Monday, September 23, 2013


WOW! WOW! WOW!! We have had such a WONDERFUL SURREAL last Two weeks!!

On September 8th while I was out jogging, MY PHONE RANG!! It was our OLDEST!!! She was pretty sure she was having REGULAR labor pains!! OHMYLANTA I Bout LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!  I RAN in the house and and reserved my plane reservations, went to church to pick up all their kiddos from their Sunday night Awana and Youth Group activities and STARTED PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My flight left out at 6am and I was in TEXAS by 7:30am.  We had a BEAUTIFUL TIME!!! She had a doula and was bound and determined to labor at home for as long as possible before heading to the hospital. She was having some mild cramping so we went to the pool and she labored there for a while, then the doula suggested we head to the mall to walk around and get things moving a bit! We ended up at the Mall BUILDING A CAT at Build a Bear. (by this time she was in some serious pain and wanted to CHUCK the cat we were building into a wall) LOL

Being from THE STICKS, I have only been to one of THEM THERE FANCY CUPCAKE places ONCE so we HAD to stop by and get GiGi (me) some cupcakes for the Baby's BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

Our last Stop was at an upscale baby boutique to walk around and check out baby stuff, then we walked next door to get some SUSHI for dinner! The gals at the Boutique were SUPER NERVOUS that the babe was gonna drop RIGHT THERE!

We headed home, ate some dinner and the contractions got a lot stronger so we headed to the hospital! They gave her a check and she was dilated to a SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She did SO AWESOME!! I was SO PROUD OF HER for being so tough!!!!

Our PRECIOUS GLAMdaughter was born the next morning at 8:58am September 10th! 

Introducing Ms. EVALEY HOLLIS
7lb 11oz 19 inches long

With the Blessing of OWNING OUR OWN BUSINESS and most importantly OWNING OUR TIME, I was able to stay with her for 11 days just SPOILING her ROTTEN and LOVING ON HER while The Captain stayed home with our other 7 blessings!!! and an even bigger blessing...SO WERE her Mama and Daddy!! Our daughter and son in law work FULL TIME in our business also at are both in their 20's and able to be FULL TIME PARENTS to this little doll with NO FINANCIAL WORRIES! This is SO comforting as a parent!! To know that they will both be with her, raising her together. SUCH a different time when I had her and had to put her in daycare as a little one. 

 The Captain came down with ALL THE KIDDOS in our RV on the 19th! BOY OH BOY was I happy to see them!!! They got to meet this little DOLL!!

Her 4 Aunts ADORE HER!!

Especially the 3 year old one :) 

Grandpa LOVIN!!! 

While we were in Town I was SO BLESSED to meet ANOTHER fellow Blogger that has been interested in JOINING OUR BUSINESS for a while! She got ALL SIGNED UP and I got to spend the day with she and her entire family!!! GOD IS SO GOOD! I can't wait to see her DREAMS COME TRUE like our have!! I LOVE CHANGING LIVES with this CRAZY WRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the FIFTH person that God has led to our team through this blog!! Another friend signed up just a couple weeks ago! Her name is GRETCHEN!! She told me JUST TONIGHT to KEEP BLOGGING because me being consistent with talking about our business on this blog is what made her TAKE THE LEAP to sign up!! Welcome to the WRAP FAMILY Kelly AND Gretchen!!!

We were also able to visit the DALLAS WORLD AQUARIUM while we were there and had a GREAT TIME learning about ALL KINDS of fun fish and animals!!

WE LOVE our RV like REALLY LOVE OUR RV and traveling in it making memories with our kiddos! We ended our trip with an RV PIZZA PARTY!!

Our Homeschool year is going GOOD!! I'm enjoying having all the kiddos at home! ESPECIALLY with DADDY home full time. WOWZERS that sure makes it SO MUCH EASIER!!

Blessings FRIENDS!!!