Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5...How time FLIES!

For her 5th birthday, MyMy requested 2 things
We set off EARLY last Saturday. The Captain and the other 5 littles stayed at my parents while MyMy and I went to the big city & hit the mall..
OH HOW I MISS IT living in the sticks...

She picked out several dresses & skirts and got hungry.

It was FREEZING outside so we went to the first restaurant we spotted-she had never been before.

She is SO GRATEFUL & has the KINDEST spirit!
She wanted broccoli cheese soup & a strawberry smoothie at Panera.
She ranted the enitre time about HOW WONDERFUL everything was.

The manager must have noticed her ADORABLENESS & offered her this pink heart cookie for her birthday treat-it was DIVINE, she shared with mommy!

After heading back to my parents & trying on all those new clothes, it was time to head to the carousel for her party!

The 6 littles and even some of the big peeps colored various carousel pictures.

Then came the entrance of WyWy's hero, Our SIL home from Iraq.
I think WyWy surprised him by clinging to his legs for quite some time.
My My designed her own DQ cake, I would have thought some type of princess or something but this is what she picked out-wording and ALL!

2 of her friends from home were able to make her party since they were nearby visiting family for the weekend-WONDERFUL!
EVERYONE enjoyed riding the carousel from young to old....

Happy 5th Birthday to our little MIGHTY MOUSE!
We thank God so much for delivering you to our home to love!
Take a minute.. 


TheHappyNeills said...


Renata said...

Happy Birthday to your precious daughter! I think her birthday ideas sound very neat! Glad you all had a wonderful day! Beautiful cake

Angela said...

WHAAAAAA! What a beautiful story! So glad she is in your arms to love forever! And her in return.. to love on you! Happy Birthday!

Andrea said...

Beautiful sweet girl!!! Happy Birthday. :o)

Sophie said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. How special it is to spend that time alone with her. Your adoption story is very inspiring.

MyLinda said...

What a precious little girl and a wonderful birthday celebration!

Tony and Rett said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl!

I went back and read her makes my heart thump! We're licensed foster parents waiting on our first kiddo (pre-adoptive home). I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever happen?!?!

Oh, let our story be as sweet as yours!

Hilary said...

How cute!! Happy 5th Birthday sweetheart!!!! :)

Cheryl said...

Happy 5th Birthday MyMy! Sounds like you all had an awesome day. I'm offended you didn't get your DQ cake decorated by ME! (just kidding) was pretty! :o)

John Deere Mom said...

Wow! What an awesome birthday. She is so adorable...and looks so wise beyond her 5 years!

Marsha said...

HI there! A dear friend sent me a link to your blog. She tells me I will be blessed by reading your experiences and it seems we share some. I, too, have embarked on the journey of adoption and to chronicle our adventure, I just started blogging too! We just adopted a sib set from the foster system (both drug exposed.) I'm looking forward to getting to know you via your blog. Thanks for sharing your story!