Sunday, March 23, 2014

A FAMILY AFFAIR! Camp Out, Camp In

I had never heard of the American Heritage Girls or Trail Life USA until a couple of months ago. WOW is it a NEAT PROGRAM!! It's VERY SIMILAR to Boyscouts and Girlscouts but it is based around the love for GOD, service to country and community! Our kids loved it the first week! THE BEST PART about it is that ALL our kids but Blake can do it!! And she can start when she is 5. It goes from 5 years old, ALL the way through high school. FINALLY something we believe in that our kiddos can do all together!

We never do baseball, or any other sports really. With 7 kids and only 2 the same age, we would be RUNNING RAGGED and I would be a GRUMPY MOMMY. I just don't want to be one of those people that is SO BUSY running kids around and none of us is enjoying it. 

On Friday afternoon, the older boys hiked 8 miles to the campsite. And they weren't just hiking on the highway, they were hiking cross country. It was about 60 degrees that day but really windy. Brendan headed off with his pack & sleeping bag with 6 other boys.

Saturday, Tori, Wyatt and Jett joined them along with about 30+ people

They learned how to tie knots...

Start a fire several different ways...

Cook over a campfire (I'm told they had 5 different kinds of cobbler that were DIVINE)..

There was even a BIGFOOT SIGHTING!!! And a midnight hike!  They had a great time! It got down to 13 degrees by this morning when they had the long 7 mile hike home.  The little boys came home last night but T and Brendan both stayed all night and  hiked home. T said it ALMOST killed her! HA HA

They woke up to Bacon sizzling and Breakfast Burritos cooking! They had a church service that the kids both loved. It took them a little over 4 hours to hike back. WOW!! I'm SO PROUD of both of them!! THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF WE WANT OUT KIDS LEARNING!! GOOD, CLEAN FUN with Christ at the center and No technology to be found! I'm so thankful for this opportunity for all of our kids. The leaders are so awesome to invest in our kids. The little ones want to stay next time so The Captain will probably stay with them. Wonder if they would mind if I brought the RV OUT??? LOL  Here they are making the final trek back into town!!

MEANWHILE, back at the farm.... We had our own lil Camp "IN".
I was super impressed with myself and the girls ability to set up the tent. 
(Notice the Campfire in the background)

We cooked our weenies over the fire. We ate on the cowhide rug.

We played UNO, Headbands and Made our own homemade playdoh.

A GOOD time was had by all!! For the record, we didn't make it all night in the tent, not even in the living room. They begged me to tell the scary story of THE BLACK HAND and all got Scared so they ended up sleeping in our room!! HA HA 

LOVE these precious memories made with our kids!! THEY GROW UP TOO FAST!


Friday, March 21, 2014


Interested in Results like these??

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Monday, March 17, 2014

CHICAGO!! Getting Comfortable being Uncomfortable!

I had to head out to Chicago for a few days to do some training with my team! 
On the way out of town, I stopped by and saw an old friend from grade school that reached out to me about THESE CRAZY WRAPS and our Hair Skin and Nails!! I told her I would be close to Kansas City the next day and would stop by so she could wrap!!! We LAUGHED AND LAUGHED!! It was SO FUN to get caught up and share the products with her!!! We had SO MUCH FUN, I almost missed my flight!

I landed in Chicago at 6:30pm Thursday and my WONDERFUL sister picked me up!
For those of you who don't know, we were separated at birth. I was adopted out to a wonderful family after spending several months as a newborn in foster care. My Mom and Dad ended up getting married RIGHT after I was born and got pregnant right away with my sister. After my sister they had my brother. When I was 25, My brother found me and I was shocked not only to find out I had full sister, brother and also 2 half-sisters but the most surprising part is I AM HALF MEXICAN.. AND THEN THE SHOCKER.... My Birthmom and My Real Mom have THE SAME FIRST NAME!!! 

My sister and I are SUPER CLOSE!! She is also in my business with me so that means we get to see each other EVEN MORE!!!!! We stayed up late talking and ate some Chicago Pizza! YUM!

