Monday, September 1, 2008

Church Chicken BBQ

Our day started out pretty normal although since it was a holiday, we did sleep in a smidge (until 8) We did our normal "school day" minus pre-school. The 4 littles laid down like angels for their naps with the bribary of the chicken BBQ at the park later-they LOVE THE PARK! What's great is that they pretty much love going anywhere, it's pretty awesome that they still appreciate that.

We had a fine time this afternoon/evening at the church chicken BBQ at the park. Although daddy has been gone each year for this, I barrel through and always take the kids. Each year it has gotten easier and easier! This year, all 4 little ones could sit at the picnic table and eat their own food WHEW!! I have some wonderful people at church who will always sit and help me out! Brooke, her friend Bailey and I fixed all the little ones plates-once plates were delivered-they skipped all the "good 4 u food" and went straight for the cookies-DUH! But, I wasnt' about to wait in a long line again just to get those :) I let Brendan and Tori get their own plates this year, I finally feel comfortable that they won't drop them and cause a mess. (control freak:) Unfortunately, Tori made a poor choice in getting corn and potatoes only (sneaky little thing) and so I had to send her back through the line to get some fruit and a piece of chicken. I was just waiting to chomp into my piece of yummy banana cake with cream cheese frosting when baby Jett had the same idea. OH, what mother's will do for their children! Did he not realize that piece of cake was my SANITY for the day????? I gave him one little nibble and that's all it took. He knows sign language for more and can say "mo" so for the rest of my meal, I watched him sign and the only word I heard was "MO MO MO MO" until my reward to myself was eaten by my little baby boy but who could resist him?

They had a fabulous time playing at the park and all konked out after some crying, diaper changes and face washing as soon as we walked in the door. It was so much work to go and took me most of the day to pack and organize for it but it was so worth it!!! Every single one of the little ones thanked me for taking them on the way home! Their sweet appreciation and true thankfulness makes me feel even more thankful to have them all in my life.

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