Friday, March 25, 2011

Trip to the BUTCHER!

What's wrong with the below picture??
See anything a little "off?"
This is what happens when you go to the butcher mall hairstylist for a cut.

Well, if you didn't notice, here's a close up for ya!

The uneveness, unnerving!

The Captain got a cut at the mall which was okay.
You see, our normal girl LACEY-(best hair girl IN THE WORLD) was booked this week with spring break. The Captain desperately needed a cut & MyMy has been BEGGING to get a hair cut like Aw-Bells so we thought "what the heck" The girl that cut their hair had GOOD HAIR so SURELY she can give MYMY the cut she so desired...

THANKFULLY, when calling Lacey for our "hair emergency" yesterday she "fixed" MyMy up BEAUTIFULLY!
Lesson learned.
When wanting your hair to look decent ONLY go to those you would NOT trust cutting your meat!!
ONLY LACEY forever and for always! 


Saturday, March 19, 2011

YOU GROW GIRL! 8 & 9 Months!

Here's our little princess at 8 months old.
Mommy is a bit behind..

You have 2 teeth at 8 months old
Still in size small FUZZIBUNZ
Size 6-9 month or 9 month clothes
You DO NOT like baby food any longer
YOU ONLY WANT food you can pick up and feed yourself!
You are STILL waking up once in the night-give Mama a BREAK would ya?
You take 2 naps a day for about one hour each.

You can walk behind your walker and take it EVERYWHERE!

You stand up on EVERYTHING!
You DO NOT LIKE to be strapped in or confined to ANYTHING including your car seat, stroller, swing, exersaucer etc...

9 Months...

You got your 3rd tooth (a fang) in Indiana while visiting my sister.
You LOVE baby puffs and puffcorn.
You are still in size small FUZZIBUNZ.
9 month clothes
You sleep through the night OCCASIONALLY. Mommy can't wait til this becomes a habit!!
YOU LOVE MEN!..Women...not so much..
You LOVE those nasty little chicken sticks that STINK.
You have MAJOR stranger anxiety!
You like to put EVERYTHING in your mouth!
You can get ANYWHERE you want to go and FAST!!
You can stand on your own for a few seconds!
EVERY brother and sister STILL adores you and fights over you!
Tori is your favorite!

You are a true joy, the light of our lives!


Friday, March 18, 2011


Last night after all were asleep, MyMy came to me to tell me she wanted to do "a really big surprise" before The Captain came home from work.  I am so proud of her. We talked for over an hour about her salvation and how she felt "ready" to ask Jesus in her heart "within the next 3 days." :)
She did not want to do it with The Captain because she said "I'm afraid my eyes would get all wet and I would be too nervous." SO SWEET!

I asked her if she was ready last night and she said "no" so we went on to bed. I told her to let me know when she was ready.

About an hour ago she and AW-Bell came to me telling me they wanted to talk to me in private with no other kids around. They both asked if I would help them ask Jesus into their hearts.

We do daily devotions out of CBH Ministries KEYS FOR KIDS. A WONDERFUL daily devotion that is FREE and mailed every 2 months and on a kids level. In EVERY issue they talk about the ABC's and being saved. I'm sure all my kids have them memorized by now.

It was a GLORIOUS MOMENT for me as a mother.
To pray with and help lead my girls to their jammies no less!

I am so happy to have 2 more children who I pray will dedicate their lives to Jesus! WHAT A BLESSING!
I am so thankful that God chose ME to be their mother and allowed me to help them both in this big step in their young lives.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

RVing IT! First BIG TRIP!

The Captain started out our first big journey with a prayer with all of us holding hands, praying that we would have a safe journey..LOVE HIM!

I packed the RV while he was away at work and we literally left about 3 hours after he got home after being gone a week. I KNOW he was exhausted.

We got about a mile down the road and WyWy had to potty.
Next thing we know, he's yelling

I run back to the bathroom to find out HE WAS RIGHT!
There was a "flowing leak" coming out of the line running into the toilet.
The Captain navigated BACKWARDS the ENTIRE MILE to our house,
ran in, got some tools and temporarily stopped the leak.


