Monday, May 14, 2012

TIME FLIES!! It Works-Life Changing!



Our lives have changed DRAMATICALLY since my last post both Financially and Physically!

God has been SO GOOD TO OUR FAMILY and we want to share it with you!

Remember how I told you about MY NEW BUSINESS in THIS POST?

The Captain has now joined in my business as an IT Works Distributor!  As a couple we saw so much potential in this Christian company that promotes both health and wealth for their distributors and customers.

We have lost 21 inches altogether! Me-16 inches and The Captain-5 with these INCREDIBLE herbal body wraps! It can be placed anywhere there is fat and you will see results in as little as 45 minutes. It also TIGHTENS, TONES and FIRMS and reduces cellulite and stretch marks!

I signed up with the company on February 11th and will be going DOUBLE DIAMOND this month. The below income is MONTHLY :) The financial income so far has been LIFE CHANGING!

Oh, and did I mention I also got a $10,000 bonus for going Diamond in less than 90 days? A bonus The Captain will also get when he goes diamond in his first 90 days! Could you use 10 or 20 GRAND?? The company is TOTALLY DEBT FREE therefore they strive to help get their distributors out of debt giving them this $10,000 G.O.O.D (Get Out Of Debt) bonus!

We needed one of these to save $ and for when we just take a few kids around instead of our entire tribe. The $10,000 helped us purchase our new WRAP MOBILE :) that gets 40 MPG!

Some before & after pictures of some people in our family AND some people who read THIS BLOG ;) TIGHTEN, TONE and FIRM!

This belly is after 2 wraps :) AMAZING! 

This belly is after wearing 1 wrap for 7 hours!

THIS IS MY MAMA's Chin after 45 minutes!

I can't say enough about their awesome supplements also. OUR ENTIRE family takes them. Down to the littles. Our favorite product is THE GREENS. They give you more energy, curb cravings and give keep your body BALANCED You can mix it in juice or water and it is 8+ SERVINGS OF ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES in one serving!
Feel free to contact us and definitely GO LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!

We are blessed beyond measure by IT WORKS GLOBAL! 
If you know anyone who wants to earn extra money, while helping people get healthy and have FUN DOING IT, its only $99 to get started!

We've got nurses, chiropractors, stay at home moms, pastors, pastors wives, youth pastors and MANY more on our fantastic team and this product is HOT, UNIQUE and in HIGH DEMAND!
We were just SO EXCITED to share it with all of you!!

We also love the fact that the Dr. on staff is a STRONG CHRISTIAN promoting Health while using Biblical principles. 

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in the products or becoming a distributor!

IT WORKS has truly been LIFE CHANGING for our family, We just HAD TO SHARE!!