Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I thought I would share with those of you who DON'T KNOW how a farm works during harvest-exactly what goes on... Until I moved to the farm 6 years ago, I was CLUELESS!

Our beans were an "early variety" so we cut/harvested them before most of our neighbors.
First, you get the combine out-(climbing in and out is 1/2 the fun!)

Then you play around while daddy gets the proper header on and gases up! Yes, Myah can drive that 4-wheeler all by herself!

Then, daddy cuts a sample....

You fill a coffee can with beans to take to the elevator for the test THEN...You load as many kids as you possibly can fit into a truck made in the 1950's (it ain't illegal to drive on country roads without seatbelt-PLUS there ain't any :) Then you head to the elevator & pray the beans are dry enough to cut. It's during this time that dad also stops at least twice during harvest on the way home from the elevator at the park in Beattie to let the kids play. It all went fairly well this year except for Brendan shutting Wyatt's hand in the truck door-thank God for Wyatt's little work gloves, I think they helped avoid a major injury!

Luckily, our beans were good so Nick continued cutting while his dad "trucked" the first day, then the next day, Nick finished up by himself! Caty and Tori wanted to take a closer look to make sure they were ready...

It was time to finish up and let the kids do their favorite thing, climb in the truck and play in the last load of this years soybeans............

NO TIME TO WASTE!! As soon as the last load emptied off the combine, daddy fills the planter/drill up with wheat seed and sows wheat into the bean ground.

Then, we pray for rain so the wheat can get a good start.
The kids love to ride in the combine & tractor with dad-Wyatt and Brendan enjoy it most. Wyatt ALWAYS gets lulled to sleep after just a little while and is really a HARDCORE farmer. He tells most people he meets nowadays that he is a farmer and can drive a combine and tractor by himself :) He is going to be a John Deere tractor for Black Squirrel Night (whole different blog-coming soon once I get costumes done)
We thank God that harvest went well without any break downs this year. We normally have at least one break down of some piece of equipment somewhere along the line that sets things behind but not this year! And I thank God for a husband who is such a hard worker and knows how to do EVERYTHING!
All the equipment will now get washed and put away until spring and we will get to listen to Wyatt ask "is it time to get the combine out yet?" for about another 8 months now!
Until next time......
PS-I failed to mention just how "unique" Wyatt was during this harvest. For those of you who know him, you know he is tractor, combine, John Deere obsessed. One morning, Nick was up & out around 6am planting the wheat. I got up around 7 and he was nowhere to be found. He had apparently heard that tractor start, got out of bed, dressed himself, took his diaper off & put on his big boy undies, put his John Deere boots on and headed out to farm. When Nick looked up after making a pass around the field-he noticed little Wyatt standing in the corner of the field at the edge waiting for dad to pick him up SO he rode with Nick for a few hours! YES this scared me to death but I guess the farm is just engrained in my boy! I knew right where to find him!

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