Sunday, November 29, 2009

Preparation for Embryo Transfer...

We planned all along on transferring our precious embryos on August 11th but God had other plans!

June 15, 2009-Matched with our 6 embryos through
Miracles Waiting.
June 16, 2009-Phone consult with new RE in Los Angeles, CA.
June 20, 2009-Donors consult with our RE
June 24, 2009-Saline ultrasound-GREAT UTERUS but 2 cysts on left ovary
July 7, 2009-started bi-weekly acupuncture
July 16, 2009-LAST BCP!!!
July 17, 2009-Meds delivered

The key to a successful frozen embryo transfer is the lining and condition of your uterus. They give you medicine to increase the thickness of your uterine lining which is a shot in the rump every few days of delestrogen. It works great!

July 21, 2009-First U/S (Ultrashound), blood work and delestrogen shot
July 28, 2009-2nd U/S looks perfect-9mm lining and trilamenar (triple stripe). POSSIBLE hydrosalpinx found. If hydrosalpinx-pregnancy decreases by 50%.
July 29, 2009-Up to .3 delestrogen injection.
August 4, 2009-U/S-hydrosalpinx increased in size. EMBRYOS SHIPPED TO LA-FEDEX!

Due to my hydrosalpinx (fluid filled fallopian tube) our cycle was cancelled and I had surgery to remove my fallopian tube. I was SO UPSET. But The Captain and I knew if we went forward, we would be putting our precious embryos at risk and lowering the chance they had of survival by 50%.

August 6, 2009-FET cycle cancelled until after surgery to remove left fallopian tube
August 10, 2009-surgery to remove "jacked up" fallopian tube.


September 6, 2009-AF (period) ARRIVES!
September 24-baseline u/s lab
September 25-last BCP-hopefully FOREVER!!!!

September 29 & October 2-.2 delestrogen injection
October 5-u/s lab 8mm lining estrogen 392
October 6 & 9- .25 delestrogen
October 12-u/s lab 9.2mm lining progesterone 0.2
October 16-repeat u/s 12mm lining progesterone 0.4
Oct0ber 13 & 16-delestrogen
October 17- add 1 cc progesterone injection, docycycline, medrol, baby aspirinOctober 18-2cc progesterone for the duration

I have been giving myself Progesterone in oil (PIO) shots DAILY in the muscle with a huge needle for 6 weeks so far (the oil is thick so I usually wear it in my bra to warm it up before hand to thin it). I have to continue until I am 10 weeks-JUST 2 weeks to go! This causes huge lumps and rashes & a VERY SORE HINEY but it is vital that my body has enough progesterone and estrogen to support the baby. Twice a week, I also give myself delestrogen injections-also in the muscle of the rump. 9 shots a week and it is SO WORTH IT! I also gave up my flavored creamer & coffee addiction and had to stop taking my allergy medicine-I've survived! The Captain joined me and gave up coffee at home too-what a guy!

I did all my monitoring, ultrasounds and bloodwork with my OB/GYN in Manhattan, KS. It is an hour drive each way. I did all my acupuncture about 30 minutes away at my chiropractors office. Getting to the actual transfer day and doing all we did to prepare was a FULL TIME JOB!! Praising God for our MIRACLE!



Hope said...

Wow! I'm so glad you documented all this so that your LO will know how much you care for them and how much you did in preparation for them!

quilt-n-mama said...

Wow!!! Oh honey, I feel for your hiney!!!! I had to do those shots as well, youch!!!!! I had knots for months but each time I see our sweet little ones, I am so thankful for them!
Praying for you guys!

Manette said...

CONGRATULATIONS... I've been waiting to say that for quite a while now. Can't wait to follow along on the rest of your journey. I'll be thinking of you during this interesting time of your life. I'm sure the rest of the crew is getting just as excited as mom and dad. I must say, though... You're far braver than I was... There's no way I could give those shots to myself. And boy do I wish I had thought of warming the progesterone up that way. What a grand idea!!!

Jen said...

Wow. I had no idea all this was involved.

Andrea said...

Goodness! Ouch! Bless you momma! These are some loved children! ;o) Prayers for continued health for both you and your new addition!

Sara said...

This is so fascinating to me. I love hearing about it from a real life person versus what I read on the internet... well I guess I am reading about this from you on the internet, but you know what I mean:) Thanks for the prayers. I will be praying that your precious little one continues growing strong and healthy:) God is knitting that sweet little one together more and more each day... How awesome!

Phoenix's Mom said...

Congratulations! You guys are so amazing! God has wonderful plans for your family. Thank you for sharing your terrific news with us!

BoufMom9 said...

This is just fascinating! I am so very excited for you! I hope and will be praying that everything goes smoothly for you after you get past all of these injections.


Jennifer Juniper said...

My goodness! You have quite an adventure ahead of you, I can't wait to follow along on your journey :)

Laurel said...

Just found your blog. Look forward to reading more. Wanted to THANK YOU for your comments last week on the post about Adoption Disruption. While the posts were intended to be supportive, they were actually very condemning for families in a disruption situation. It meant a lot to have you say that you believe it CAN be in God's will for one family to bring a child home, and another family to become the forever family.


one hurting mama in the process of a disruption

John Deere Mom said...

Wow, that is amazing. This baby is one lucky little one...all the way around. Good luck for the last two weeks of hiney shots!

The McIntyre Family said...

Again congratulations on your miracle and thanks for sharing your blessing! We tried for 4 years with a lot of heartache and we were finally blessed with our daughter almost 3 years ago. Also, I left your blog an award! Congrats!