Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I thought I would share with those of you who DON'T KNOW how a farm works during harvest-exactly what goes on... Until I moved to the farm 6 years ago, I was CLUELESS!

Our beans were an "early variety" so we cut/harvested them before most of our neighbors.
First, you get the combine out-(climbing in and out is 1/2 the fun!)

Then you play around while daddy gets the proper header on and gases up! Yes, Myah can drive that 4-wheeler all by herself!

Then, daddy cuts a sample....

You fill a coffee can with beans to take to the elevator for the test THEN...You load as many kids as you possibly can fit into a truck made in the 1950's (it ain't illegal to drive on country roads without seatbelt-PLUS there ain't any :) Then you head to the elevator & pray the beans are dry enough to cut. It's during this time that dad also stops at least twice during harvest on the way home from the elevator at the park in Beattie to let the kids play. It all went fairly well this year except for Brendan shutting Wyatt's hand in the truck door-thank God for Wyatt's little work gloves, I think they helped avoid a major injury!

Luckily, our beans were good so Nick continued cutting while his dad "trucked" the first day, then the next day, Nick finished up by himself! Caty and Tori wanted to take a closer look to make sure they were ready...

It was time to finish up and let the kids do their favorite thing, climb in the truck and play in the last load of this years soybeans............

NO TIME TO WASTE!! As soon as the last load emptied off the combine, daddy fills the planter/drill up with wheat seed and sows wheat into the bean ground.

Then, we pray for rain so the wheat can get a good start.
The kids love to ride in the combine & tractor with dad-Wyatt and Brendan enjoy it most. Wyatt ALWAYS gets lulled to sleep after just a little while and is really a HARDCORE farmer. He tells most people he meets nowadays that he is a farmer and can drive a combine and tractor by himself :) He is going to be a John Deere tractor for Black Squirrel Night (whole different blog-coming soon once I get costumes done)
We thank God that harvest went well without any break downs this year. We normally have at least one break down of some piece of equipment somewhere along the line that sets things behind but not this year! And I thank God for a husband who is such a hard worker and knows how to do EVERYTHING!
All the equipment will now get washed and put away until spring and we will get to listen to Wyatt ask "is it time to get the combine out yet?" for about another 8 months now!
Until next time......
PS-I failed to mention just how "unique" Wyatt was during this harvest. For those of you who know him, you know he is tractor, combine, John Deere obsessed. One morning, Nick was up & out around 6am planting the wheat. I got up around 7 and he was nowhere to be found. He had apparently heard that tractor start, got out of bed, dressed himself, took his diaper off & put on his big boy undies, put his John Deere boots on and headed out to farm. When Nick looked up after making a pass around the field-he noticed little Wyatt standing in the corner of the field at the edge waiting for dad to pick him up SO he rode with Nick for a few hours! YES this scared me to death but I guess the farm is just engrained in my boy! I knew right where to find him!


My back is aching tonight! I usually bathe the girls and boys seperately but tonight I let them all get in together (sucker:) to avoid much intense screaming and possible further damage to my eardrums :). DEFINITE Kodak Moment!! To have them all happy and smiling is RARE! Had to share this PRECIOUS MOMENT!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Extraordinary Women!

I had a fabulous time this past weekend with some friends in Raytown, MO. We attended the Extraordinary Women Conference and it was AWESOME! I highly recommend going if it comes to a city near you! http://www.ewomen.net/ ANYWHO...We got to meet Avalon and Mark Schultz in person and it was phenomenal :) Here is Us with Mark!

It was cool to learn that Mark is adopted and from Colby, KS and has a great song about adoption from the birthmothers perspective called "Everything To Me". Check it out on YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhqJYOYcnAU....

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm not talking about Ray Boltz or Boy George!!!! For those of you who know us well, you know that baby Jett has been a closet dweller since birth. For those who don't-we have a very large master closet and wanted to keep him out of the way of the other 3 "doctor destructo" WILD TODDLERS as a newborn so....we placed his bassinet-then crib in our closet. Yesterday was a monumental day, we moved him and Wyatt into the guest room to share together temporarily! YAY, I can go in my closet and get dressed and I can even get clothes out ANY TIME I WANT!! YAY! I will admit, I don't miss him being in there, although it has only been one night LOL!

JUST LOOK at how HAPPY the little WHIPPERSNAPPER is to be in his own room with Wyatt...

