Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Week at Disney's Fort Wilderness!! RV Life!

Time is FLYING away from me!!! 
We checked OUT of Sun N Fun (Named Sun N Not FUN by us but that's another post) On Friday February 21 and Checked into Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort
We met one of my good friends and fellow WRAP STAR friends here!

Here are one of the results from one of the gals above! FABULOUS! 
Hard to believe after just 72 hours!! 
I sold 8 wraps andmade $200 WRAP CASH in the 24 hours before I left!! 

We got all set up at Fort Wilderness around 3pm. 
It Feels like HOME here!

Our friends Kristy and Marc came over with their 4 kiddos for dinner and we hung out outside while the kids played and watched a movie inside! SO FUN to be here with friends!

The next morning we got up and went for a walk. We walked down to the horse stables where they have Clydesdales and other really awesome horses and ponies!

Then we decided to head to the AWESOME SAUCE POOL!! 
There is ALWAYS something fun going on when Disney is involved!!

Fun for EVERYONE! Big slides and little slides! AHH

The kids had a BALL meeting each other!
Kristy and I have been friends since we both started with It Works 2 years ago! 
Isn't it so fun when you love a friend and then your kids meet and they love each other too?
Oh, and our hubbies get along GREAT TOO!

Then it was time to eat supper and hit the nightly Camfire for S'mores!!

Chip & Dale come out every night to meet the kiddies!!

Then it was time to settle in under the stars for the nightly movie!
Toy Story 3 was the movie of the night!

As soon as the movie was over, we headed to the beach to watch the ELECTRIC PARADE on the water!! SO COOL~

Then we watched the fireworks from Magic Kingdom!!
(Did I mention this place is AWESOME?)

The next morning we went on a long walk and then headed to the pool!
We did the YMCA..


Then it was time to get all GUSSIED up and head to the HOOP-DE-DOO REVUE!
In the Guiness book of records as THE LONGEST running musical outside Broadway!

If you like Fried Chicken, THE BEST BBQ Ribs, Mashed Taters, Corn, Mac N Cheese and THE BEST CORNBREAD and Strawberry Shortcake ON THE PLANET with a side of crazy dancing, singing and GOOD CLEAN FUN.. THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU!
Our bellies HURT when we left.. 

It was SO FUN to see our kids make friendships for a lifetime!

A VERY FUN Dinner for 15!

Our friends left Sunday Evening.. A LOVELY time was had by all!

We got up Monday morning and were back on our bikes!! 
I have LOVED being able to walk and exercise outside almost EVERY DAY since we have been in Florida! Being in the sunshine with your kids just puts you in a darn good mood!

We went back to the stables to visit our friends..
These horses have ZERO mess around them. Their stalls are SPOTLESS!

Blakely BEGGED to go on a pony ride! It was $5. Very Reasonable!
All the other kids were too tall.

To try and explain her excitement... Well, I just can't.

Definitely one HAPPY little girl!

Since the other kiddos were too big to ride, the stable manager let them all have a brush to brush the ponies with. I thought this was going above and beyond as Disney always does.

For those of you that don't know... I LOVE FISHING!! So, we decided to fish the rest of the day away! Wyatt caught 2 fish and I caught 1 before TOO many MELTDOWNS started happening!! Keeping 9 peoples poles untangled and supplied with worms is A LOT of work for The Captain! Poor guy! So we didn't last too long!

Monday night we had an Opportunity Meeting with 500 people to attend in Orlando for our Business! We had a babysitter (actually she is from Kansas) and went to our meeting and then out to dinner with friends after! It was a FUN DATE NIGHT for us!! We got to tell our story on stage and that is always so fun!

We also got to tour our friends new RV!

Tuesday! Back at the pool!!

Then we met another FUN FAMILY that I actually met through this blog for dinner at THE BEST RESTAURANT for DINNER on Disney Property... OHAHA!!!! 14 for DINNER PLEASE!

They start out with Bread, sweet butter, SALAD, Chicken Wings and Dumplings..

Then give you Veggies, Noodles and ALL THE Grilled Chicken, Shrimp, Pork, and Steak you can eat. FIRE ROASTED on these fabulous skewers!!!!

All I can say is SUPER DUPER YUM.
I ate one bagel all day in prep for this meal.

The kids had a BLAST seeing each other again.

Blakely loved peeling the shrimp! When she got full she kept peeling them for brother!

Everyone gets Lei's and umbrellas in their drinks. AHH!

Bread Pudding with Ice Cream And Bananas Foster..
Brutal people. BRU.TAL.

SO FUN Creating Memories with friends God has brought into our lives!

Yesterday was a BIG DAY!!!
Both Brendan & Jett were set on going to Gator Land for their birthdays.
Their birthdays were January 18 and 19. 
They have waited a WHILE!! 

They both said is was "WORTH THE WAIT" HA HA

Blake got to Feed a Turtle an apple!!

MyMy Got to hold a Python!

Jett wanted Blakely to be in the picture with him holding the python!! 
Neither was scared one bit!!

And Brendan pulled out the BIG GUNS and decided to RIDE A GATOR!

We give Gatorland 18 THUMBS UP! 

We spent last night at our friend Kristy and Marc's
I will admit, I'm SUPER SAD to be leaving Florida. It feels like HOME.

We will be leaving here in the morning (insert sad face). We will head to Atlanta to see Our friends Vanessa, Ray and Ronda tomorrow and then on to Murfreesboro, TN Saturday where we will do a team training with our friend Gretchen's BIG ROCKING It Works TEAM there! 

We WERE going to head for home on Sunday morning but they are expecting EXTREME cold weather and a snowstorm on Sunday SO, we will have to find somewhere "SOUTH" to go until next Thursday! That is the BEAUTY of not having to report to a boss or a 9-5 job. I've said it before but we really value being able to OWN OUR TIME. Let us know if you are interested in setting up a time to chat over the phone or skype with Nick and I about our business. 
March 2 is THE BEST DAY to sign up!


We have all LOVED OUR JOURNEY and are sad to say Goodbye to Florida but some of the kids are ready to get back to our big house HA HA but not the cold! Blakely just started asking this week if she can go to her "BIG HOUSE" I'm sure anything seems big after living in the RV for over 2 months! I am DEFINITELY not looking forward to the cold.  This trip has taught me SO MUCH and has been a TREASURED Family Time! We thank God for this opportunity to be with each other and our kids FULL TIME. There really are no words for it.