Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project #559.....

This is how our floor looked a few weeks ago. 
Our new Great room floor meeting wood looking linoleum & carpet leading to the front door.

We ALL ripped up the linoleum and rolled up the carpet-BUH BYE!

Laid the blue pad stuff.

All littles had to have a hat on and pencil behind ear like The Captain.

Then The Captain cut &
laid the new floor to match our great room floor.

Then he laid another flooring in the entry way.

The ALMOST finished floor.
We still need to add trim, have carpet stretched and paint walls.
Plus remove the 1970's spindles

The view from the front door to the GREAT ROOM!
Much better flow! What do you think??
This post makes it sound so easy-it WAS NOT.
 Thank you God for blessing me with a husband who can figure out ANYTHING!

I will admit, The Captain completing each home improvement project makes me
Time for a cold shower on my large body...

Got Girls??

I will admit, my shopping habits have been NUTS since I found out we were having a GIRL!

I found this GREAT, INEXPENSIVE website where I found these DARLING headbands!

I got 5 flower clips and 9 head bands for $16 including shipping! 
The cool thing is you can clip the flowers to different colored headbands depending on what they are wearing. 
They also have sweet beanies you can clip the flowers on..DARLING!
I've seen these other places for $15 a piece!

So head on over to Girls Crocheted Headbands and hook your girls up!

The Captain...not a big fan :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am joining those at KELLY'S CORNER  today in SHOW US YOUR LIFE..Ministry

Our ministry is adoption. Since realizing our infertility troubles soon after we married in 2002, we have adopted 6 children and 6 embryos. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with our adopted embryo-a SWEET BABY GIRL!

CLICK HERE to read our story and you can also watch our YOUTUBE video at the top of this page to see how miraculous the Lord has worked in our lives.

Lives that were once saddened by the fact that no children were in our future have been TRANSFORMED by God's blessing of ADOPTION!

We would be THRILLED to talk to anyone about adoption-embryo, domestic, special needs or through foster care. Just shoot us an email.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5...How time FLIES!

For her 5th birthday, MyMy requested 2 things
We set off EARLY last Saturday. The Captain and the other 5 littles stayed at my parents while MyMy and I went to the big city & hit the mall..
OH HOW I MISS IT living in the sticks...

She picked out several dresses & skirts and got hungry.

It was FREEZING outside so we went to the first restaurant we spotted-she had never been before.

She is SO GRATEFUL & has the KINDEST spirit!
She wanted broccoli cheese soup & a strawberry smoothie at Panera.
She ranted the enitre time about HOW WONDERFUL everything was.

The manager must have noticed her ADORABLENESS & offered her this pink heart cookie for her birthday treat-it was DIVINE, she shared with mommy!

After heading back to my parents & trying on all those new clothes, it was time to head to the carousel for her party!

The 6 littles and even some of the big peeps colored various carousel pictures.

Then came the entrance of WyWy's hero, Our SIL home from Iraq.
I think WyWy surprised him by clinging to his legs for quite some time.
My My designed her own DQ cake, I would have thought some type of princess or something but this is what she picked out-wording and ALL!

2 of her friends from home were able to make her party since they were nearby visiting family for the weekend-WONDERFUL!
EVERYONE enjoyed riding the carousel from young to old....

Happy 5th Birthday to our little MIGHTY MOUSE!
We thank God so much for delivering you to our home to love!
Take a minute.. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Embryo Adoption Twins-My friend JEN!

Here is my friend JEN, her hubby and their 5 adopted children.

On January 7th, Jen called to tell me her water broke!
I was SO excited for her!
She has helped walk me through EVERY STEP of our embryo adoption.

On January 8th, her twin girls, Sarah Estelle and Anna Isabelle came into the world.
These two angels were also adopted by Jen & her hubby but as frozen embryos.
Can you imagine wanting to donate these little lives for research????
Can you imagine someone NOT thinking these are lives??

Their embryo adoption story was featured in the Saint Louis Post Dispatch yesterday.

