Monday, August 31, 2009

Darn IRAQ..

The Captain and I met our "new family" this past week. Our new SIL's parents were able to come to Kansas for a visit. Here we all are with the newlyweds. The four of us are COMMITTED to prayer for our children & their marriage. What a blessing that our oldest married someone whose parents are believers! We are thanking God for them & their deep faith! He sure knows what he's doing!
It was a special visit because today, August 29, 2009 at 4pm, our new SIL left for Iraq for 1 year to fight for our country. I thought this flag was so appropriate and will keep it hanging until his safe return.This is a couple that has only been married 2 months...and they are YOUNG & in very in love. Did I mention THEY ARE YOUNG?As they walk this road together with many challenges in their new life together, Please say a little prayer for them that God will be the center of AND protect this marriage despite their separation. And to wrap His arms of protection around my SIL.


Here is our FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PIC! The day went VERY WELL! I am thanking God for the smoothness of the day. The 4 littles napped for 2 hours in the afternoon so that helped a TON. Last year they weren't "in napping sync" and it makes SUCH a difference. We do Bible and our Unit study in the morning and then I am able to work QUIETLY with the 2 big kids on math and language arts during nap time! Our Konos attentiveness study is REALLY going to be awesome!

MY MY is in LOVE! With Bob.....Another BIG HIT is our BOB BOOKS! Nothing brings on the waterworks more than a little one learning to sound out words and read. And to know God gave me the ability to teach her is even more awesome!She just keeps saying "I WANT MORE!" "I'm so excited to read!" She is already on book 4 of the 12 set FIRST readers . There is one problem however. The 3 other little ones are not quite ready to read but they want me to teach them and are envious of the alone time spent with My My. I am working on a solution to this.
Praising God today for being my kids teacher. It's such a blessing!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homeschool Countdown...

I got my last bit of homeschool curriculum in the mail today. Isn't it cute? Supposedly, all I need is in this box! It's my first DIVE into the world of unit studies. It is KONOS IN A BOX. I will admit, I'm smidge "SCARED" of the whole unit study situation but I think I can do it and am excited to do something all my kids can sit and listen to. The main focus of our BOX is "ATTENTIVENESS." Making eye contact (which 2 of my kids have MAJOR issues with), learning about the senses God gives you to help you BE ATTENTIVE. For instance how the ear works, dissecting an eyeball, listening to classical music & enough crafts for several kids! This is cool stuff people, I hope I don't screw it up LOL! I know with prayer and God's help, we'll be fine! I plan on "officially" starting school on one of the up coming Monday's-vague I know. We have piddled around with a bit of Language Arts and Math on rainy days.
Bean & T will both be using "LEARNING LANGUAGE ARTS THROUGH LITERATURE" by Common Sense Press-the orange book. And they will both do HORIZONS MATH by Alpha Omega. T-3rd grade. Bean-5th grade.

The 4 littles will listen in on the KONOS and are doing Heart of Dakota's "LITTLE HANDS TO HEAVEN." I will also be teaching MyMy how to read-she's sharp as a tack and ready to read!

Saying all that WORE ME OUT!
NOW, I'd better go read and learn so I can teach these 6 sponges!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here's what my bedroom floor looks like right now! The Dr. gave us the "all clear" to go on vacation yesterday-YAY! The Captain and all the kids are packed, but my suitcase is still empty! I need to get moving! I am too busy downloading songs to my IPOD for the trip. And now, I've got "the funk" the kids had UGH!

We are checking 4 suitcases and then taking 6 backpacks! Notice the "PEOPLE" I splurged and bought myself on the floor in the pic? The Captain says "you actually think you'll have time to read that on the plane?" OF COURSE! I am confident that all the kids will be good and sit COMPLETELY STILL in their seats!
I made the 6 littles each their own "QUIET BAG." They are a surprise I will reveal ON THE AIRPLANE and not before! All things I am hoping will keep them quiet in the airplane. I put their name on the front & snacks and lots of things to do inside so they won't get bored. I found these great magnetic dolls at Dollar General for $1 with magnetized clothes and all-darling!I will be putting the 6 littles to bed in the clothes they are wearing tomorrow. I LOVE color coordination when we travel! All of us will be wearing brown except The Captain. He will be wearing this shirt I got at a homeschool conference from Family Man Ministries. Todd Wilson aka "FAMILY MAN" and his wife travel in an RV with their 8 kids to all kinds of conferences. He is HILARIOUS!

We are leaving home at 5am and flying non-stop (the only way to fly with this tribe) & will be on the Florida beach by noon!
The Captain & I agree that one of the closest places to God for us, is the ocean-where you can see God's magnificent creation ALL AROUND!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopping Trip & SICKIES

We had a fun weekend-mostly. We have to go to "the big city" to get anything Wal-Mart doesn't sell. We needed 2 things and ended up getting 3. 1. Dresses for the girls for my cousins wedding and for the little girls to be in a little king and queen contest being held in our small town in Sept. 2. Football shoes, jersey, mouth guard and sox for Bean.

We divided and conquered. The Captain took the boys to get the football stuff, while I took the girls to Von Maur to get dresses. We ONLY looked at the clearance rack. They each picked about 4 or 5 dresses and tried every one on. It was so fun to watch! I kept my mouth SHUT on my opinions and truly let them pick out what THEY wanted not what I wanted-tough to do LOL! $60 grand total!
Purchase #3.....We just "happened" by a western store and wandered in. WyWy REFUSED to leave without all his garb to include hat, boots, black leather vest, shirt with pearlized buttons and new Wranglers. He will also be in the little king contest. Once he tried it all on-there was NO PEELING IT OFF so here he is standing ON the counter at the register as the cashier scans the items.He slept with everything and has for several nights. We were FINALLY able to peel it all off of him Monday night.

Aw-Bell got a fever Friday night and has been sick since. MyMy started a fever Saturday but isn't near as sick. Sunday, I noticed Aw-Bell's breathing pattern change and so I felt a trip to the ER was in order. Since birth, she has struggled with pneumonia and lung issues. I took both girls in but you can tell which one is the sicker.After the chest x-ray, it was determined that she has pneumonia again. She's SUCH a tough little girl. Even having her throat swabbed and blood drawn, she didn't make a peep-proof she was super sick. We have been doing breathing treatments, antibiotics & ibuprofen but she STILL has a fever so I am taking her back in this morning.
I have accepted that this may mean our Florida vacation is cancelled. I know God has a plan for everything and its just a vacation. Her health is MUCH more important.The ER was freezing so the nurse snuggled us all in a blankie!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HAIR...& slow come back..

I cut My My's hair tonight in the driveway. About 5 inches came off. Since The Captain is balding, he ALWAYS tells My My, "I wish I had some of your hair on my head." "If you cut it, can daddy have some?"

Here she is placing her hair on The Captain's head.
I just love this guy so much.....I am making a SLLOOOWWW comeback to my blog!
My REAR END survived Sturgis and we are heading to Florida next week for family VACA then we will be sending our new SIL off to Iraq.
AFTER ALL THAT, I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled BLOGGY SELF!