Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter PEEPS!


A little late :)


Monday, April 18, 2011

YOU GROW GIRL! 10 Months!

10 fingers for 10 months!
I'm SO BIG!!

I have 6 teefers now.
Got the 6th one on the beach in Florida!
Boy did that sand taste good!

As you can see, I am still wearing my fuzzibunz.
Still a size small!
I wear size 6-12 month clothes.
I'm still a tiny mite!
I've slept through the night 2 WHOLE NIGHTS IN A ROW!
Mommy is a lot happier when I sleep all night!
I take one really long nap a day, sometimes 2. 

I can stand up in the middle of the floor for a long time and ALMOST have the courage to take my first step!

In general, I only like 3 people..
Mommy, Daddy and TT.
If ANYONE else tries to talk to me at Wal-Mart or anywhere, I pretty much scream my head off or hide my face.

I still can't get used to ANYTHING I have to be strapped into.
ESPECIALLY that annoying car seat. I cry EVERY SECOND I am in that crazy thing.

Pretty much, my whole family loves me.
They all tell me they love me CONSTANTLY and give me kisses!
Talk to ya' next month!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas has signed a proclomation making APRIL 26, 2011 DRUG ENDANGERED CHILDREN AWARENESS DAY!

A couple of weeks ago we went before our county commissioners who have also declared the entire mothe of April as DEC Awareness Month emphasizing April 26 as DEC Awareness Day. A story about our family is included in all the media information being sent out to our state.

I called our local Child Social Services Agency and asked what we could do to help Drug Endangered Children.

She said that they are ALWAYS in need of diapers so we are doing a diaper drive. In addition to that, she said that many kids who come into custody are afraid and lonely so she thought tied fleece blankets would also be a good idea for them to have something to "attach" to.

Our family is collecting diapers as well as childrens themed tied fleece blankets. The kids have had a ball making the blankets.
I think this mission is SO IMPORTANT.
who got taken away from their parents.. They may have benefited from diapers or one of these blankets.. It makes my heart sad.. But HAPPY that God has given us the PASSION to help others out!

Please pray for us as we will be speaking for 3-4 minutes in a Press Conference held on the Capitol steps on April 26th! Pray that God will give us the right words to say. Words that may help someone... Words that may influence someone to adopt or stop using drugs..


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Below is the typical scene while the RV is rolling..
Twas a long drive from KS to FL!
We were blessed to have all 8 kids with us!

I filled the RV with word searches, dot to dots, coloring books, LOTS of paper, pens, markers, pencils and crayons and TONS OF SNACKS oh and some XANAX & earplugs for myself (JUST KIDDING). 

Bean says "Hey mom, LOOK, I found a vacation word search."
Too precious NOT to share with you all, hopefully the Pope won't take offense.
He's our "blonde".

We REALLY ARE SO THANKFUL for the Wal-Mart Parking lot!!
You all know you can stay in your RV FOR FREE!
It's officially called BOONDOCKING.
It's so safe and did I mention FREE? Saves on the budget, plus, if you forget any groceries-BAM, you just roll out of bed and YOU'RE THERE!
We were ALWAYS in the company of at least 3-5 other RVers at each Wally World!
My "crew" PROUD to be BOONDOCKERS!

This was the FIRST VIEW of the ocean we got as we cruised into FL!

Because this RV can't seem to make it ANYWHERE without SOMETHING BREAKING or going wrong, we had to have a flat tire RIGHT as we were pulling into our Resort-CAMPING ON THE GULF.
The nice gentelmen below came to our camping spot and fixed it right away!
We were literally parked on.the.sand. WOW is all I can say-WOW!
The kids RUSHED to get their suits on and get in the ocean!
The view from the beach to our RV..

I'll admit, it was ROUGH waking up to this view each morning...

The kids had a BALL!
They entered a sand castle building contest!

AND WON a ribbon and Free ice cream for all!

They had a VERY INFORMATIVE Animal show given by Nonie's Ark Animal Encounters-the kindest lady!
Here's Bakers with her chinchilla! Which one is cuter??

And the kids with the python..

They enjoyed the 2 pools, an indoor pool and and outdoor pool-SO AWESOME!

They enjoyed playing in the sand ........

and eating some..

Eating The Captains yummy grillage..

Riding the HIPPO SLIDE!
The Captain and I BOTH went down-super FUN!

Kite building...

and flying...

lots of wave jumping..

And just being together as a family..away from every day pressures. Being close to the ocean always makes me feel close to God. Just listening to the waves and marveling at all his creations..including our 8 wonderful kids!

We all came home FRIED!!! Except Bakers! That white sand'll GET YA!

This was really the first time we "lived" out of the RV for a week. I'll admit, I was scared, nervous and cried the first night on the beach because of ALL THINGS I forgot Bakers swimsuit! I felt I wasn't "organized" enough. The Captain comforted me and said "it's our first time, we're still learning honey." LOVE THAT GUY!

Our other trips, we have stayed in friends & families driveways along the way.
We have now covered 14 states in our RV since we got it in February.

CAMPING ON THE GULF was "perfect" in my eyes...
I don't know if I will ever want to stay anywhere else.
We didn't leave the camp once..

VERY kid friendly, staying right on the beach, the pools, RIGHT across from a HUGE outlet mall and just a few blocks from the grocery store. What more could a mom to 8 ask for?