Friday, August 20, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Embryo Adoption! GOD IS GOOD!

Through my blog I have talked over the phone, SKYPE and emailed MANY people about embryo adoption.

I got the following email today from another gal I referred to my Dr.

Hi Jen-

It is pretty unbelievable that God used you in Kansas to get me to a doctor in Thousand Oaks! His ways are not our ways, right? Anyway, met w/ Dr. K yesterday. You are so right. He is amazing, confident, calm and even gave me his cell phone number. Who does that? We were very impressed. The best part was that they have a match for us. Hubby and I are a strange melting pot combination of ethnicities, which ended up making my son 25% Asian. Who would have ever guessed that Dr. K would have 25% Asian embies. We are headed on the path to adopt them and pray that everything goes smoothly from here on out. God is sooooo in control.
Thanks for everything.

Thank you Lord again for saving more frozen souls!


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