Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ATTN: Baby Wearing MAMAS!

I just ordered this sling for our new baby girl from Rockin' Baby Slings
I figure with homeschooling and chasing the 6 littles around, carrying the 7th little to keep my hands free was a GREAT option. It even has a little pocket that I can keep an extra pop and Reese's in if need be.

For all of you baby wearing mamas out there, what is your favorite sling or pouch & why?

Her name is officially "NINEYA" (named by Bit But) until she gets her official name. The 6 littles are RELENTLESS at begging us to tell them the name-we gotta have SOMETHING be a secret. SO, until delivery...Nineya it is!!

I am now on 3 BP pills a day as my blood pressure gave me some trouble on Sunday. I also got my test results back and still have proteinuria. Praying for no pre-eclampsia ESPECIALLY after seeing the Duggars Special Delivery on Sunday night.



His Hands His Feet Today said...

Oh my gosh... you gotta watch this! LOL!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the sling!

Praying it all goes safely for you!!

Carrie said...

You should let them know that I sent you! I love those ladies! :-D

SOO glad that you found one that you like!

(Can't wait to see the new baby in it!)

justme27 said...

Lovely sling. :)

I found the sling to be more of an introduction to babywearing...

Wraps seem to distribute the weight of a larger baby (2 months or so) evenly over both shoulders. But best of luck with the sling and you can always try out a wrap by getting 5 yards of cotton crinkle gauze from the fabric store and using that!

Adeye said...

I am going to buy two of those slings--I think it is the only way I am going to manage getting my two girls home on my own...yikes.

Take good care of yourself, friend. Rest!!!

Yeah, right :)

Dawn and Dale said...

I stumbled across your blog today and just had to stop in to comment! You know you've found a GREAT blog when you've read the whole thing in one day!! lol

Your family is beautiful and amazing! Thank you for sharing your story! We have 4 bio boys and just adopted two times from the BC Ministry (British Columbia's government kids in Canada here)in the last two years. Our girls were both prenatally exposed with drugs and alcohol as well and have changed our lives in such an amazing way! We are so thankful to God for the road he's led us on!! We can't wait to see what is next! Our blog is private because of one of our girls birthparents but I could send you a blog invite if you'd like.

P.S. I LOVE your home!!! It's so beautiful!! We are hoping to build someday a house that would suit our growing family better. I called hubby in to see your open kitchen, living room, dining room space!! Beautiful! Your island is awesome!!
A dream island indeed for me! :o)

Tracy Waring said...

I love the sling. I wore my babies all the time and even used a backpack when they were older. My hair always had baby spit in it but I loved the bonding that came along with wearing my babies. Oh... and we should talk. If you seriously want a doula aren’t you just a few hours or so away? Call me.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Jenn - my favorite sling that I used the LONGEST with the last three was from Baby Hawk. I did NOT want anything dangling down and being in my way or easy for the other kids to grab - or catch on fire while cooking. LOL!

You can carry and infant up to a toddler of 35 pounds. It is the ONLY one that did not hurt my shoulders or back. And they are TOTALLY cool patterns and materials. I got tons of compliments on it whenever I would go out.

Check them out.

Praying that your BP stays in check. Make sure you are eating and drinking lots of GREENS. And be sure to get in the right kind of healthy salts.

Hugs and love - I'll check in on you when I get home from ET!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I loved using a sling with my babies, you will too! I just watched your video, I knew your story already, but this really puts faces to all the stories. You are an angel for sure!

quilt-n-mama said...

I love the sling choice! I have been a baby wearing mama with all our kids, for my two bio kids, they were both NICU babies and needed the extra snuggling and comfort once they finally came home. I also loved having snuggled up and could get things done still.

We also have used a carrier of some type with each of our children who have been adopted. With one, I used the sling for a bit but they were both toddlers so I moved to other options... with Nate, a "Scootababy" and I love it- in fact we still use it sometimes. With Abigayl, a "Leanne hiphugger" that I borrowed from a friend, I loved it too!

We will keep praying for you BP and for your little one (all your little ones through this:) What a little blessing this sweet girl will be!


Tam said...

That is a great sling. I had a sling but I do not remember the name. I did order it off the interent. Then after the sling I used my bjorn which I loved loved.

I watched the Duggars delivery...I cried!

Will be praying for YOU to keep that bp down!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

No babies to carry around, but I LOVE the sling. ;o) And the 'official' name. :o) So cute. You are in my prayers.

BeeBelle said...

I used a Maya Wrap on my youngest, who arrived at 4 months old. We used it until he was 2 years old! It was fantastic. I have heard from other folks who couldn't figure it out in 2 minutes and gave up - don't do that! It's incredibly easy with just a little practice. Practice now with a baby doll!

Jamie said...

I'm using a HugAMonkey sling with my 7 month old right now and it is awesome! No confusing instructions or buckles or ties or anything. Just slip it over your shoulder and pop in your monkey! Couldn't be easier, and she just loves it when she's fussy or needing cuddled. I do too, cuz then I can still be hands free and roam around the house with her and my 2.5 year old.

Pam, mom, honey, said...

after having a preemie and having my water break at 26 weeks i cried through the whole show

Our Journey said...

My favorite is the "sleepy wear" wrap! There are no pressure points and it can be worn front, back or side! It can also be used with a child who is a preemie to 40pounds I think! It's very comfortable and although it takes a bit of getting used to when putting it on, once you get used to it it's no problem!

Ariane said...

I used the Moby wrap and loved it. I can still use it now (20 months) to help with the hip hold and on my back. It is very versatile and comfortable. I plan on putting the next one in on day one!