We started the next day with a wrap party in downtown Chicago!! We met and wrapped some WONDERFUL LADIES during their lunch break!!

We signed TWO new team members and 3 new customers!!

We rushed back to her house and had training with some other team mates and went out for dinner and stayed up late chatting again :)

The next morning was a BIG TRAINING with 300 of our closest It Works Family Members.
When you get to a certain level in the company, You start holding your own training events a few times a year!!!!! This was TOTALLY AND 100% OUT of my comfort zone.

Here is the ENTIRE GROUP after the Training!

WE have SO.Much.FUN!

Never in a ZILLION years would I have believed 2 years ago that I would be speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people training them on things like leadership and how to build businesses and be MOMPRENEURS.

Isn't God just AMAZING?? He brings us to things we think we will never do and gives us a passion to get through them. I wasn't nervous AT ALL once I got up there!!! I am SO PASSIONATE about this business and have seen SO MANY LIVES CHANGE both physically and financially that It brings tears to my eyes.

So, If you are out there and you are at a standstill with something in your life, think about STEPPING OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE to push through it!! If you do something you thought you would never do, something will happen that you thought would never happen!! Pray for got to lead you to it and HE will lead you through it!! YOU are made for BIG THINGS!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Girls Day Hair Makeover!

As a Busy, Homeschooling, RV Traveling Mompreneur, I tend to let my personal upkeep get behind!! Anyone else like that?? It had been SIX MONTHS since me or the girls had our hair cut (Me, Colored)! The chlorine REALLY did a big number on our hair when we were in FL! Well, Today was the BIG DAY! HA HA FOUR HOURS at the hair salon and we all got freshened up!

Aren't the girls SO CUTE? MyMy has a SUPER tender head and she wanted short with some whispy bangs! SHE GOT IT!! SO SO CUTE!! Caty has been HOOKED on putting curlers in her hair so she just got a trim along with Baby B!

As for T and I, We BOTH got about 5 inches taken off!! 
I had been WANTING THIS HAIR COLOR and talking to my hair girl Lacey about it for over A YEAR!!! FINALLY went for it. I KNOW, I KNOW, Ombre is probably "OUT" but I LOVE my new hair color!!!! It is SO FUN!! The Captain LOVES IT TOO :) T's hair is SO MUCH EASIER to handle now also!! We are 5 happy girls tonight!

Since we are talking about MY GIRLS and HAIR.........
Here is a pic of THE OLDEST!! She and her hubby are FULL TIME With IT WORKS and I LOVE that our Glambaby has both Mommy and Daddy Home full time!! It's such a blessing as a Mom to know that Evaley doesn't have to go to daycare.

ANYWHO, This is our oldest after just TWO WEEKS on our HOT NEW PRODUCT, HAIR SKIN & NAILS! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!!  Her results are AMAZING!! 

It Works on ALL KINDS OF HAIR!! Here is my friend Lydia after just ONE WEEK!!

I will report back soon! I am meeting a friend from High School tomorrow in KC to Wrap on my way to the airport! Then I'm Heading to Chicago to TRAIN a few hundred AMAZING distributors as well as my Birth Sister Aprils Team and WRAP some people! Let me know if YOU are in CHICAGO!! I would LOVE to connect with you and get his CRAZY WRAP ON YOU!!!!! Text me 785-562-7651~ I'll be there Tomorrow Evening through Sunday!!!!



Sunday, March 9, 2014

FREE WRAP! It Works Wrap Giveaway!

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You could have results like these!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Homeward BOUND! Iced In in Nashville!!!!

We left Disney's Fort Wilderness on February 28th. 
We stopped for lunch at a Rest Area
We were running behind AS ALWAYS HA HA
Our goal was to make it to my friend Vanessa's house by 4pm.

We got there at 8pm.
Got the RV all parked and settled in and 
We were greeted with a FULL MEXICAN SPREAD of Street Tacos.
All of the kiddos had a BLAST!!!!

Making memories with friends is PRICELESS!

After we ate, we headed up the street to our friend Ronda and Ray's house for a quick visit! The Captain and Ray get along SWIMMINGLY!!!  They are both "REWIRED" Wrappers!

