Monday, August 16, 2010


I promised God that if I got pregnant, I would SHARE MY Embryo Adoption STORY!  And through doing so on this blog, I have referred 9 people to my Dr. in Los Angeles. The first one is pregnant with twins! 2 others had their transfers this week.

And then there is the most AMAZING STORY OF ALL!

God worked through my blog to introduce Sara's family to an embryo donor who also reads my blog. Sara & her husband have faced significant losses including their dear son Samuel. They have an amazing story.

The donor flew her embryos to California then Sara & her hubby flew to California to have their newly adopted embies transfered by the same Dr. we used.  CLICK HERE to read THEIR INCREDIBLE STORY!

Thank you God for helping me get the word out!
But MOST IMPORTANTLY for helping to get these precious lives UNFROZEN!


Andrea said...

What a huge praise!! LOVE how God is using you to get the word out about share this blessing!!

Jamie said...

That's AWESOME Jen! What a wonderful blessing that is to hear about others benefiting from your knowledge and ability to share through the internet! To be used by God to help others is one of the greatest blessings of all!

Sara said...

Yay God! So thankful the Lord brought me to your blog that night Jen... and that you were so willing to share your experience and advice:) You were willing and He certainly is using you... Awesome!

The Anglin Family said...

That is amazing Jen!! Yay! What little miracles these babies are. This made me cry..I'm overly emotional but I think it's so great to see God working through others.