Monday, February 28, 2011

First Overnight RV trip!

We all gathered round the U.S. map before taking off on our first overnight.
This rig has already been to 3 states and we added 2 more this trip.
Nebraska & Iowa.
EVERY place we go, we WILL LEARN HISTORY about the state!
The capitals, state flowers, birds, etc... SO FUN!

Getting ready to pull out of the farm...

Aw-Bells favorite spot...the top bunk!
Altough she was afraid to actually sleep there...

I found PLENTY of DOLLAR STORE items "to do" on the way!
coloring, word searches, magna doodles, beatin the tar out of one another  and the like.

Twas a short 3 hr drive to our overnight digs...
NO, we did not lock up the younguns and try to win our MIL..
Though the thought crossed my mind..

We did not stay here because we are "of the gamblin type" We stayed here because the purpose of our trip was to get something fixed on the RV and this was the closest park to the RV DOCTOR.

It was SO COOL because we pulled in our little spot, payed our $15, plugged in to the electric, closed all the blinds and it was like we were right at home (minus about 5500 square feet LOL)

I commenced to getting in my jammies & cooking salmon and pasta!
(my apologies for the 6 month preggo look)

All the kids ate all their supper..
Got settled in their beds, watched a movie and went to sleep.

The next day, it only took them about 30 minutes to fix the minor problem with the stairs on the RV and we were OFF!

The Captain even talked me into driving..
for about 2 straight minutes and I was DONE!
It was SCARY!

We made one small stop on the way home to get a dress for MyMy's violin recital.

Next thing we knew, we were in a blizzard in Nebraska...

The Captain handled it VERY SMOOTHLY all the way home.
I was praying all the way.

We survived our first overnight trip all in one piece!
The only regret was COMING HOME!

Lee's Summit, MO
Saint Louis, MO
Indianapolis, IN 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Should we go to PRISON???

I know when I see this stamped on an envelope..
One of our kids birth moms is back in prison...
It's sad, truly sad..

This was the letter written and request made to The Captain and I....

I have had SO MANY EMOTIONS going through my head..
It is VERY difficult to know what is best for these two...

They have not seen her in over 4 years since Bit But's birth...

Will it be detrimental for them TO see her?
Will it be detrimental for them NOT to see her?

I know as an adopted child myself, I wanted more than anything to see what my birth mother looked like...

We have taken Bean, T, and WyWy to the same prison to visit their mother. It really is not that scary. Its like a big cafeteria with tables, vending machines and games.

One of my fears is that if we don't take them to see her now, while she is locked up, they may never see her alive again and then I may never forgive myself. I know the reality is she will probably get out and go right back to using meth and once again disappear into the abyss.

We know that OUR GOD will not steer us in the wrong direction and we must turn to him for the right answer, its a tough one...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MEETING THE DUGGARS and Our New 2nd Home!

WOWZERS we've been busy!

We started out last week right when The Captain got home, BACK on an airplane! It was Bakers FIRST AIRPLANE RIDE!!
The Captain REALLY wanted to fly her on her first flight BUT it was not meant to be.

The 3 of us headed from MCI to DFW..
The girls stayed with my parents and the boys stayed with MY DEAR BRAVE FRIEND!

We flew down to pick up and drive back....
We feel blessed beyond measure to be able to have this RV.
We are a family who LOVES TO TRAVEL!!!
The Captain and I both grew up traveling ALL OVER and we want the same life experiences for our kiddos!
It is getting more and more difficult for us to "get around" with 7 kids. We have talked, prayed and mulled over this decision for a LONG TIME and are thrilled  that God has allowed us to have this experience.


We stayed the night there in our new RV and drove back the next morning!

2 Days later, we took our TRIAL RUN first trip to see THE DUGGARS!!
Who were doing a benefit for The Lawrence Crisis Pregnancy Center.
They made NO MONEY off of their appearance and paid their own way to Kansas.
The kids were SO EXCITED!

Our Captain can DRIVE ANYTHING!
Airplane, Tractor, Harley and now our own CLARK GRISWOLD at the RV WHEEL!

Girls in their bunks!

We drove a couple hours, I fixed lunch on the way and the time FINALLY CAME!

It was VERY SURREAL to actually get to meet and chat with the entire Duggar Family. We bought tickets for the smaller "meet and greet" of about 100 people.
Then we joined 700 others to hear them speak further and hear the kids, sing and play their instruments! AWESOMENESS!

It was truly LIFE CHANGING for The Captain and I.
We stayed up late into the night chatting about what a wonderful Christ filled family we experienced and how we would like to strive to be more like them.

They were even more precious, kind and gracious in person than they are on TV.  We are SO THANKFUL for the opportunity we had to meet this incredible family! They gave GREAT advice on parenting and marraige.
One of the things Michelle said that REALLY stuck out in my head was...
"We must PRAISE our children TEN TIMES MORE that we correct them."
WOW! That was DEEP! I have REALLY been trying to do this since we returned home.