God brought Ronda, Vanessa and I together through THIS CRAZY WRAP THING!
We laughed till we peed, shared a glass of wine and enjoyed each other for a couple hours.

Vanessa is a STRONG WOMAN!
Her husband is a Major in the Army serving in Afghanistan right now.
He will be home one week in June and then their entire family of 5 will head to Korea for 2 years. Strange to think that this may be the last time I see her for years.
She does an unbelievable job of handling EVERYTHING while her hubby is away.
She was the lady who drove 3 hours to watch our sick kids when we attended our Son-In-Law Matt's Memorial Service. She has a loving, giving heart and I am SO thankful for her friendship!

We spent 15 hours in Atlanta and then it was ON TO Murfreesboro, TN!
We enjoyed WONDERFUL FELLOWSHIP with My friend Gretchen's Family!!
We ate some YUMMY BBQ!
12 kiddos under one roof just having a GREAT TIME!!!!

Then it was time to GET OUR TRAINING ON with Gretchen's BIG TEAM in Tennessee!
She has grown SO QUICKLY with 64 Distributors on her team in just a few months!
She just snagged a $10,000 bonus and will be getting a $15,000 bonus this month!
This business has CHANGED HER LIFE!!! God brought us together through this blog! She has four bio kids and two adopted precious ones. We are truly like SISTERS! It is SO CRAZY! I am SO THANKFUL for her Sisterhood and friendship! It is such a BLESSING to see her life change physically and financially through THESE CRAZY WRAPS!

The Captain trained on how a guy gets involved int he biz and what his role is!
I LOVE watching him lead!

This is our whole team of Wrap Stars that attended training!! THESE WOMEN are going to CHANGE SOME LIVES and see their lives changed very quickly!! I was almost in tears as we went around the room and they all shared how the products have already changed their lives! THE GREENS were the #1 topic! I heard everything from helping insomia, lupus, migraines, restless leg, giving lots of energy, weight loss and so much more! SO MUCH happens when our bodies are in an ALKALINE and Detoxified state!!!

We said goodbye LATE into the night as the kids played and we charted out the course of some of the girls businesses!  That's when we CHECKED THE WEATHER and realized that leaving the next day was NOT going to happen. We Boondocked in a Wal-Mart parking lot, stocked the RV with all the necessary supplies and decided to hole up in Nashville for a couple of days until Winter Storm Titan blew over! It was COLD in Nashville! COLD!

It was SO FUN to just snuggle in for 2 days! We watched church via the web and made Grilled Cheese, tomato soup, burned a beachy smelling candle and watched some new movies! Nick practiced his banjo. It was some good down time after going strong the last few days!

We headed out Tuesday morning for my parents house in KS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to motivational speakers and leadership material. Caty and Brendan chose to ride with me the entire 11 hours! Caty sat in the back watching movies with her headphones on while Brendan and I listened to music and LOTS of motivational speakers! His favorite was John Maxwell!!  You are NEVER TOO YOUNG to start working on YOU!

We ate dinner with both sets of our parents and The Captain did a little banjo concert!
They were IMPRESSED! Especially my dad who is a former Band teacher!
Here he is with his Dad looking on :)

We got up and hung with my parents for the morning and got a surprise visit from my Dad's brother Daryl! SO MUCH FUN!! His daughter, my cousin Sarah is a leader with It Works Also!

We left for home around 1pm.
It Snowed on the way home.
Our housekeeper came a few days after we left for FL.
It was SO NICE to come home to a SPOTLESS HOUSE! 

I missed VERY FEW things about our House. One thing I did miss was our bathtub! You can't take a bath in an RV!! As soon as dinner was done, we had a NICE LONG BATH! We pondered what we would do different next winter. One thing is STAYING LONGER!! We both agreed that we came home too soon. We had such a BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL time living as Snowbirds. The memories, friendships and fun our kids had are irreplaceable. We thank our God for allowing us to LIVE THE DREAM with our kids. 

We are busy getting unpacked, organized, getting back into a routine and planning our next RV Trip in June!!!