Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Week!

We started this AGAIN this week!

He is 3 years 2 months you know,


It takes TONS of work to get him in "the position."

A sticker placed on each of the 20 X's=entire family to see the BIG MOUSE.

I can't believe I have stooped to CHUCKEE CHEESE bribery for this potty training episode..
He did GREAT!!!

ONE TIME...since then NADA!

What more does he need?
2 big sisters & a big brother who all wear big undies.
THEY want to go to CC so THEY are giving him TONS
of encouragement-imagine that!

We had our FIRST spring day on Thursday-70 DEGREES!
Here are some of the kids in our homeschool group,
You know, the homeschool group where them there YUNG UNS

Then last night, the snow began-I CANNOT STAND WINTER.
Hopefully this was our LAST SNOW of the season.
I was DEFINITELY born to live in FLORIDA!

I am 24 weeks pregnant TODAY!
It is going WAY TOO FAST!
16 weeks or less to delivery.

I have been seeing some specialists and for now am doing okay.
They are watching me CLOSELY for pre-eclampsia.
I have a bunch of testing starting tomorrow and should know if I am getting
closer to PRE-E by the middle of this week.

I see my doctor Monday & will know more then.

Until then, here's my latest craving (at least for the last 3 days).
Yes people this is just my lunch, not The Captains.

Cheesburger with miracle whip, onions, bread/butter pickles,
jalepenos, ketchup and mustard and toasted buns!

I figure this is my ONE AND ONLY chance to eat what I want, when I want..
Go for it right?

Thank the good Lord we have 1/2 a cow in the freezer.
Big Mama may single handedly finish her off before baby Nineya arrives!
AHHHH! Pregnancy ROCKS!


jodilee0123 said...

70 degrees? That's not spring, that's summer! :0) Looking good over yonder in your quiver!

Shonni said...

For me it was nursing...I could eat almost anything I wanted and not pay the price for it...Ahhh, not anymore.

Sara said...

Love the tummy... can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl:)
The snow is falling here too... can't wait for the 60's this next week:)

Cheryl said...

It took Josh till he was almost 4 to be completely potty trained...I almost miss the days of diapers though...cuz now he pees all over the floor because he waits so darn long to go and then can't get his pants down fast enough, so it goes ALL over....NOT FUN TO CLEAN UP...LOL...I am soooo ready for spring too...luckily we only got a couple inches of snow this round and it's mostly gone already (thank goodness!) Bring on the 60, 70 and 80 degree weather!!! Can't wait to meet your baby girl! We'll have to plan a visit so I can get me some baby love...LOL

Adeye said...

You are toooo funny :)

You and me both girl--maybe we should become neighbors in FL?????

70 degrees is not bad though. We have barely even hit 50 yet. Today was 27 :( FL is sounding mighty fine!!!

You look absolutely fabulous, by the way :)

trooppetrie said...

we stooped to chuckie cheese this time around too. so funnny. anything that works.

Tracy Waring said...

Way too funny about your lunch. Everything in me as a diabetic wants to scream...NO!!!! STEP AWAY FROM THE CHEESEBERGER!!! lol You're right, pregnancy does rock! Enjoy every moment :))

MyLinda said...

I'm with ya on the winter thing!! We were at the park in shorts on Thursday and then by Friday evening we were bundled up like eskimos! Good luck on the potty training, my least favorite thing. Praying for good test results...and I say heck yeah eat what you want while you can :)

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

HEY!! I'm missing you around here. You look fabulous- lovin' watching that sweet baby grow and can't wait to see her snuggled in your arms. Take care of yourself (and eat a couple of those yummy burgers for me!).
Cheering on the potty training!!!
In Him,

quilt-n-mama said...

Our weather has been nuts too... yesterday running in shorts, today we've had rain/snow:( I love winter but boy am I ready for spring now!

Nater bug is working on potty training too... thank goodness, I think we are almost there... I'm not sure what I'll do when I don't have to buy diapers! Atleast for a little while... ;-)