We were on our way AGAIN!
Baby Bakers was cranky so I was laying back in the bedroom when ???? The RV stopped again????
We were AGAIN back in our driveway...
The Captain forgot to shut the garage door-POOR GUY!

Needless to say, we arrived at my parents about 11pm and all kids were asleep!

DAY 1-Tuesday

The next morning The Captain had his flight physical in Kansas City.
An intense "physical" he must endure every 6 months to "keep on flying".

We enjoyed breakfast in the RV and lots of love and conversations from Grandma and Papa! AND THANKFUL we could use their toilet!!

The big kids did their school work in the driveway (LOVE IT)!

While the little ones enjoyed some LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE!

We even baked cookies ready for The Captain when he got back!

When he returned, we found a place to fix the RV, we left my parents & headed out & GUESS WHAT? they did NOT have the part needed to fix it!!
SO...They rigged the toilet so we could use it until the next day when the part came in.

We headed on to The Captains sisters house in Missouri where she graciously had KC BBQ waiting for us!
The kids and I had studied about Missouri and this is one thing KC is famous for so I thought it was an awesome idea to give the kids some LEGIT BBQ!

We ate our BBQ, played with Aunt B's dogs and settled in the RV for the night.

DAY 2-Wednesday

We said goodbye to Aunt B as she went off to work.
We showered the kids in the RV while waiting for word on the part to come in for the potty. Finally got the call and got it fixed in about 15 minutes and we were OFF AGAIN!!

We made it to my friend Jen's house BEHIND SCHEDULE because of the potty problem. Twas QUITE fun getting the BIG RIG in her driveway. I think The Captain literally had 6 inches on the left side to spare.

We were ALL so happy to reunite! We hadn't seen each other since August!
Jen had a FABULOUS dinner prepared for us!

All 14 kids ran around and played until LATE!

DAY 3-Thursday

Jen made chocolate chip pancakes for the whole crew the next morning.
We enjoyed coffee talk and hanging out until late morning.
Then it was time to say good bye!
Jen and I had to STOP TRAFFIC (in our jammies) on her busy road to get the BIG RIG out of her driveway-FUN MEMORIES were made this trip!

It was God & our embryo adoptions that brought us together & our families will remain life long friends!
It will be so good for these 3 to have each other to talk to about their unique birth stories as they grow up.
3 sweet girls, once frozen in time, now living, breathing angels!!

The kids thought it was AWESOME to see the Arch!

We eventually got dressed ate lunch and were on our way to my sisters in INDY! I even took a SHOWER GOING DOWN I-70! Have I mentioned that this RV makes things SO CONVENIENT???

My birth sister who I have grown to LOVE SO MUCH after knowing her 15 years. It seems like a LIFETIME. We were SO EXCITED for our kids to FINALLY meet each other!

She had a WONDERFUL dinner prepared for the whole tribe!
I LOVE seeing all our kids together!

Days 4-6 Friday-Sunday

Friday morning we went out for a spin in the RV :)
Her kids really enjoyed it. She showed us around her town and then we ended up at a BOUNCE HOUSE!

The kids bounced for a couple hours and had a blast!

We got back to her house and my other sister and sister-in-law arrived from Chicago with their kiddos and my soon to be Brother in law.

Here is The Capatain with my soon to be BIL who let me just say, CAN COOK FOR ME ANYTIME!

The dinner was TO.DIE.FOR.

Me, My 2 birth sisters and my SIL with my neice! 

I feel BEYOND BLESSED to have my sisters in my life.
I love them so much.
I am so thankful that my birth mom always told them the truth about me.
So that one day we would be reunited!
Thank you Lord for these relationships I never knew I would have. wonderful.

13 of my birthmothers 15 grandkids!
We had meals together, dance parties and just enjoyed each other.

It was a Bittersweet and TEARFUL goodbye for me..
SO HAPPY we will see each other again in June and September!
I missed them before we pulled out of the drive.
Let me just say that THIS RV IS THE BEST INVESTMENT WE COULD HAVE EVER MADE!! OH the memories we have made already and will continue to make with our children-TOILET AND ALL!!