Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new BLING & other stuff...

My hands, arms, legs, feet and face have been swollen since about  5 weeks pregnant-I assume due to my blood pressure.  I have not been able to wear my wedding rings since then-I still TRY to get them on every few days-(I KNOW, I'm DREAMING).  This is as far as they go :(

I decided it was high time I had AT LEAST a 4 carat ring. SO, I got myself on EBAY and found the below ring in China for ...get this....$7.99 INCLUDING SHIPPING! I figured if I was going to go fake, may as well go BIG RIGHT????? 

I just don't like going out not wearing some type of ring while I'm pregnant-maybe I'm a weirdo??

AND YES LADIES, I HAD THE CAPTAIN RE-PROPOSE-the kids got a kick out of that!

Speaking of going out...I won't be doing much of that. After my OB appointment this week, I am to "lay low" and not leave the house for more than an hour or 2 unless I can keep my feet up.  The good news is that the protein in my urine went down from 856 to 182. I also now have OB visits every 2 weeks.  The Captain has put me on LOCK DOWN and is doing EVERYTHING for me-it just makes my heart happy to be spoiled by him. The doctor told him I shouldn't do ANYTHING strenuous and he is taking it VERY SERIOUS!  He did take all 8 of us to Sonic last night after supper on the grill for some ice cream-the little things mean so much!

Here is Nineya's profile picture at 24 weeks 2 days-she is absolutely PERFECT!
We are thankful to God for every moment she gets to "bake" in my tummy.
Yesterday was a big day for the little girls..They both their pre-k shots. 5 each....I ALMOST had a nervous break down.  My My got so worked up she puked several times before the shots. AND OF COURSE, I BAWLED TOO! GLAD THAT'S OVER! The Captain has agreed to take anyone else who needs shots, including Nineya-my heart just can't take it!

Aw-Bell has been excited that her birth mother was due to get out of prison mid-February. She was going to move about 30 minutes from us and we were all looking forward to getting together. Apparently she had some more charges so the day she was due to get out of prison, they transferred her to jail where is now being held.  We are faithfully writing her in jail and the kids enjoy drawing pictures to mail out to her.

Aw-Bell has not seen her birth mother since she was delivered over 4 years ago and it's time.  If she is in for quite a while longer we may go for a visit to ease her little mind.


Renata said...

Love the new ring! I always wore my rings around my neck when I was pregnant, but I think a replacement sounds like a better idea.
I'll keep praying for both yourself & bub. Keep rested & enjoy this time of being "pampered" by your hubby!
Have a great day
Renata :)

Kelly said...

You have the sweetest family. I would love to spend a day with your family. There are not many families I would say this about, but your family is just so neat and fun.

Love your ring. :)

*Overflowing* said...

Wow...busy days! You listen to your dr. and REST!!! I know it will be hard but he knows what he's talking about!

Praying you sweet one will get to see her bmom soon...that is so tough!!

quilt-n-mama said...

I love the new bling! I was the same way- I couldn't wear my rings when I was prego because I was swollen like a large toad! UGH! I hated not wearing a ring and though the rest of the world didn't notice, it drove me crazy.I love the new one and how sweet of the Captain!

I'll be praying for your "Taking it easy." Both our pregnancies were huge blessings from the Lord but also huge challenges- pre-termers, bedrest, tons of meds, etc. no fun at all. I went so stir-crazy! YOu have lots of littles to pamper you and help out though so I'm thankful!

We'll be praying!

ps- sorry about the mud shots:) I grew up on a farm in the east part of the state and we had a little creek that ran through between our house and the barn. My sibs and I spent hours in the creek building dams, catching craw dads, etc. Mud covered to our knees and elbows. So the mud doesn't phase me too much as long as they hose down before they walk in the house!

SocialWrkr24/7 said...

I just passed an "Easter Basket" to you via my blog! Come and get it!

SocialWrkr24/7 said...

I just passed an "Easter Basket" to you via my blog! Come and get it!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Jenn- what a good idea. I was too swollen with Lexi to wear jewelry either!

I'm so excited to see you moving right along!

Praying for continued health - drink LOTS of water with lemon to help with the swelling. Fresh ginger root works too! Celery is great to help with blood pressure during pregnancy too!

Love and hugs,

Threefold Blessings :) said...

I just love your new bling!!! Sorry to hear you are under "house arrest" ;) but I am glad that baby is still "in the oven"!

Sara said...

Love the bling! And I love your RED bedrooms too. . I'll draw a winner this Thursday for the giveaway.

Thanks for splashing me in RED,

trooppetrie said...

i love the new ring. I have to tell you I am praying for this beautiful blessing you are carrying. it seems like it is flying by but i am not the one trying to stay calm. i was flat on my back in the hospital for 5 weeks and understand how crazy it can be

Jennifer Juniper said...

All those shots! My goodness! I always feel like I'm going to cry when they get so upset, too. :(

MyLinda said...

lol I have a $10 ring that I'm wearing b/c I have gained too much weight to wear mine after 8 years of fostering/adoption stress :)

I love that you are planning to meet with your daughter's birthmom when she is released. We don't have contact with our daughter's bm and I've always wondered how things could be different.

Glad that baby is doing well and your health is holding up. I'm sure house arrest will be no fun but the pampering always is :)

Flamingo Mama said...

love the ring! i swelled like a banshee with my 1st. of course i got preeclamptic at the end. fun times. fun times.

Flamingo Mama said...

love the ring! i swelled like a banshee with my 1st. of course i got preeclamptic at the end. fun times. fun times.

debi9kids said...

LOVE the new bling! LOVE that it's HUGE :)
(my rings never fit when I was pregnant either)

Make sure you stay off ypur feet and keep baking. Take advantage of that sweet hubby of yours :)

Laura said...

What an adventure your life must be -- how sweet!

Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.