Next step, get Myah out of our bed and into her own-I WILL SHED TEARS when this happens:) Until next time and hopefully better rest for me :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I remember right where I was when I received the phone call... I was sitting on my bed playing with my two youngest babies in my 1000 square foot house. It was September 15, 2006. It was a phone call I almost expected but DEFINITELY did not feel ready for. I didn't recognize the number but I recognized the anxiety in her voice right away, it was Myahs birth mother "L". She skated around the subject a couple minutes-she's not much of a talker. I too became anxious because "I KNEW!" I knew she was pregnant again and I wasn't ready yet!!! I immediately told her "I know why you are calling." .....SILENCE..... "You do?" "You are pregnant aren't you?" I said "How did you know?" she said "I just did." I said. Her next words are ingrained in my brain..."So, are you ready for #7?" she said. I was speechless. I mean come on, I had a 16 year old "challenging" teen, a 5 & 7 yr old AND a 2 yr old and 2 that weren't even walking yet. I had just started sleeping through the night for heaven's sakes! God, "are you serious?"

Nick and I went through a very rough time when Caty and Wyatt were newborns and Myah was 8 months old, I TRULY do not remember the first 4 months of their lives, it is all a blur. We basically had 3 big kids an 8 month old and twins-it was the most exhausting, frustrating, lonely and rewarding time of our lives. We were extremely sleep deprived and Nick being gone 7 full days at a time, I would just literally COLLAPSE when he got home. He would sleep on the couch with 2 bassinets next to him and let me sleep in the bed the first night so I could just catch up on my sleep then the next 5 nights he was at home we would alternate-one would sleep in the bedroom with 2 babies, the other on the couch with one that way we both wouldn't have to get up each time the babes woke, just when our "assigned" babe woke. We were no "JON & KATE +8" with people doing our laundry, cooking, helping feed babies etc. WE RAN OUR OWN SHOW-We never had any help! I tried to find people to help but never was successful-even tried to hire someone to "just feed a baby" so I could shower or do housework, never happened. This time not only bonded us closer together but bonded us closer with our heavenly father.

This was ALL running through my mind after I spoke to "L". "How can I emotionally, physically, mentally handle ANOTHER BABY?" Like I said before I did eventually expect this but definitely did not feel ready.

We took her to her OB appointment the next week (get out your kleenex Beth, it gets rough). First off, we picked her up at what looked like an abandoned house. 2nd off-she was definitely either super high on meth or hadn't had it in a bit and was "trippin." She got in the truck and had a very foul odor. (very common in meth users) It was difficult to breathe and also to see her so thin. She could not sit still, fidgeting constantly and shaking.

We asked her where she wanted to eat, she chose pizza so we headed to the pizza place. She was wobbly and shaky. We all got our food. It was sad and VERY difficult to eat with her #1 because of the smell, #2 because she could not even get the fork to her mouth-her body was just shaking and jerking uncontrollably. This was very difficult to watch knowing my precious baby was inside this body. If she was shaking, trembling and couldn't sit still, what was my baby feeling and going through in there? I just kept praying for God to wrap his arms of protection around my little baby in there.

We got to the clinic. She was so paranoid, she could not stay in the waiting room (for those of you who don't know, long time meth users eventually become paranoid schizophrenics) Nick offered to wait inside while I calmed her down outside while she smoked a cigarette. She carries knives on her constantly as she is in fear of EVERYONE! We chatted and eventually he motioned through the window that they called her name. Nick stayed in the waiting room and she asked me to come in the room with her. It was a sad scene as they asked her about her history. First she talked about the other 5 babies she had and had either lost custody of or given up for adoption. I heard her tell of physical and sexual abuse as long as she can remember-hatred , neglect and substance abuse from her parents. I cried with her as she talked about being hurt as a little girl. It broke my heart. It was at this point that I realized the majority of her life she had never been shown or felt loved.

Next it was time to draw her blood for "routine labwork" NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING prepared me for this. She told me she had a fear of needles (she smokes/snorts meth-no shooting up) but oh Lord, it was so sad to see her on that table rocking back and forth crying and saying "no, no, no" just like a little child was almost unbearable for me. I stayed with her in that little room for over an hour while she had a major panic attack. They never did get the blood. The needle went in twice and she was just moving too much. It was at this point after much screaming that they asked us if we could take her to a mental health facility down the road-they thought and could see as we could that she was in a serious state of panic, depression, anxiety and just emotionally distraught. We were thinking "we are not her parents" "we aren't responsible for her" "we have 5 kids at home with a babysitter and we're an hour from home".... but we took her. Once they saw her walk through that door, there was no waiting-they took her in on an emergency basis right to a therapist-I went in with her, filled out all her paperwork and wanted theyto admit her to the psych ward immediately. She refused and walked out.

