Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our MIRACLE Adoption story

We are a family in Kansas that did the necessary 10 week training called "MAPP TRAINING" in 2003 after we found out that we had infertility issues and would have to do InVitro to conceive. At the same time we were persuing an international adoption from Kazakhstan that has never taken place-by the time you get to the end, you will see why. I had a daughter before my husband and I married that he has adopted, she is now 20, married and on her own. I was also adopted through the Kansas Foster Care System at 4 months of age by my phenomenal family-I have since been reunited with 3 BEAUTIFUL sisters and 1 great brother! And 2 sets of grandparents-ALL THESE PEOPLE I NEVER KNEW I WAS BLESSED TO HAVE :)

We were told by many social workers that we would "probably never get kids under 5." But we had a faith that kept us going .We ALSO were persuing an international adoption in Kazakhstan at the same time and were matched with and ready to travel for our child there. We never ended up going, by the end of this story, you will see why :)!

I am an adopted child myself through the Kansas foster care system so after I grieved my infertility and did a lot of praying, I came to the instant conclusion that this is the route we should take to become parents. I had been raised by the most loving family anyone could ask for. It took my husband a bit longer to agree-he was hesitant at first.

We completed our training to foster to adopt in November 2003and by July 2004 we were chosen to be parents to a sibling set-3 year old girl Victoria and 5 year old boy Brendan. They moved in almost instantly and they are now 7 and 9 and blessings to us! They had been with us about 4 months when their old worker called me and said, "you may want to get your foster license because I heard their mom is pregnant again and if the baby comes into the system, the chances of you taking the child would be high." So we took her advice and got our license.

Two months later we became foster parents to Myah-a day old newborn born addicted to methamphetamines (not their bio sibling). Then a couple of months later we did find out that our oldest 2 kids mom WAS pregnant so we started corresponding with her and were expecting the arrival and voluntary placement of their baby brother with us. Just 3 weeks before he was due, we had another day old meth positive newborn baby girl-Caty placed with us as a foster child.

THEN our older children's mom got placed in prison and their brother Wyatt was born while she was incarcerated and we took him in right at birth and were with her during his delivery. During all of this, we had open relationships with all 3 of our children's birth mothers.

There are 19 children between the 3 of them. We love them like family, just because they have made mistakes in their lives gives us no reason to judge. They are welcome here as long as they are clean.

Wyatt and Caty were almost one when we got a call from Myah's mom saying that she was homeless, still meth addicted and pregnant-due in 3 months and she asked me "Are you ready for #7?" My husband and I prayed and pined over this and decided that there was NO WAY we would want them to grow up without one another and January 19, 2007 baby Jett was born-a true gift from God!

Our kids are now 20, 12, 10, 6, 5, 5, & 4 and we love them all dearly-couldn't imagine life any other way and to think that I was actually sulking and depressed that I couldn't carry another baby-WOW! So happy that God knew what he was doing and we went with HIS plan :)! Who said we would never get kids under 5??? Divine intervention and Miracles have happened-We are living proof that ADOPTION WORKS!!

So go with your gut and your heart, don't listen to naysayers. YOU DO what YOU are lead to do and have FAITH!! We went from 1 child to 7 in 3 years and are alive to tell about it :) There's MUCH MORE to our story, I could go on for days!

Will we adopt again??? We would like to one day, there is such a need. Most likely an older sibling set.

Because of my children's drug exposure, God has allowed me to become an advocate for The Alliance for Drug Endangered Children and I speak at many conferences including their National conference this fall in Utah.

My husband and I have also helped initiate and testified in the Kansas House of Representatives and helped initiate Kansas House Bill 2602-making using illegal drugs during pregnancy a crime.

Our story is a true miracle and just shows you how much God can do in a persons life, If not for Him none of this would be! I hope our story is an inspiration to all of you waiting to adopt, sometimes I still can't believe all that's happened to us! Through HIM all things are possible!

