Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HAIR...& slow come back..

I cut My My's hair tonight in the driveway. About 5 inches came off. Since The Captain is balding, he ALWAYS tells My My, "I wish I had some of your hair on my head." "If you cut it, can daddy have some?"

Here she is placing her hair on The Captain's head.
I just love this guy so much.....I am making a SLLOOOWWW comeback to my blog!
My REAR END survived Sturgis and we are heading to Florida next week for family VACA then we will be sending our new SIL off to Iraq.
AFTER ALL THAT, I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled BLOGGY SELF!


Krissy said...

LOVE her new haircut!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Precious hair do on both!

What a special blessing of a man you are married to Jenn!

Miss you and love you!
PS Have a blessed vacation!

Andrea said...

Love the hair! Have missed your blogging! Sounds like precious time with family has been well spent! Enjoy the vacation!

MyLinda said...

What cute pictures of daddy and his little girl! Can't wait to see more blogging about your wonderful family!

THE Stephanie said...

My My looks super cute with her new 'do!! Oh, and The Captain, too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Must say I love the new color on the Captain!
Have a safe trip to Florida and be sure to thank your SIL for all he's doing!

Shanna said...

Now that couldn't be any cuter!!!
Love the hair cut too!

Mary Ellen said...

That is ADORABLE! Love that she wanted to share - it's all about giving to those less fortunate, isn't it???

Adeye said...

So glad you're back, friend. I have missed you here :)

Great pics! Your dear hubby is a great sport :)

Katie LaPierre said...

looking forward to your "return". Enjoy your blog so much!

PamperingBeki said...

That is so funny!

I've missed you.

Ashley Jo Anglin said...

I have missed your blogging!!!!
Hope you have an awesome vacation!!

Nic said...

Too Funny! You have some extra cute kids. What a blessing!

Amanda said...

I loved this blog. My husband Scott is also a bit thin on top:) He is forever telling our MaryLita she needs to give him some curls. If only it were that easy! haha

LOVED your sweet!