Sunday, January 19, 2014

How Would $10,000 Change Your LIFE?

WOW!! We JUST got back from our It Works Conference in Tampa!!! 2014 will be another LIFE CHANGING YEAR!!  

I got to meet one of my Blog Readers gone Wrapper Gone BFF, IN PERSON. who is on her way to the TOP with IT WORKS and MANY THOUSANDS in bonuses!!!! We are praying she will get $50,000 at least! God has REALLY blessed me with an amazing team of friends and family around! It was SURREAL to squeeze her in person!!! I LOVE YOU "G"!!

We had a blast!! The conference started off with a Praise and Worship service!  Then the next night, We got to dress up all fancy and be in the VIP ELITE LOUNGE!! It was SO AWESOME!! It was SO FUN do be there with our oldest, her hubby and the new GLAMbaby too!

I also got the surprise of being in the TOP 100 income earners out of 70,000 Distributors!! It was a surreal experience to go across stage with 10,000 people watching on!! What was even MORE AWESOME is that one of my BFF's  (mom to 10) was ALSO in the top 100 and we got to STROLL the stage together! GO GOD!!! AMAZING what God has done through 2 moms with 18 kids between us!!

Have you been praying for a way to get out of debt??? This may be your answer. CRAZY how a $99 decision changed our Children's LEGACY!!! The company RE INTRODUCED the GOOD bonuses. G.O.O.D. stands for GET OUT OF DEBT!!!!!!!! We are praying that our entire team GETS ONE!!!! This will be LIFE CHANGING!!!! We would love to help Mentor you and get you started! IT could change your life!!!! Either Nick or I or both of us would LOVE to chat with you about it!! Please don't hesitate to call, text 785-562-7651 or message if you have any questions at ALL! SO MANY LIVES CHANGING!!! We also got a NEW WEBSITE so GO CHECK IT OUT! All those who are existing customers or NEW customers can get free boxes of wraps for referring people! SO AWESOME!



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Kelly said...

Had such an amazing time at Conference! So glad we jumped on board this crazy wrap train!!! So excited to see where God takes our family and can't wait to park our RV next yours!! lol :)