Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picnic & Plans

This picture turned out TOO CUTE not to blog about, Couldn't resist! I rarely get all of them looking at the camera AND smiling!

The 6 littles and I went on a picnic yesterday for lunch! It was 80 degrees-just perfect! Looking at this picture makes me realize just how big they are getting.After Sunday, The Captain will be off until September 1st. August will be SO BUSY.

Next week we have VBS and will be helping our oldest and new SIL move into their 1st apartment. Then we gear up for our 4 day trip to Sturgis on our HOG. Then we will go to Clearwater, FL for vacation towards the end of August.
AND we have some home improvement projects to do also! I'm sure the time will fly!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Burt's Bees Winner & CHEAP SKATE! Cut Back! picked #49 as the winner of my Burt's Bees Giveaway. CONGRATS TO TRACIE at FROM THE HEART who will receive this Burt's Bees Head to Toe Starter kit.

Tracie is an AMAZING woman. She and her husband John returned a short while ago from Ukraine with their 2 newest children-Emma & Aiden. Miracles children that would have been institutionalized had John and Trac not stepped in.

In my eyes, selfless & giving. The TRUE hands and feet of Jesus! Congrats TRACIE! Email me with you address and I will mail this out ASAP! I like nice things but I am a CHEAP SKATE. WHY? Because I know you can find cool stuff out there that you don't have to pay an arm and leg for.

My Mother's Day Chaise Lounge needed some company so for my birthday The Captain let me pick out some accessories.

I got this simple lamp at Target for $12.99. Queen sign $3-Gordman's a while ago. I like being Queen of one corner of the house since THE KIDS RULE THE REST LOL!I like it because there are 2 lights and they can be turned on separately and I can bend the reading light however I want-I love it so far!

The next thing I needed was a table. I was getting discouraged and unable to find one for under $100 that I liked. THEN, at the end of the aisle "hidden" was this beauty for $39.98.Isn't it adorable? My MIL gave me the flower arrangement for my b-day and it goes great there. Plenty of room for the stacks of books and Bible studies I have! I think the "Queen's Corner" as I like to call it LOL has turned out fantastic!

I sit here every night and do a lot of reading and praying-I LOVE MY SPACE!

I have decided to cut back on blogging. We are SO busy here on the farm this month and next. I just can't keep up with posting and commenting-sorry.

We are doing swimming lessons, library time & have Bible school soon. Our Month of August is BOOKED!

We are going to Sturgis on our Harley for a few days with friends and taking our family vacation to Florida at the end of August and I am organizing for our homeschool to start back up after Labor Day!

Plus, it's summer..... Time to spend outside, with the children, at the pool and beach enjoying God's goodness, not stuck at my computer!

Time to relax and enjoy simple but beautiful moments like this......I will be back in September a FULL FORCE RESTED BLOGGER and try to post every now and again until then! You can email me at any time if you need me!