Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Delivering In Style...

I first learned about disposable hospital gowns when I watched Tori Spelling deliver baby Stella in this HOT NUMBER from BYOG (Bring Your Own Gown).
BYOG is a Christian company!

The one she wore below is $95 OUCH! 

Isn't this adorable??
This is what I will be delivering baby Nineya in!
Except mine has a green and white polka dot bow!

Mine was $25 (normally $40-$50) on ETSY from
She has THE CUTEST styles and fabrics I have seen!
You can even send her your own material and she will make you one for $25!

It is a disposable hospital gown (that I won't dispose of)
that buttons up the back and also has snaps on the side for easy nursing.

I want to be HIP during my hospital stay right?

My blood pressure has been OUTTA.CONTROL.
I have felt TERRIBLE since Sunday.
I am on moderated bed rest.
Even walking to the potty sends the BP sky high.
My BP meds were changed on Monday and increased today.

CANNOT WAIT until The Captain gets home Sunday!

Thanking God for this amazing 80 degree weather so I can send the kids outside!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new BLING & other stuff...

My hands, arms, legs, feet and face have been swollen since about  5 weeks pregnant-I assume due to my blood pressure.  I have not been able to wear my wedding rings since then-I still TRY to get them on every few days-(I KNOW, I'm DREAMING).  This is as far as they go :(

I decided it was high time I had AT LEAST a 4 carat ring. SO, I got myself on EBAY and found the below ring in China for ...get this....$7.99 INCLUDING SHIPPING! I figured if I was going to go fake, may as well go BIG RIGHT????? 

I just don't like going out not wearing some type of ring while I'm pregnant-maybe I'm a weirdo??

AND YES LADIES, I HAD THE CAPTAIN RE-PROPOSE-the kids got a kick out of that!

Speaking of going out...I won't be doing much of that. After my OB appointment this week, I am to "lay low" and not leave the house for more than an hour or 2 unless I can keep my feet up.  The good news is that the protein in my urine went down from 856 to 182. I also now have OB visits every 2 weeks.  The Captain has put me on LOCK DOWN and is doing EVERYTHING for me-it just makes my heart happy to be spoiled by him. The doctor told him I shouldn't do ANYTHING strenuous and he is taking it VERY SERIOUS!  He did take all 8 of us to Sonic last night after supper on the grill for some ice cream-the little things mean so much!

Here is Nineya's profile picture at 24 weeks 2 days-she is absolutely PERFECT!
We are thankful to God for every moment she gets to "bake" in my tummy.
Yesterday was a big day for the little girls..They both their pre-k shots. 5 each....I ALMOST had a nervous break down.  My My got so worked up she puked several times before the shots. AND OF COURSE, I BAWLED TOO! GLAD THAT'S OVER! The Captain has agreed to take anyone else who needs shots, including Nineya-my heart just can't take it!

Aw-Bell has been excited that her birth mother was due to get out of prison mid-February. She was going to move about 30 minutes from us and we were all looking forward to getting together. Apparently she had some more charges so the day she was due to get out of prison, they transferred her to jail where is now being held.  We are faithfully writing her in jail and the kids enjoy drawing pictures to mail out to her.

Aw-Bell has not seen her birth mother since she was delivered over 4 years ago and it's time.  If she is in for quite a while longer we may go for a visit to ease her little mind.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Week!

We started this AGAIN this week!

He is 3 years 2 months you know,


It takes TONS of work to get him in "the position."

A sticker placed on each of the 20 X's=entire family to see the BIG MOUSE.

I can't believe I have stooped to CHUCKEE CHEESE bribery for this potty training episode..
He did GREAT!!!

ONE TIME...since then NADA!

What more does he need?
2 big sisters & a big brother who all wear big undies.
THEY want to go to CC so THEY are giving him TONS
of encouragement-imagine that!

We had our FIRST spring day on Thursday-70 DEGREES!
Here are some of the kids in our homeschool group,
You know, the homeschool group where them there YUNG UNS

Then last night, the snow began-I CANNOT STAND WINTER.
Hopefully this was our LAST SNOW of the season.
I was DEFINITELY born to live in FLORIDA!

I am 24 weeks pregnant TODAY!
It is going WAY TOO FAST!
16 weeks or less to delivery.

I have been seeing some specialists and for now am doing okay.
They are watching me CLOSELY for pre-eclampsia.
I have a bunch of testing starting tomorrow and should know if I am getting
closer to PRE-E by the middle of this week.

I see my doctor Monday & will know more then.

Until then, here's my latest craving (at least for the last 3 days).
Yes people this is just my lunch, not The Captains.

