Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 2 2014 Humungo RV Trip~Throwed Rolls!!

We started our morning out in our usual Wal Mart Lot.. It's so weird, You are all CUDDLED IN your beds and feel so safe and warm, you don't even realize what is going on outside your house on wheels. It's marvelous...

I ran in with T and got a few things and we headed off!!! We were headed to CROSS SOMETHING off MY dream board!!!  I had been wanting to go to LAMBERT'S Cafe for YEARS and we drove a bit out of our way today to get there!! The wait was 45 minutes but we snuggled in our RV while we waited!!

Me and the kiddos on one of their famous benches!! 

They really do THROW ROLLS at you, YOU LIFT your hand and they chuck em right at you! It's fabulous fun! The kids had such a great time!!!

OHMYLANTA it was WORTH IT!!!! All my HARD WORK the last 9 weeks felt like it melted away after I ate these rolls, fried chicken, collard greens and MUCH MORE.. Let's put it this way, the only thing "CLEAN" about this eating was my plate when I was done!!

We are all SNUGGLED IN Murfreesboro, TN for the night!! Hoping to Cross the FL State Line tomorrow!! 

So thankful to God for safe travels, for owning our time and for being here in the Wal Mart Parking Lot, cuddled in with my family as the rain falls outside.

Are YOU living YOUR DREAM??? If not, it's time to GET STARTED!!!! I never dreamed until about 2 years ago and actually THOUGHT my dreams would come true. I'm so blessed that God has me dreaming and RE-DREAMING!! All is possible with HIM!! Write down THREE dreams for this year and hang them up where you can see them daily, and speak them out loud!! It's a proven fact that if you write them down and speak them aloud, they are more likely to come to fruition! Happy DREAMING!


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 1 2014 Humungo RV Trip~Columbia, MO

Wow! We had a LOT to pack!!!! We brought all 9 bikes, Scooters, Pogo Sticks LOTS of clothes, our dog and 7 kiddos!!! 

We started out by saying a family prayer led by The Captain.

A lot of times on the road, we have spotty cell reception so THE CAPTAIN is always thinking ahead. He got us handheld walkie talkies that reach up to 8 miles. They are super fun.  OH, did I mention, I am following the RV in our BIG RIG? Why? Placking 9 peeps for 2 months requires a LOT of stuff even when you are scaling down!! Now all I need is a "HANDLE" for my Walkie Talkieness and I should be good to go!

I called ahead to a pizza place, ordered pizza and we ran in and grabbed it and ate supper in the RV. MEANWHILE, one of the bigger kids was helping Poppy go potty and I hear BLOOD CURDLING screaming... Her finger was shut in the bathroom door.  I proceeded to yell a bit, give a lecture and nurture her finger and ask if she needed a bandaid. SHE EVEN LOOKED AT HER FINGER and SCREAMED EVEN LOUDER... Then about 5 minutes later she said. "It's not my "SINGER" that got hurt, that's MARKER MOMMY, it was my THUMB!  Yep, Mom of the Year right here...  We all laughed REALLY HARD and I apologized.  

We spent our first night at the Columbia, MO Wally World parking lot. This is called BOONDOCKING. Most all Wal-Marts allow RVers to stay the night in their lot.  Below is our "CONVOY" Breaker 1... 9. The U-haul behind the RV holds our bikes, etc... Roger that?

Here are my passengers!!!! It's SO COOL that they can have their headphones on, watching a movie and I can jam out and listen to THE MESSAGE and they have no clue what I'm dancing in my seat to!!

Hoping to Make it to Nashville tomorrow night!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013


In four days we are heading on a BIG HUMONGOUS ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!  We would LOVE for you to follow along as we "TAKE OUR SHOW ON THE ROAD"!! We will be "Wintering" in Florida!!! That's right! We will be LIVING OUT OF OUR RV for over 2 months!!!! We are SO EXCITED to head to SUN N FUN RV Resort until MARCH!! This place looks AMAZING!! It has an indoor olympic size pool, a gym with classes and over 150 activities going on!! Everything from a Bell Choir to Sign Language classes, Woodworking and Sewing! We have found a church and will be involved in the Homeschool Group in Sarasota!!!!!

We Praise the GOOD LORD for our Business which allows us to WORK FROM ANYWHERE!!!! We praise HIM that this is The Captains SECOND CHRISTmas being retired!! We love being retired at 43 and 52, It is UNREAL and hard to believe at times! You cannot put a price on OWNING YOUR TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY.. It's worth EVERYTHING!

That's not our ONLY BIG CHANGE!! The Captain and I have been doing a 90 day "HEALTHY FOR THE HOLIDAYS" challenge!!!  Here are my 60 day results!! I'm AMAZED and feel SO GOOD!!!   I LOVE being a PRODUCT of our FABULOUS PRODUCTS!

I'm Using our ULTIMATE PACK to get it done along with 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week and drinking a gallon of water a day! CONTACT US TODAY if you are ready to get started on THE NEW YOU!!!


Lastly, If God is moving in you to make a change, If you've been praying for Financial CHANGE AND ANSWERS and DREAMING of being DEBT FREE with a CHRISTIAN COMPANY, Please consider joining our TEAM! The $99 we spent to start this business has ALTERED OUR LIVES and the Legacies of our children. God is SO GOOD!!! We would be THRILLED to set up a phone or skype date with you to share how God has allowed us to change our health and wealth. We have been able to BLESS IT FORWARD like never before this year. It has felt SO GOOD! We are praying for YOU! SO MANY people who Read our blog have made it BIG in this business and have changed their lives too!!! What are YOU WAITING FOR?? CONTACT US TODAY!!