UPDATE AS OF August-2010

In early 2009 my doctor told me that unless I get pregnant, I would need a hysterectomy.  TRUTHFULLY, The Captain & I had not thought about getting pregnant since we married in 2002.

Back then we knew that we would need IVF to conceive so we moved straight to adoption.  SO, we reconsidered.  We did lots of testing and determined that between the two of us we had too many problems to conceive even with IVF. Instead of using donated egg/sperm or both, we learned about embryo adoption from Focus on the Family.  In June, we put our profile on MIRACLES WAITING. A place where embryo recipients and donors can connect. We got an email in just 9 days from a couple who wanted us to adopt their embryos. 

We got the legal paperwork done and our embryos flown to Los Angeles, California to our clinic. Then, I began preparing my body for the transfer of our sweet adopted ones. Including, LOTS of medications, sonograms, acupuncture and MUCH MORE! I was suppose to have them transferred in August but due to a problem, I had to have surgery to remove one of my fallopian tubes & my cycle was cancelled.

On October 22, I flew with a friend from Kansas to Los Angeles and 2 of our sweet adopted ones were implanted in  my uterus and just 5 days later I learned I was pregnant! On November 16th we found out ONE LITTLE MIRACLE was alive and doing well!
On January 25th we found out we are having #8-A BABY GIRLl!!!!

On June 14, 2010 our little angel girl was born-1 month early! We are truly BLESSED!

We have seen MANY sides of adoption and God TRULY has given us the desires of our heart. To experience pregnancy is a gift we NEVER thought we would get. WELL, GOD IS GOOD and He knows MUCH MORE than we do! We give him ALL THE GLORY for all of our adopted ones!



bethroller said...

Thank you for posting this! A lot of people have asked me, and it seems even I learned something reading this! You and Nick are so wonderful (as you know :)) You too, Brookie! Love, Beth

Pixtons said...

I am a friend to Amy and Beth. I love your story and your faith. I keep tabs on you through Amy and am looking forward to reading your blog!

Erin Kelly said...

Wow, you are so phenomenal and an inspiration to mankind. I work at Childrens Mercy Hospital and see babies that are born addicted to drugs far too often. Thank God for Angels like you to give your precious innocent babies the happy life they deserve! Love ya and miss ya tons!

Mandi said...

Oh, I LOVE your story!!! It truly is inspiring and there are definite similarities between our situation and yours.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I especially enjoy meeting other bloggers who are Chrisitan foster/adoptive parents. I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you and your family better. (:

Amanda said...

What an incredible story! You have a beautiful family!! I saw that someone had linked to my page from yours and thought "Do I know this family?" After reading you post I am so glad I did. The world sure is a small place when we begin to peice it together! I am so glad I found your blog:) You have created the most incredible family with God's help. Keep up the great work of love!!


Tamara said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I was very moved after reading your story. My husband and I started the process of pursuing adoption through the state earlier this year, but I got scared! We believe we are called to adopt, but the process seemed overwhelming. I know that God is bigger than our fears, and have been seeking Him to calm my fears and to give me courage. Your story has encouraged me very much.

Thank you for sharing!

Vickie said...


Amy said...

What an amazing story!

Can't wait to read up on your all's story as we wait to start taking in foster kids of our own.

Jessie said...

Hi, I too live in Kansas. I have one son through private adoption but I'm thinking about pursuing a foster to adopt. Would you mind sharing what foster agency you used.

Midwest Mommy said...

Wow! You are amazing!

Joy Portis said...

What a beautiful testimony! Can't wait to follow along!

Bobbie-Jo said...

I found your blog through google and your adoption story gave me quite a lift! Thanks for sharing it so openly. God is certainly gracious.

We also had a population explosion at our house. Three boys joined us in two months time 2 1/2 years ago. While there have been tough times, I would never go back!

Jess said...

I love your story! Thank you for sharing ALL of this!!
Your children are beautiful!!

Flamingo Mama said...

i love your story! how inspiring!!