We were not BLOOD relatives so therefore there was nothing else we could do. Nick talked to her in a very calming way and we dropped her at her friends house.

The reason for this post is that I wanted to share with you the grips that the drug I call "THE DEVIL DRUG" METH has on people, they love it more than themselves or their chilren, that is all they can think about. They don't want to be that way, they are addicts, they can't help it.

Also, I had a dream about this last night-more like a nightmare-the night mare that baby Jett lived in her body all that time and we had NO CONTROL over our own son! Just remembering her and worrying about her and checking on her for 4 months knowing our little boy was inside that drug filled body was very difficult for us to bear. I just had to get it out. God has been so gracious in protecting our babies from physical defects, the long term mental side, we won't know for a while.

As I got up this morning to read my Bible and write in my prayer journal, I looked back to the day I found out "L" was expecting and this is what I wrote........


"L"-pregnant-Lord ease my mind & confusion-give me peace! Thank you for our home & the loan so we can add on-what a blessing-you saw ourneeds & met them-Praise You!
Quiet my soul Lord, give me peace. Protect that baby. I pray for answers & calmness. I want to obey you-Lead me LORD!

Psalms 139:23
"Search me, oh God, & know my heart;test me & know my anxious thoughts"

Psalms 139:10
"even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast."

Tears stream down my face as I write this post. I was waiting for God to give me a sign that we were suppose to take baby Jett and I think I found it this morning when he showed me my prayer journal from 9/15/06. What do you think?

OUR UTUBE VIDEO-Meth-the littlest victims-Keller Family Story.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our MIRACLE Adoption story

We are a family in Kansas that did the necessary 10 week training called "MAPP TRAINING" in 2003 after we found out that we had infertility issues and would have to do InVitro to conceive. At the same time we were persuing an international adoption from Kazakhstan that has never taken place-by the time you get to the end, you will see why. I had a daughter before my husband and I married that he has adopted, she is now 20, married and on her own. I was also adopted through the Kansas Foster Care System at 4 months of age by my phenomenal family-I have since been reunited with 3 BEAUTIFUL sisters and 1 great brother! And 2 sets of grandparents-ALL THESE PEOPLE I NEVER KNEW I WAS BLESSED TO HAVE :)

We were told by many social workers that we would "probably never get kids under 5." But we had a faith that kept us going .We ALSO were persuing an international adoption in Kazakhstan at the same time and were matched with and ready to travel for our child there. We never ended up going, by the end of this story, you will see why :)!

I am an adopted child myself through the Kansas foster care system so after I grieved my infertility and did a lot of praying, I came to the instant conclusion that this is the route we should take to become parents. I had been raised by the most loving family anyone could ask for. It took my husband a bit longer to agree-he was hesitant at first.

We completed our training to foster to adopt in November 2003and by July 2004 we were chosen to be parents to a sibling set-3 year old girl Victoria and 5 year old boy Brendan. They moved in almost instantly and they are now 7 and 9 and blessings to us! They had been with us about 4 months when their old worker called me and said, "you may want to get your foster license because I heard their mom is pregnant again and if the baby comes into the system, the chances of you taking the child would be high." So we took her advice and got our license.

Two months later we became foster parents to Myah-a day old newborn born addicted to methamphetamines (not their bio sibling). Then a couple of months later we did find out that our oldest 2 kids mom WAS pregnant so we started corresponding with her and were expecting the arrival and voluntary placement of their baby brother with us. Just 3 weeks before he was due, we had another day old meth positive newborn baby girl-Caty placed with us as a foster child.

THEN our older children's mom got placed in prison and their brother Wyatt was born while she was incarcerated and we took him in right at birth and were with her during his delivery. During all of this, we had open relationships with all 3 of our children's birth mothers.

There are 19 children between the 3 of them. We love them like family, just because they have made mistakes in their lives gives us no reason to judge. They are welcome here as long as they are clean.

Wyatt and Caty were almost one when we got a call from Myah's mom saying that she was homeless, still meth addicted and pregnant-due in 3 months and she asked me "Are you ready for #7?" My husband and I prayed and pined over this and decided that there was NO WAY we would want them to grow up without one another and January 19, 2007 baby Jett was born-a true gift from God!

Our kids are now 20, 12, 10, 6, 5, 5, & 4 and we love them all dearly-couldn't imagine life any other way and to think that I was actually sulking and depressed that I couldn't carry another baby-WOW! So happy that God knew what he was doing and we went with HIS plan :)! Who said we would never get kids under 5??? Divine intervention and Miracles have happened-We are living proof that ADOPTION WORKS!!

