Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drugs & Peer Pressure...

DRUGS-This picture pretty much sums up our last 7 days.....
ALL 4 littlests have been on breathing treatments, cough medicine and ibuprofen
for the last several days 
The 3 littlest have all been on
antibiotics for the last several days

Today My My also started antibiotics for an ear infection that snuck in to the mix.
Getting them all medicated and keeping the vaporizer full is a FULL TIME JOB!

I LOVE the way they are rooting her on to not be afraid to take her medicine.
I LOVE that they came up right beside her to give her instruction & encourage her.
SHE WAS NOT falling prey to peer pressure and drugs. 

It took a couple hours of her holding both the antibiotic and cough medicine
in her little medicine syringes
and she Was NOT happy to finally swallow it, but she did.
SO THANKFUL for medicine & doctors so my kids can get better!



Michelle said...

Hope your kiddos get well soon! This winter has been a tough year for us for illnesses too.

I just watched your adoption video and wow, what a great story.

I hope to adopt someday, possibly from foster care but we will see what God has planned for our family!

Adeye said...

Poor sweethearts. Hope they feel better really soon.

No fun at all :(

Kim said...

Ok you totally got me with this post title! Too funny!

Hope everyone is feeling better really really soon!

Andrea said...

:o( Sweet kids... hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Ana-Lou said...

I have been praying for you and your kiddos~~~

Thank you for your prayers: Baby "Faith Harlie Isabella went home with Jesus Tues night by the Lords' hand."

I Love your sweet sweet heart and babies & girl baby in the womb!

Christina said...

Oh no...I hope everyone feels better soon!

Threefold Blessings :) said...

Your poor babies :( Hope everyone is on the mend!

Tam said...

That looks like my counter. Both my kiddos are sick here. Hope you guys get better soon.