Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ladybug 4th!

We had an EARLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY BUG Party for our sweet Aw-Bell yesterday! Happy 4th birthday to our angel. Here she is before we took off for her birthday hay ride. To read how this sweet one joined our family-go HERE. She's a little miracle!Here is The Captain-pulling the wagon. SO PROUD of his 4 year old princess!

And YES Ladies-"I THINK HIS TRACTOR'S SEXY!"Here are all the party goers! An adorable group.The Cake-Yes, I came up with this one on my own- I LOVE making cakes for my kids!

It's a challenge but SO WORTH IT!Blowing out the candles!
MyMy whacking the pinata!Caty & her special friend. We love you more each year sweet one!
You are a gift and blessing to our family!
Happy 4th Birthday!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm NOT A BIG FAN OF COLD WEATHER, Fall or Winter. Our dream is to own a "winter home" at the beach one day. Sooooon I hope :)

However, it was SO NICE to come home this evening after hauling the 6 littles to Awana on a chilly night to this...

The Captain had the table set, Pizza Hut ready & a BLAZING FIRE in the fire place-the first one of the season! OH & a child with a John Deere Green plate on his head! What could make a wife & mother happier?
The kids were all excited and gathered around immediately.
S'mores start tomorrow night along with my fall/winter weight gain. Once again I thank The Captain for "the simple things" that created a wonderful memory filled evening!