So go with your gut and your heart, don't listen to naysayers. YOU DO what YOU are lead to do and have FAITH!! We went from 1 child to 7 in 3 years and are alive to tell about it :) There's MUCH MORE to our story, I could go on for days!

Will we adopt again??? We would like to one day, there is such a need. Most likely an older sibling set.

Because of my children's drug exposure, God has allowed me to become an advocate for The Alliance for Drug Endangered Children and I speak at many conferences including their National conference this fall in Utah.

My husband and I have also helped initiate and testified in the Kansas House of Representatives and helped initiate Kansas House Bill 2602-making using illegal drugs during pregnancy a crime.

Our story is a true miracle and just shows you how much God can do in a persons life, If not for Him none of this would be! I hope our story is an inspiration to all of you waiting to adopt, sometimes I still can't believe all that's happened to us! Through HIM all things are possible!

UPDATE AS OF August-2010

In early 2009 my doctor told me that unless I get pregnant, I would need a hysterectomy.  TRUTHFULLY, The Captain & I had not thought about getting pregnant since we married in 2002.

Back then we knew that we would need IVF to conceive so we moved straight to adoption.  SO, we reconsidered.  We did lots of testing and determined that between the two of us we had too many problems to conceive even with IVF. Instead of using donated egg/sperm or both, we learned about embryo adoption from Focus on the Family.  In June, we put our profile on MIRACLES WAITING. A place where embryo recipients and donors can connect. We got an email in just 9 days from a couple who wanted us to adopt their embryos. 

We got the legal paperwork done and our embryos flown to Los Angeles, California to our clinic. Then, I began preparing my body for the transfer of our sweet adopted ones. Including, LOTS of medications, sonograms, acupuncture and MUCH MORE! I was suppose to have them transferred in August but due to a problem, I had to have surgery to remove one of my fallopian tubes & my cycle was cancelled.

On October 22, I flew with a friend from Kansas to Los Angeles and 2 of our sweet adopted ones were implanted in  my uterus and just 5 days later I learned I was pregnant! On November 16th we found out ONE LITTLE MIRACLE was alive and doing well!
On January 25th we found out we are having #8-A BABY GIRLl!!!!

On June 14, 2010 our little angel girl was born-1 month early! We are truly BLESSED!

We have seen MANY sides of adoption and God TRULY has given us the desires of our heart. To experience pregnancy is a gift we NEVER thought we would get. WELL, GOD IS GOOD and He knows MUCH MORE than we do! We give him ALL THE GLORY for all of our adopted ones!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Church Chicken BBQ

Our day started out pretty normal although since it was a holiday, we did sleep in a smidge (until 8) We did our normal "school day" minus pre-school. The 4 littles laid down like angels for their naps with the bribary of the chicken BBQ at the park later-they LOVE THE PARK! What's great is that they pretty much love going anywhere, it's pretty awesome that they still appreciate that.

We had a fine time this afternoon/evening at the church chicken BBQ at the park. Although daddy has been gone each year for this, I barrel through and always take the kids. Each year it has gotten easier and easier! This year, all 4 little ones could sit at the picnic table and eat their own food WHEW!! I have some wonderful people at church who will always sit and help me out! Brooke, her friend Bailey and I fixed all the little ones plates-once plates were delivered-they skipped all the "good 4 u food" and went straight for the cookies-DUH! But, I wasnt' about to wait in a long line again just to get those :) I let Brendan and Tori get their own plates this year, I finally feel comfortable that they won't drop them and cause a mess. (control freak:) Unfortunately, Tori made a poor choice in getting corn and potatoes only (sneaky little thing) and so I had to send her back through the line to get some fruit and a piece of chicken. I was just waiting to chomp into my piece of yummy banana cake with cream cheese frosting when baby Jett had the same idea. OH, what mother's will do for their children! Did he not realize that piece of cake was my SANITY for the day????? I gave him one little nibble and that's all it took. He knows sign language for more and can say "mo" so for the rest of my meal, I watched him sign and the only word I heard was "MO MO MO MO" until my reward to myself was eaten by my little baby boy but who could resist him?

They had a fabulous time playing at the park and all konked out after some crying, diaper changes and face washing as soon as we walked in the door. It was so much work to go and took me most of the day to pack and organize for it but it was so worth it!!! Every single one of the little ones thanked me for taking them on the way home! Their sweet appreciation and true thankfulness makes me feel even more thankful to have them all in my life.