Monday, August 30, 2010

I CAN do it & other stuff!

This is my FIRST time teaching one of the littles to read "FROM SCRATCH".
The other two were taught at public school in a kindergarten setting by competent teachers.

I was very nervous about my ability to be able to teach CORRECTLY!
Just MINUTES AGO during her kindergarten lesson..

"I CAN READ!!!!"

WELL I'LL BE DIPPED-so she can!
Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to teach my sweet children!

Football season is ALSO in full swing at our house.
Mr. Smearfritz CAUGHT A KICKOFF AND RAN yesterday at their scrimmage!
I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM! Especially since it's hard for him to even catch a cold!

He also caught something else last week-A HAND TO THE HEAD!
The other kid DID break his hand on this HARD MELON!

I certainly cannot post without showing our little BAKERS!
She's 11 weeks today and SO HAPPY!
It's BAD PEOPLE-I wait and wait for her to go to sleep and then I miss her so much while she is sleeping, I want to wake her up! It's not just me that is in love! This sweet one gets COVERED in kisses by ALL residents in this house MULTIPLE times a day!
She slept 8 hours last night-she's growing SO BIG before our eyes!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Meet soon- to-be adoptive mom, Lena. Feeling God leading them, Lena and her husband decided to adopt a child domestically after many losses with trying to conceive. Lena created Premades For a Purpose as a way of raising funds to assist with adoption expenses. She appreciates your support – be it by way of prayer or by purchasing a premade design.
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As a fellow adoptive mother I totally support this wonderful family in their efforts to bring their special child/children home as God leads them!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

She's been awarded THE QUEEN OF....


I've tried EVERYTHING! Swaddling, swaying, walking, swinging, bouncy seating, hugging, kissing, singing, bathing, showering, lotioning, GRIPE WATERING, and everything under the dad blamed sun!

But it NEVER FAILS, each evening from around 5pm until 10 or 11pm my little Bakers just cries and cries. I feel so sorry for her.

I have found ONE THING about 3 nights ago that works....STROLLERING!

THANK THE LORD we have a LOOOOONG driveway.  Last night I took her on a 2 mile walk-she did GREAT! BUT the kids wanted to stay out and play and You can.not.stop.the.stroller without WAILING BEING IMMEDIETE!

That's when the kids began fighting over who can push her.

So up and down the driveway we went for over an hour and she slept and slept.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Embryo Adoption! GOD IS GOOD!

Through my blog I have talked over the phone, SKYPE and emailed MANY people about embryo adoption.

I got the following email today from another gal I referred to my Dr.

Hi Jen-

It is pretty unbelievable that God used you in Kansas to get me to a doctor in Thousand Oaks! His ways are not our ways, right? Anyway, met w/ Dr. K yesterday. You are so right. He is amazing, confident, calm and even gave me his cell phone number. Who does that? We were very impressed. The best part was that they have a match for us. Hubby and I are a strange melting pot combination of ethnicities, which ended up making my son 25% Asian. Who would have ever guessed that Dr. K would have 25% Asian embies. We are headed on the path to adopt them and pray that everything goes smoothly from here on out. God is sooooo in control.
Thanks for everything.

Thank you Lord again for saving more frozen souls!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st Day of Homeschoolin!

Its going to be a CHALLENGING YEAR!!

3-heathens that get into things 24-7 and drive their mother to the nut house Preschoolers
1-4th Grader
1-6th Grader

And ONE baby who likes to nurse..



Monday, August 16, 2010


SINCE ADDING BABY BAKERS to our crew, we are no longer a family of  9! We have a new blog address!

Please update us and continue to follow us at


YOU GROW GIRL! 2 Months!

I know, I'm 2 days late!
WOW She has changed so much in a month!
AND check out those painted tootsies! LOVE EM!


I promised God that if I got pregnant, I would SHARE MY Embryo Adoption STORY!  And through doing so on this blog, I have referred 9 people to my Dr. in Los Angeles. The first one is pregnant with twins! 2 others had their transfers this week.

And then there is the most AMAZING STORY OF ALL!

God worked through my blog to introduce Sara's family to an embryo donor who also reads my blog. Sara & her husband have faced significant losses including their dear son Samuel. They have an amazing story.

The donor flew her embryos to California then Sara & her hubby flew to California to have their newly adopted embies transfered by the same Dr. we used.  CLICK HERE to read THEIR INCREDIBLE STORY!

Thank you God for helping me get the word out!
But MOST IMPORTANTLY for helping to get these precious lives UNFROZEN!

Friday, August 6, 2010


7 weeks already!


Instead of signing all 6 littles up for "group" swimming lessons which would leave me sitting by the pool ALL DAY, they took private lessons this year at a nearby pool. Nearby when you are in the sticks is 30 minutes give or take. Each of the 6 littles had their OWN instructor-so NICE!

We are blessed to have such a cool pool near us with a zero entry AND the infamous TURTLE SLIDE. SO HELPFUL to moms of a tribe of littles. We make a weekly trip here to swim as a family.

WE ALL (Captain included) LOVE WATER! Whether it is a pool or the ocean. We feel swimming is a very important skill for the kids to learn.

Here they all are in the water with their instructors.

All 6 learned new skills!

They learned how to jump in.


Put their faces under the water..


The staff was SO SWEET with the kids, even the young guys!

Here are the girls with their instructors

And the boys-WyWy is missing in this one because he just belly flopped off the high dive and had a sore tummy!

At the end of the week we are proud to announce, we now have
4 level 2 swimmers
1 level 4 swimmer
1 level 6 swimmer

ALL 6 went off the diving board also-2 even made it off the high dive!

It is A TON of work to take the kids to the pool with sunscreen, snacks, a nursing baby-blah blah...

I am trying to sucker The Captain into getting a pool one day SOON.

Until then, we will be packing up the TRIBE & heading East to the public pool.

I REALLY think we would get a lot of use out of it.

If you have a pool, do you feel get your $$$worth out of it??

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Here are OUR 14 Adopted Miracles ALL TOGETHER!

A FABULOUS time was had by all!
Twas the biggest Tie Dye party I've been to thus far in my 40 years!

Here are Jen & I! So blessed to FINALLY meet in person!
Together we have promised God to raise awareness about embryo adoption.

And our 3 miracle Embryo Adopted girls that with God's help, brought Jen & I together to be LIFE LONG FRIENDS!
Thanking God today for bringing this FABULOUS family into our lives

Monday, August 2, 2010

2 Jens and 14 kids MERGE!!!

Tomorrow... This family of 7 kids
and this family of 7 kids...
Will be meeting under ONE ROOF at OUR FARM!

My bloggy friend Jen and I will be meeting IN PERSON for the first time as she and her 7 join me and my 7 at the farm for a few days!

14 YUNG UNS ages 12 and under UNDER ONE ROOF!

We are SO EXCITED for our kids to meet ESPECIALLY our 3 girls we were blessed with through embryo adoption!


Will report later IF we live through it :)

It's JUST AMAZING how God brought us together through blogging & embryo adoption!