Sunday, November 29, 2009

Preparation for Embryo Transfer...

We planned all along on transferring our precious embryos on August 11th but God had other plans!

June 15, 2009-Matched with our 6 embryos through
Miracles Waiting.
June 16, 2009-Phone consult with new RE in Los Angeles, CA.
June 20, 2009-Donors consult with our RE
June 24, 2009-Saline ultrasound-GREAT UTERUS but 2 cysts on left ovary
July 7, 2009-started bi-weekly acupuncture
July 16, 2009-LAST BCP!!!
July 17, 2009-Meds delivered

The key to a successful frozen embryo transfer is the lining and condition of your uterus. They give you medicine to increase the thickness of your uterine lining which is a shot in the rump every few days of delestrogen. It works great!

July 21, 2009-First U/S (Ultrashound), blood work and delestrogen shot
July 28, 2009-2nd U/S looks perfect-9mm lining and trilamenar (triple stripe). POSSIBLE hydrosalpinx found. If hydrosalpinx-pregnancy decreases by 50%.
July 29, 2009-Up to .3 delestrogen injection.
August 4, 2009-U/S-hydrosalpinx increased in size. EMBRYOS SHIPPED TO LA-FEDEX!

Due to my hydrosalpinx (fluid filled fallopian tube) our cycle was cancelled and I had surgery to remove my fallopian tube. I was SO UPSET. But The Captain and I knew if we went forward, we would be putting our precious embryos at risk and lowering the chance they had of survival by 50%.

August 6, 2009-FET cycle cancelled until after surgery to remove left fallopian tube
August 10, 2009-surgery to remove "jacked up" fallopian tube.


September 6, 2009-AF (period) ARRIVES!
September 24-baseline u/s lab
September 25-last BCP-hopefully FOREVER!!!!

September 29 & October 2-.2 delestrogen injection
October 5-u/s lab 8mm lining estrogen 392
October 6 & 9- .25 delestrogen
October 12-u/s lab 9.2mm lining progesterone 0.2
October 16-repeat u/s 12mm lining progesterone 0.4
Oct0ber 13 & 16-delestrogen
October 17- add 1 cc progesterone injection, docycycline, medrol, baby aspirinOctober 18-2cc progesterone for the duration

I have been giving myself Progesterone in oil (PIO) shots DAILY in the muscle with a huge needle for 6 weeks so far (the oil is thick so I usually wear it in my bra to warm it up before hand to thin it). I have to continue until I am 10 weeks-JUST 2 weeks to go! This causes huge lumps and rashes & a VERY SORE HINEY but it is vital that my body has enough progesterone and estrogen to support the baby. Twice a week, I also give myself delestrogen injections-also in the muscle of the rump. 9 shots a week and it is SO WORTH IT! I also gave up my flavored creamer & coffee addiction and had to stop taking my allergy medicine-I've survived! The Captain joined me and gave up coffee at home too-what a guy!

I did all my monitoring, ultrasounds and bloodwork with my OB/GYN in Manhattan, KS. It is an hour drive each way. I did all my acupuncture about 30 minutes away at my chiropractors office. Getting to the actual transfer day and doing all we did to prepare was a FULL TIME JOB!! Praising God for our MIRACLE!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why Embryo Adoption???

We really wanted to experience the intimacy of pregnancy and child birth together as a couple. When we go married 8 years ago, we did not have good insurance or the finances to explore IVF or the like so we moved straight to traditional adoption.

In March of last year after deciding that we were not both being called to adopt internationally, we decided to give TTC (trying to conceive) one last shot.

In April and May we both went through many tests with our RE (reproductive endocrinologist) and it was discovered that we could do IVF BUT we had some problems that would lead us to either egg donation, sperm donation or BOTH. Embryo adoption/donation IS NOT IVF. It is simply a frozen embryo transfer.

After much discussion and prayer, we decided that we did not want to create embryos that were not "ALL US" meaning either 1/2 The Captain + 1/2 donor or 1/2 Me + 1/2 donor AND we did not want to be in the same predicament and create embryos only to have to decide where our "extra" embryos would go as we only desired ONE pregnancy.

Because of all these factors, we were led straight to embryo adoption. Focus on the Family and many other Christian organizations support and encourage embryo adoption. It obviously didn't matter to The Captain or I whether it was our biological child or not-we were actually thrilled that this child would be adopted just like our 6 littles! Many couples agonize over what to do with their remaining embryos after IVF. There are 3 choices. Donate them to another couple, destroy them or donate them for research.

We started doing research and found that embryo adoption can cost anywhere from $3,000 up to $20,000. There are basically 4 ways I know of to do embryo adoption. I will list them from most expensive to least expensive.
  1. You can adopt your embryos through an agency like Snowflakes which is the most expensive way but they are experienced and pioneered embryo adoption. You can choose either open or closed adoptions. Home study required $12,000-$16,000.
  2. You can go through an infertility clinics anonymous embryo donation program. No home study required. $5,000+
  3. You can go through NEDC (National Embryo Donation Center). You must travel to their clinic in Tennessee twice once before your transfer and once for the transfer and get your home study through Bethany Christian Services. Total Cost $4600-$7,000 with an extra $3,000 if you want an open adoption.
  4. Miracles Waiting. Which is what we did. For $100-you post a profile and perspective donors read through and email you if they are interested. Some donors are also listed and you can contact them. Although we got chosen in just 9 days-many people wait over a year or more. Our cost $3800
After we were chosen, we had our attorney here in KS draw up a contract and both couples agreed to it & it was finalized. Then our 6 adopted embryos were flown to my clinic in L.A. and waited for my arrival! I could not find a clinic in Kansas willing to do the embryo adoption so I went to an expert in the field!
Please email me or leave a comment with any questions! I have had LOTS of interest already and will try to go through the process step by step!
My next post will be ALL THE PREPARATION I had to do for the transfer!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Is a great word to describe how I feel.