Cheesburger with miracle whip, onions, bread/butter pickles,
jalepenos, ketchup and mustard and toasted buns!

I figure this is my ONE AND ONLY chance to eat what I want, when I want..
Go for it right?

Thank the good Lord we have 1/2 a cow in the freezer.
Big Mama may single handedly finish her off before baby Nineya arrives!
AHHHH! Pregnancy ROCKS!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby's First Concert....

The Captain got a wild hair while at the salon getting the boys haircuts yesterday..
He called me from there and said this...
"You wanna go to that concert? (BON JOVI)"
(We had friends that were going for their anniversary and I expressed my jealousy a time er thirty)


About 7 hours before the BON JOVI concert (which was 2 hours away)
We got tickets and called the oldest to see if she could babysit-she could!

Baby Nineya rocked out to Richie Sambora but was quiet during most of Bon Jovi.

It was so much fun & brought back SO MANY memories!

And might I add, Jon is NOT BAD to look at!

BUT, this guy is even BETTER to look at!
I want to thank The Captain today for
  • Taking his PREGGO WIFE to see Bon Jovi
  • Laughing at me as I drooled over Jon
  • The great conversation & quality time
  • holding my hand
  • making sure the baby & I were pampered throughout the evening
  • my over-priced XXL concert T
  • Not laughing at me for bringing my pillow, blanket & pajamas to change into for the ride home.
  • Getting me home safely at 2:00am

Saturday, March 6, 2010

22 Weeks & 1st Gift

Baby Nineya got her first gift yesterday from a dear
friend of mine who is also pregnant!
We prayed for each other for a long time that
we would be able to be pregnant
at the same time and WOWZERS-we are! PTL!
I thank God for supportive friends-ones who will truly pray for you
AND support you having your 8th child and NOT think you're NUTS!
Friends who know & support that embryo adoption is a beautiful thing,
Friends who think children are a blessing, not a burden,
Friends who think that The Captain & I are capable of loving all 8 children!
Friends who don't judge us for following God's plan for our family.

I'm 22 weeks today-I'm getting OUT THERE!
I feel great and have my appointment with the nephrologist on Thursday.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drugs & Peer Pressure...

DRUGS-This picture pretty much sums up our last 7 days.....
ALL 4 littlests have been on breathing treatments, cough medicine and ibuprofen
for the last several days 
The 3 littlest have all been on
antibiotics for the last several days

Today My My also started antibiotics for an ear infection that snuck in to the mix.
Getting them all medicated and keeping the vaporizer full is a FULL TIME JOB!

I LOVE the way they are rooting her on to not be afraid to take her medicine.
I LOVE that they came up right beside her to give her instruction & encourage her.
SHE WAS NOT falling prey to peer pressure and drugs. 

It took a couple hours of her holding both the antibiotic and cough medicine
in her little medicine syringes
and she Was NOT happy to finally swallow it, but she did.
SO THANKFUL for medicine & doctors so my kids can get better!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby's First Gift....

I ordered Baby Nineya's first gift last night from mommy and daddy.

GO HERE to check out her new Hope Elizabeth BABY BE BLESSED DOLL!

You pick the dolls hair color, cut, outfit and MOST IMPORTANTLY,
Their name is embroidered on a patch that goes on the doll's belly along
with the Bible verse that you choose.

The girls making our baby's doll are the only ones who know her name!

Their mission at Baby Be Blessed is
"Spreading the word of God one doll at a time." 

So go on over to Baby Be Blessed and get your little boy or girl one!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Me, Baby and Bible Quizzing!

Here I am at 21 weeks!
(notice the RUMP?-junk in da trunk-WHOA!)

I am having some complications.
My proteinuria has quadrupled in the last month so I will be seeing a nephrologist  (kidney specialist) in "the big city" for close monitoring next week.

HERE is baby Nineya.  PERFECT in every way!
They measured everything from her lips to her toes last Tuesday & she is
Notice her sweet arm tucked under her chin?
The Captain got to feel the first kicks a few nights ago-WHAT A BLESSING!
Her movement and perfect sonogram are confirmation to us that God is in control here.
He's in control of her development and of my health problems.
We are both HIS and he will take care of us.

On a fun note-2 weeks ago Bean and "T" both attended
AWANA Bible quizzing.

Part of the quizzing was a written test which they did well on and part is
asked orally & answered on a stage with cards marked A, B & C.
They were both nervous but did well.

I am very proud to say that both their teams brought home the first place plaques and medals.
Awana is a WONDERFUL program!
It has not only helped the kids hide God's word in their hearts,
But as a leader, has helped me do the same!