Wednesday, July 10, 2013



We have had a BLESSED SUMMER!!

We sent our kids to public school last school year. It was quite an adjustment!! Now we can say WE TRIED IT!! We LOVED the school and the teachers and staff but MISS OUR FREEDOM :) Especially now with The Captain being RETIRED from flying and being home, working full time with me on OUR BOOMING BUSINESS! But we will be going back to homeschooling this coming year! I will admit, I'm nervous to be homeschooling  my first high schooler but know that God will get me through!

You all know that we lost our son in law Matt in Afghanistan last year...He was a HERO and will never be forgotten.... Well, we have some big news :) God has sent our oldest a true ANGEL.. He holds her when she cries.. He understands.. He has been at war himself and was injured badly...HE GETS IT...  They were Married in March and are expecting OUR FIRST PRECIOUS GRANDDAUGHTER IN SEPTEMBER! They are living in Dallas so we will be in TEXAS A LOT!!!!!

We have been BUSY TRAVELING in our RV! We spent 3 weeks in Florida in May and June!!! We were blessed to take one of our two kiddos birth siblings with us that has never been out of Kansas :) SO FUN! We plan on spending FOUR MONTHS in it this winter from NOVEMBER 1 to March 1! We are SO EXCITED to plan this trip!

BUT THE BIGGEST BLESSING was to be able to Bring our parents down to FL on an ALL EXPENSES paid trip!! We got them a little house RIGHT on the BEACH with their own separate master suites! A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME!! Our GOOD LORD and OUR BUSINESS made it all possible! WE ARE SO THANKFUL for the precious memories made!

I am blessed to travel about one weekend a month to different areas to train my GROWING IT WORKS TEAMS and also to BE TRAINED!! SO FAR this year, we have been to FLORIDA, DALLAS, ATLANTA, CHICAGO, NEBRASKA, KANSAS CITY, and headed to CALIFORNIA this weekend and SAINT LOUIS in a couple weeks then Back to FLORIDA and WEST VIRGINIA SOON!  The FRIENDSHIPS FUN and Freedom that God has Blessed us with have been UNREAL!! SO MANY adoptive MAMAS on our team!!! Its truly something ONLY GOD can Orchestrate!!! It has changed SO MANY LIVES both physically and financially.. UN... REAL!

We also had a BIG BIRTHDAY just a few weeks ago :) Blakely turned THREE!! Hard to believe this little miracle is GROWING UP SO FAST!!! 

We also just finished our YEARLY WHEAT HARVEST here on the farm!! UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!

Praying you all have a BLESSED and HAPPY SUMMER!! I am going to TRY to get back to blogging at least twice a month!! I have missed you all!! BLESSINGS TO YOU!