No, I am not doing Karate or wearing sweat bands to go play tennis. I'm trying to fight off this all consuming NAUSEA (which makes me grumpy I might add). My BFF through embryo adoption Jen said the only way her morning sickness was cured was through wearing these crazy SEA BANDS. I'M WILLING TO TRY ANYTHING!!! I called Wal-Mart-they don't sell em'. Called the local drug store.....THEY HAD ONE PAIR!!! The 6 littles and I drove into town and picked em' up and so far I DO BELIEVE they are helping.
I am VERY THANKFUL for my 24-7 sickness-it means the baby is doing good!

The kids CRACK ME UP! Aw-Bell tried to feed the baby SMARTIES on Sunday and she loves to rub my belly. They all argue about who is going to hold this baby and so far the names they have picked out are ZEKES, Caleb and Star!

I might also add that since I have posted on my blog about our embryo adoption, I have had 2 friends that are very interested and one is calling my doctor tomorrow. She said she hadn't read my blog in 2 months and she & her husband had talked much about embryo adoption recently and she just happened upon my blog and was THRILLED to get info-we just got off the phone! She was only told about one way of embryo adoption that costs about $20,000-OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED if you ask me. Our total was under $4,000.

Thank you Lord for helping us be a voice to those desiring to grow their families. Thank you for letting us share our miracle with others.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have just been DYING to share this with all of you!

I have received many comments and emails wondering "where I've been?", "why am I not blogging?", "am I okay?" Well people...I'M BACK!!!!! AND WITH NEWS of another ADOPTION in our family! I find National Adoption Month as the PERFECT TIME to share our MIRACULOUS STORY!

Now that we have shared the news with our family. I will share our journey with you. It has been a LONG ride to our new baby and God has lead us all the way! I promised HIM that if I got pregnant, I would share our testimony and journey with all who would listen. To advocate for babies like ours.

I will share the most important part now and fill in the gaps along the way.

In June, we adopted 6 embryos from another couple. We signed up & added our profile at MIRACLES WAITING. After just 9 days-a couple approached us and said that they felt God wanted us to have their embryos. We were SHOCKED! We didn't think anyone would pick us since we already have 7 blessings.

God knew differently! So after surgeries, injections, giving up caffeine and allergy meds. 2 of our frozen miracles were thawed on October 21st. One did not survive the thaw and is resting in heaven with Jesus. On October 22nd a 3rd embie was thawed & survived. That same day these 2 precious "jewels" were placed inside my womb. Here are their first BABY PICTURES!

This one is already hatching out of its sweet shell in the photo!

One of the "jewels" did not make it and is also up in heaven. We are so thankful we were able to free this "frozen soul" and give it life.

The miracle is-ONE MADE IT!! Last week The Captain & I heard & saw ONE PRECIOUS, MIRACULOUS heart beat! Here he/she is!!

I am due the first part of JULY! We could not be more ecstatic and feel more blessed!

This is how we told our parents yesterday. My MIL got it RIGHT AWAY! It took my FIL and my parents A WHILE to catch on to his shirt!

The Captain and I are THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF (so are ALL the other kids) at this 8th MIRACLE in our life!

We are giving God ALL THE GLORY for our sweet one! For who else could conjure up such a MIRACLE????

Many people would choose to keep this "private" or not want to share the details. THERE IS NO SECRET HERE! I believe God wants us to witness, share our blessings and our testimony to help others out along the way. If I can help just ONE couple adopt one of the 500,000 other frozen souls out there waiting-I have done my job!

If you are a Christian, and you believe life starts at conception, that is just it-500,000 "orphans" are waiting.......Frozen in TIME! They just need a warm, loving place to grow! Read the following verse carefully

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and WONDERFULLY MADE; your works are WONDERFUL, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. ALL the days ordained for me were written in your book BEFORE ONE OF THEM CAME TO BE!"
PSALMS 139:13-16

Glad I FINALLY got all that out!!
Praising Him for our baby, nausea and insomnia!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take Your Family To Work Day!

Okay, so The Captain can't REALLY take us to work. He has been with his company over 5 years and has only flown in to an airport close to us ONE TIME until a couple weeks ago. He called early and said he would be flying in to finish his tour about an hour away from us. We cut our home school day short and loaded up to pick up our daddy. Here he is taxiing in on the runway! (got me a little warm)
The kids RUNNING to meet their daddy!The 6 littles ready to go in for a tour.The Captain & kids in the cockpit. Notice all the vents-switches are GOLD??
Me, reclining & dreaming of MY CAPTAIN flying me ALONE to the beach for a romantic getaway!Can't leave without a FIJI Water!The 6 Littles and The Captain!
Now This is Hot..... I'm so proud of him!
ME LOVES MY MAN IN UNIFORM!I am BEYOND THANKFUL that The Captain has so many "skills."
And even more thankful that God has provided 2 fantastic jobs to furnish the needs of our tribe.