Take a moment and

Here are all 7 of her sweet ones!

Welcome HOME!!

Please join me in welcoming my Son-In-Law home on 14 day leave from IRAQ!

We are all relieved that he made it home safely.
 I am so happy we got a picture together AND we were ALL looking at the camera!
Thank you Lord for our wonderful FAMILY and for bringing him home safely...

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Drip...

I have to admit, I want to be THE PIONEER WOMAN when I grow up.... She's just the bomb diggity.

I saw her recipe for her Italian Beef Drip and my mouth was WATERING & I had to try it...Especially since we just bought ourselves 1/2 a butchered cow and all...

Here's how it started..a simple chuck roast and a few other ingredients.

And in 6 hours of cookin' in the oven at 275-this is the PERTY thing it turns out to be....

Shred the meat with a fork, butter and toast some buns add some cheese on top and toast again and VIOLA!!!  THE ITALIAN DRIP BEEF.

May I just say ALL 6 littles and The Captain loved this YUMMY SANDWICH!
OH, and baby Nineya and I dug it too!


PS-The big dog ALWAYS gets the roast bone...Sorry Tink!

Friday, February 5, 2010

WE HEART.......

BiRtH mOtHeRs
BaBy NiNeYa
I LoVe yOu MoM & DaDdY!

Out of the mouths & Hearts of the 6 littles!

Glad we are teaching them what is important! 
Thank you Lord for the opportunity I have to spend all day with my children!
Time I can NEVER get back.

A homeschooling Mom is one of the toughest, most rewarding jobs in the world.

TRY IT, You may LIKE IT :)


JUST PASSING THIS ON FROM A FRIENDS BLOG.......Praying this sweet one finds her family...

Hello everyone:

We have just learned of a situation involving a little girl here in Ohio who has not yet been born and who is in need of a family. She was supposed to have been delivered via Cesarean section in early March, but it looks like her birth is imminent. The birth mother is currently in the hospital and has been given steroids to aid the development of the child's lungs as the end of the pregnancy draws near. In addition to being born somewhat premature, a neonatal neurologist believes that this baby girl is going to be blind and will have MRDD, hydrocephalus, seizures, and cerebal palsy. A final diagnosis will be made after the delivery, but this is what is expected at this point. The baby will be transferred to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus once she is born so that she can be evaluated for a shunt that will relieve the pressure caused by her hydrocephalus.

The reason that this precious little girl is being put up for adoption is that the birth mother is currently incarcerated. Because of her inability to parent the infant after she is born, we really need to find a family for her soon, lest she be placed into the foster care system. Up to this point, the birth mother has been calling the baby Annabelle, and hopes that the name can stay with the baby in some form. She would also like to receive annual updates on this girl via photos and a letter. The agency that is working to place her—Caring for Kids—is not charging any fees for their services. That means that the only fees that the adoptive family will face are the attorneys' fees, although there might be minimal fees for post-placement visits, as well.

Anyone who is interested in adopting this baby girl, please write to  for more information. And please join us in praying for this tiny one's future.

In Him,


Administrative Assistant

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ATTN: Baby Wearing MAMAS!

I just ordered this sling for our new baby girl from Rockin' Baby Slings
I figure with homeschooling and chasing the 6 littles around, carrying the 7th little to keep my hands free was a GREAT option. It even has a little pocket that I can keep an extra pop and Reese's in if need be.

For all of you baby wearing mamas out there, what is your favorite sling or pouch & why?

Her name is officially "NINEYA" (named by Bit But) until she gets her official name. The 6 littles are RELENTLESS at begging us to tell them the name-we gotta have SOMETHING be a secret. SO, until delivery...Nineya it is!!

I am now on 3 BP pills a day as my blood pressure gave me some trouble on Sunday. I also got my test results back and still have proteinuria. Praying for no pre-eclampsia ESPECIALLY after seeing the Duggars Special Delivery on Sunday night.