Monday, February 15, 2010

Embryo Adoption Twins-My friend JEN!

Here is my friend JEN, her hubby and their 5 adopted children.

On January 7th, Jen called to tell me her water broke!
I was SO excited for her!
She has helped walk me through EVERY STEP of our embryo adoption.

On January 8th, her twin girls, Sarah Estelle and Anna Isabelle came into the world.
These two angels were also adopted by Jen & her hubby but as frozen embryos.
Can you imagine wanting to donate these little lives for research????
Can you imagine someone NOT thinking these are lives??

Their embryo adoption story was featured in the Saint Louis Post Dispatch yesterday.

Take a moment and

Here are all 7 of her sweet ones!


Andrea said...

Beautiful! Oh so very sweet! What a gift, sure sheds light on an area of adoption that before reading your blog I hadn't ever known exsisted.
Still praying for you!

Renata said...

This is so beautiful - I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing her story & also your story.
God bless you
Renata :)

Kelly said...

Wow! So precious. What a beautiful family.

I left you some sunshine on my blog. I really enjoy your blog. Come over a get your piece of sunshine. :)

Jen said...

Beautifully done!!! You amaze me!!!!

I would like to invite all of your readers to follow my blog:


lolly said...

Thank you so much, what a lovely lovely story!

Cheryl said...

I follow Jen's blog also...I was so excited for her when she announced that her water broke! The girls are so adorable! I wish I'd known about embryo adoption 7 or 8 years ago...unfortunately, we are done...I couldn't talk Vern into having another baby (and I'm o.k. with that, I'm at that point in my life also, but I did ask...LOL) :o)

Shawnee said...

Such a beautiful story!!