Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nursing according to Jen..

I am doing this post to tell all you moms who MAY want to nurse or know about nursing how it is going and what has worked for me :)

I am a new nursing mom. This is the first time I've TRULY nursed a baby and it is going GREAT so far.

While Bakers was in the NICU I pumped religiously like a MAD FIEND! She was only fed through a feeding tube until she was able to nurse and she caught on quickly!

Here are some MUST HAVE products I have found for nursing.

OF COURSE THE BOPPY-Couldn't live without this bad boy! Use it EVERY TIME I nurse during the day at home.

I have wondered about MY BREST FRIEND and if I should have gotten it instead. HAVE ANY OF YOU USED IT? I've seen Mrs. Duggar using it while walking around and wondered if I could do the same?

THE Nursing SLEEP BRA. Made with light support. I wear this at night and it is a great price from Motherhood Maternity-only $14.98.
I wear them at night with these WONDERFUL NURSING Jammies and Nightgown from JCPENNEY. They are SO SOFT, comfortable and easy to nurse in and around $25 each.

I was looking for a nursing bra to fit me and it is SO HARD to order when you live in the boonies and can't really try them on in a store.  I am a size 36E right now and I could not find that size anywhere.

I found this GREAT BRA from BRAVADO DESIGNS and I LOVE IT. It is wireless, supportive, comfortable & easy to nurse in.  It was expensive but I don't regret it a bit!

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Purchase are these,  Gilligan & O'Malley nursing tanks from Target.

I wear them to sleep in, around the house and they are SO CONVENIENT to wear under t-shirts because then when you nurse, you can lift your shirt but your belly is still covered by the tank top. I have gray, black and white and WANT MORE! I'm sure I will wear these out!

The best thing is they are ONLY $16.99! But in my book..worth a million$$$!

What is this CRAZINESS YOU ASK?  This is my NURSING REMINDER. A simple green hair band helps me remember which side I will nurse on next. As soon as I start feeding her, I switch the hair band to the other wrist.  With The Captain back at work & the 7 littles at home, I can barely remember my own name people!! Whatever works right?

And last but not least, my ROCKIN BABY SLING.

I nurse Bakers in this during stressful situations. I have nursed her in this while cooking dinner, wiping rears, doing laundry and many other motherly duties and IT WORKS!

The sleeping arrangements go like this.. MOSTLY OUR BABY SLEEPS WITH US and we love every minute! She is on HER SCHEDULE-feeding on demand which works freat so far!

She is a GREAT sleeper. She usually goes down around 10:30 or 11:00 into her bassinet. Sleeps for 3-4 hours and then she joins us in bed to nurse and cuddle!

I SURVIVED MY FIRST WEEK ALONE with the  7 savages  7 littles WITH THE CAPTAIN at work-YIPPEE!

I am hoping my amateur nursing advice/tips help someone!

If any of you moms out there have any other nursing products or advice you can recommend PLEASE DO TELL! I am still learning!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Captain & The Sergeant

I am late in wishing the LOML (love of my life)-THE CAPTAIN a happy BLOGGY birthday!

Here's the birthday boy with his signature chocolate cake NO ICING!

We had a WONDERFUL meal of steak, shrimp, potatoes and Tons of other yummy stuff!

We got him a set of H.arley Davidson rain gear for his upcoming trip to Sturgis!
IF you don't know and thought HD stood for Harley Davidson, IT REALLY stands for HUNDRED DOLLAR. You can't get much of anything with their logo on it for less!

The oldest ALSO came to celebrate his birthday.
My oldest and Youngest, I couldn't be prouder of my 2 beauties!

But even prouder of my SIL-The Sergeant who recently made it back from Iraq!
Welcome HOME!

We were all SO HAPPY to see him home safe and no more TEARS from the oldest.
You know those, "I'm in love and can't live one more hour without you tears?"

SO MUCH to celebrate together
Safety in war..
A new baby...
The birth of one 49 years ago..
having Christ as our Savior..

Here is our entire crew celebrating together.
I am so grateful and love them all so much!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We celebrated her 1 month birthday at the pool with her SPORTIN' her swim suit!
She didn't actually get IN the water but she still looked ADORABLE!

Our First time with the 7 littles at the pool!
The Captain held baby the entire time while I played in the water with the kids!
Here we are at "break time".

I ALWAYS take my own snacks and drinks.
I pop popcorn and usually take a sweet snack too like fruit snacks or granola bars to keep the littles ENERGIZED!
It is A LOT of work but OH SO MUCH FAMILY FUN!
We make it to the pool once a week or so and WE LOVE IT!

One day we would LOVE to get a pool of our own!

HAPPY 1 month to our little MIRACLE GIRL!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I am literally playing "CATCH UP" on my blog!

I have been SO behind.


Blakely came home from the hospital to a crowd of happy siblings!

I TURNED the big 4....0!!
The Captain says I'm holding my present :)
Here are the kids and I on my b-day-some happy, most not.

We survived lots of "FIRSTS"

 Her first Bath at home..

Her FIRST wheat harvest..

Slept through her FIRST trip to the driving range...

First Visit at home from Papa and Grandma...

Her FIRST babysitter so mom and dad could go on a Harley ride..




She is a true miracle and joy for our entire family!

I WILL catch up on everyones blogs EVENTUALLY-I PROMISE!

It's just being a DAIRY QUEEN has me wore slick!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Silence for COHEN...

Day of blogging silence to honor Megan & Brent & remember baby Cohen.
Click picture for Cohen's story.