Thursday, March 8, 2012


The day after the 3 angels left a big event was taking place.

My mom, oldest and I had been planning a mother, daughter, granddaughter weekend FOR MONTHS! The 3 of us were ALL excited to spend the weekend at The Manhattan Christian College WOMENS WORLD CONFERENCE. We all thought it was neat and were sure we would probably be the only 3 generation family to be at the conference.  OH YES, I HAVE IT ALL!

A few weeks before the conference, we found out the oldest could not go. She got a new job in management at a retail store and was not off that day. We were all bummed but I was SO looking forward to spending the weekend ALONE WITH MY MOM! Yep, I HAVE IT ALL!

My mom was able to give her ticket away and we were planning on meeting at the conference Friday afternoon.  I got all packed up and ready to go. As I was pulling out of the drive, my cell phone rang. It was my dad. HE NEVER CALLS.. I knew there must be a problem.  He says "Your Mother's NOT COMING." I said "what?" He said "she fell on her face in the parking lot at the church when the ladies were meeting to carpool and meet you and she is now in the hospital."
UGH that DUMB DEVIL! WHY oh WHY did he allow this to happen. WHY did he RUIN my precious time with my mother ALONE??? VERY DIFFICULT to see I have IT ALL right?

MY POOR SWEET MAMA!!! My dad INSISTED that my mom wanted me to go on and go to the conference without her. I debated but I kept driving.. ALONE.... BAWLING.. BIG TEARS....I called one of my bff's crying, EXCEPT she wasn't there. So I texted her husband to see where she was. She was in a big meeting for work. I text him of my sad saga..  I was filled with sadness and mostly ANGER..ANGER AT THE DEVIL! How DARE HE ruin this weekend with my mom? How could God let this happen when we were going to learn about HIM?  At this point folks, I DID NOT BELIEVE I HAD IT ALL...

I checked in to my hotel room ALONE... that is a lonely feeling. Gave me a great appreciation for The Captain who spends 14 nights a month ALONE in a hotel room. I truly just wanted to SIT THERE. WHO GOES TO A WOMEN'S CONFERENCE ALONE?. I LOVE my friends and family and LOVE to be surrounded by people.. PEOPLE I KNOW LOL. I freshened up my tear stained face and headed out.  I do KNOW NOW reflecting back that I HAVE IT ALL-EVEN ALONE!

I sat at a table all ALONE. A few older ladies came to the table and asked if the seats were taken and I said "no". They sat on down. And then moved because they recognized some friends at another table. I sat Alone again...Another group of gals around my age came up and asked if the seats were taken.. WOW was I happy. The first question of course was "WHO ARE YOU HERE WITH?" "Um, just myself." MAJOR TEARS WELLING UP AT THIS POINT THAT were UNSTOPPABLE... I explained the situation with my mom through the sobs and they simply accepted me and took me in as their own...  The 2 gals that sat next to me were TOO SWEET, especially my new friend Shelly. GOD SENT HER TO ME, I KNOW IT!! After chatting a bit God allowed us to share that we both lived on a farm, we both homeschool and we both have adopted children! Isn't God just AWESOME?  MY ALL was coming back!!!We ate a wonderful supper, praised the Lord together, Worshipped together through song with 700 other women.  We got the BLESSED PRIVLEGE to listen to the AWESOME and ENCOURAGING THELMA WELLS!
Once again I felt I HAD IT ALL!!!

OH OH OH!! Now comes the best part... As I got strolled into my hotel after the Friday evening session. LO AND BEHOLD.. GOD SENT one of my BFF's TO ME! Remember the one I texted earlier? She was sitting in a big green chair waiting on me! Best darn sight I could have seen right then...We've been friends since we were 3 years old. We are sisters in life and sisters in CHRIST! We've been through EVERYTHING together side by side. Miles apart but Always together in heart..YEP.. God given friends.. I HAVE IT ALL!

We headed up to the room put on our ITWORKS facials then I told her all about MY NEW BUSINESS and we wrapped her arms!  She lost 3/4 inch in each arm!  We did our ITWORKS facials and talked into the wee hours until we nodded off! I'm SO BLESSED to HAVE IT ALL!

The next morning we had a yummy cooked to order breakfast at our hotel with fruit, belgian waffles and LOTS of BACON. I LOVE BACON.

We headed to the conference and went to a session on being a Godly wife, ate lunch, praise and worshipped some more with the awesome worship team from MCC, soaked up all of Thelmas wonderful words of  Godly goodness. The one thing Thelma said that resonated with me was "Stop praying for the person, PRAY AGAINST THE ENEMY!" 

And..before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye.. SNIFF SNIFF.

Thank you LORD, for sending me exactly WHO I NEEDED..WHEN I NEEDED THEM! Thank you for loving me, a sinner who had no faith in you for a minute! I should have KNOWN and had confidence in you LORD that you would come through! That YOU are ALL I REALLY NEED! For I am NEVER ALONE with you in my life LORD!! AMEN!! You paid it ALL so I can HAVE IT ALL!

My mom is healing pretty well, the kids and I spent several days there as she healed. She's still super sore and swollen. She is STILL HERE and alive and well... My mom, Who adopted me as her own. So much to be thankful for. THE DEVIL DIDN'T WIN this weekend!!

the end