD bonuses. G.O.O.D. stands for GET OUT OF DEBT!!!!!!!! We are praying that our entire team GETS ONE!!!! This will be LIFE CHANGING!!!! We would love to help Mentor you and get you started! IT could change your life!!!! Either Nick or I or both of us would LOVE to chat with you about it!! Please don't hesitate to call, text 785-562-7651 or message if you have any questions at ALL! SO MANY LIVES CHANGING!!! We also got a NEW WEBSITE so GO CHECK IT OUT! All those who are existing customers or NEW customers can get free boxes of wraps for referring people! SO AWESOME!



Tuesday, January 7, 2014

School From the RV!!

Our first day of school in the RV went extremely WELL! I always start with Blakely and get her preschool done first! She is EXCITED EVERY DAY to do school and is equally upset EVERY DAY when we are done!! She ALWAYS wants to do more! Once she finishes, she watches an educational DVD! She LOVES The Letter Factory!!

Then I move on to Caty and Myah while Brendan and Tori work independently unless they have questions! 

Meanwhile, The Captain is schooling Wyatt and Jett! It has worked out very well to separate the 2 second grade boys from Caty who is also in second grade. She was whizzing past them. This is a GOOD FIT FOR US and we are BEYOND BLESSED to have The Cap to be a full time homeschooling Daddy!

The Captain and I are still working out DAILY!!! We are on our 10th week of working out!! We also try to eat clean and healthy as much as we can!! I LOVE grilled food and we have had A LOT of that here! So YUMMY! 

We still get deliveries here!! All our mail has been forwarded! I had to share this picture of our UPS GUY!! CHECK OUT HIS WHEELS!!! I love it! 

After school is over, we LOVE to head to the pool! This motivates the kids to WORK! HA HA!! We also love riding our bikes, taking walks, fishing, jumping on the big bouncy pillow and SO MUCH MORE! Tori starts sewing lessons This coming Thursday. I am doing ZUMBA, BUNCO and joined a Bible Study! We are BUSY BUSY!! 

New Years Day and How We ROLL!

I'm not doing well keeping up am I? LOL

Today is considered "dangerously cold" here in FL with a high of 53! HA HA I'll be the folks back home are laughing just like me! The true Floridians don't even want to go outside!

We are on 172 ACRES and 26 miles of paved roads here at Sun N Fun RV Resort. THIS PLACE IS MASSIVE!! And we don't want to drive our car everywhere like quick trips to the pool, playground, laundry or other things so we have a golf cart for the time we are here!! It is AWESOME!!! We all fit perfectly!!!! This is how we ROLL!!

OF COURSE we advertise as we cruise around!! There are 6,000 people here in the resort!! It's like a mini city in here!!! We'd be driving a LONG TIME on this back home to get anywhere!!

 We spent New Years Day SWIMMING!!!! The kids had a BLAST!!!! We are so Blessed to be where we started the new year WARM

This is our camp set up at night!! Just to give you the idea of how it looks!!! We are having SO MUCH FUN!!!

We were able to TAME the lights down with a dimmer switch and they look AWESOME NOW!

We've met LOTS of friends and are BUSY BUSY with activities!!!
We feel humbled and blessed to be here~!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 from the SUNSHINE STATE!!

We started out the morning with GYM CLASS on this big ol Bouncy thing!!!!! We all enjoyed making friends!

Then it was MOM'S turn to "GET HER GYM ON". They have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Wellness Center here!! 

We ate lunch and The Captain had lots of bike repairs to make and we spent time getting things organized!! The Captain also ended his "COLD WEATHER PROTEST!" he wasn't shaving his face or cutting his hair until we got here. SO, he handled that also!

There was an AWESOME FAMILY New Year's Eve Party here! We enjoyed Pizza, Line Dancing, Hats, Horns and a Magical Clown and had a GREAT TIME!!

They even had a BALLON DROP promptly at 6:30pm HA HA  The kids LOVED IT!

 All that TRAVELING created a TON OF LAUNDRY!! So The Captain and I spent time getting that caught up!!! 

We spent the rest of the evening taking walks and riding bikes & scooters and chatting with our neighbors!!!  We also met some people who are really interested in joining our business!! We are talking more with them today!  We are having a WONDERFUL TIME!!!  I think we will gear up and start back to school tomorrow and get a schedule going!


We plan on hitting the pool today! It's suppose to be very warm today!

May God's Blessings Flow in your lives in 2014!!


Days 3 & 4... We are HERE!!

We were at it up and early on the 30th!!! We enjoyed God's Beauty in Tennessee and Georgia!!
We stopped in Georgia and had lunch in the RV!!

We stopped for Sushi on the 29th!! ALL OF OUR KIDS LOVE IT!! We had so much fun!

We spent our last night in this WAL MART PARKING LOT in Florida!! There were TWENTY FIVE RV's in the Parking Lot!! It was WILD!!!!! I guess we weren't the only ones with this idea of spending winter in warmth LOL!

I loved capturing Caty's look as she saw the ocean for the first time... This makes it WORTH IT ALL!! SO PRECIOUS!!!

"Pulling into Sarasota, Florida for a 2 month stay in the sunshine. My eyes are filled with tears. I am overwhelmed at God's blessings on our family. I think, whose life am I living? To have the love of my life with me FULL TIME raising our kids, when just a short time ago he was gone for 1/2 our kids lives is truly indescribable. We are truly living the dream. And we just found out for the second year in a row we are in the top 100 income earners with It Works Global out of 70,000!! I encourage YOU! Go after your dreams!!! They DO come true! With God All Things Are Possible!! "

This is my 2014 business goal!! I know it will be EPIC!!

We arrived at our RV RESORT around 2 pm!! I LOVED the sign as we pulled in... "NOW ENTERING YOUR HAPPY PLACE" 

I have ALWAYS wanted RV lights to hang outside... We stopped along the way and bought some... We put the bulbs in and WOW... It was like CHRISTMAS VACATION!! We lit up the ENTIRE PARK! HA HA HA!! We are headed back to the store today for smaller wattage bulbs!!!! 


I will post LOTS more pics once we get our entire camp set up!!!