Tessa said...


There are so many things about your adoption story that touched my heart and sounded familiar!

My husband and I are in the process of adopting from the foster care system. We have one bio child who is almost 9 years old, and we started the adoption process last fall after trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years. We also have been told that we probably will not be able to adopt a child under 5 years old - so your story is so inspiring to me! I would love to have more than 2 kids, so again ... your story amazes me! The possibilities are endless! I am so excited to see who God is going to bring into our family!

Kim said...

What a beautiful family! And what a blessing to find your blog and read about the fullness of God's plan for adoption in your life and the lives of your children. With bio and adoptive children, your perspective as an adoptive child and adoptive parent is invaluable. Look forward to following along and getting to know you better!

Rob and Morgan said...

You know, going through this process I just know we will end up with a drug exposed baby and it scares me so much. But I loved reading your story and it just goes to show that it can be done. Your family is awesome and I can't wait for ours to grow!

Nana's Little Shop said...

Hi there...your story is such an inspiration to me...being adopted myself, I feel very blessed with the parents that I have (both of them had passed) and the rest of the family around me.Married for 9 years and struggling with infertility due to my husband low sperm,the only chance for us to have our own baby is through ICSI. Currently,our first miracle - I have a 6 years old boy (adopted when he's one day old) and truly a blessed for us. Now, I am planning to have ICSI done in June for our second miracle...and at the same time there's also a baby girl coming for adoption end of may...would need your advise, should I adopt the baby girl? I need the strength from you as well to go through this...hope you can give me some advise...anyways, your story is an inspiration to me!!! Thanks :)

Acceptance with Joy said...

Can you tell me more about your experience with drug exposed children? We are in the process of getting paperwork done for adoption in the US. There is so much I don't know. I have some fear, but mostly I am impatient with the process.

Jen S. said...

You are a true inspiration and you have hearts of gold. I loved reading about how your children came to you... what a wonderful, awesome story.
Thank you for sharing :)

Kim said...

I love love love your story!! I am the mom to 7 kids, 2 of them step, 2 bio and 3 adopted.

My 3 were my first three children, adopted during my first marriage. All of them came from the foster care system. We got the *no babies* line too. My eldest was 18 months when I adopted him. (he has 10 siblings and we're in contact with all but 3 now). My daughter was 7 months when I adopted her and then we were blessed to adopt her half brother when he was 6 months old (they are 17 months apart). The eldest two were drug babies, the youngest not too bad as the birthmom was in jail for most of her pregnancy with him.

Then I got divorced, remarried, inherited my husband's 2 sons (and his grown adult daughter) and we had two birth children. I love hearing stories like yours (and mine) because God is SO GOOD!

Baby Wanted said...

I'm so glad you found my blog! Thank you for your comment and your inspirational story!

Sophie Neri said...

Wow what an amazing story. You are wonderful Christians truly walking the walk and displaying what true Christ love is about. To love unconditionally and how important it is not to judge because we are all capable of making mistakes. I always tell my kids the only thing that seperates us from people that are less fortunate or have found themselves in bad situations is the circumstances we were born into, so just be greatful to God for what you have and always help without judging. Awesome and inspiring story! God bless you

Stacie said...

Hello Keller family. Your story is absolutely amazing. I real encouragement to my husband and I. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility issues of over 3 years. We are trying to wait patiently on the Lord and trust that through our faith we will be blessed. As you know personally as faithful as you try to be grasping on to God's promises, an empty home waiting to be filled with laughing children is difficult on its best day. I was listening to your youtube video about the desperate need for adoptive families in Kansas. Especially for the children born into meth addictive environments. I was wondering if the Kansas social service system adopts children to families out of state? My husband and I live in Virginia and are very interested. If you have any contact points or suggestions for this please contact us.

Thank you so much!! Again your story and family fills my heart with Joy!!

Lauren said...

16Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story! What an inspiration and encouragement your family is! :)

May God bless,