Saturday, March 19, 2011

YOU GROW GIRL! 8 & 9 Months!

Here's our little princess at 8 months old.
Mommy is a bit behind..

You have 2 teeth at 8 months old
Still in size small FUZZIBUNZ
Size 6-9 month or 9 month clothes
You DO NOT like baby food any longer
YOU ONLY WANT food you can pick up and feed yourself!
You are STILL waking up once in the night-give Mama a BREAK would ya?
You take 2 naps a day for about one hour each.

You can walk behind your walker and take it EVERYWHERE!

You stand up on EVERYTHING!
You DO NOT LIKE to be strapped in or confined to ANYTHING including your car seat, stroller, swing, exersaucer etc...

9 Months...

You got your 3rd tooth (a fang) in Indiana while visiting my sister.
You LOVE baby puffs and puffcorn.
You are still in size small FUZZIBUNZ.
9 month clothes
You sleep through the night OCCASIONALLY. Mommy can't wait til this becomes a habit!!
YOU LOVE MEN!..Women...not so much..
You LOVE those nasty little chicken sticks that STINK.
You have MAJOR stranger anxiety!
You like to put EVERYTHING in your mouth!
You can get ANYWHERE you want to go and FAST!!
You can stand on your own for a few seconds!
EVERY brother and sister STILL adores you and fights over you!
Tori is your favorite!

You are a true joy, the light of our lives!



Elizabeth (and Dan) said...

What a beauty and blessing! I love your idea of a monthly update. That would make a really neat scrapbook for Blakely one day!

Ana-Lou said...

tj\his is so sweet Jen!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet pea!!! So cute!!!

Mama in Uganda said...

She is absolutely edible.

What a precious gift.

Thanks for sharing.


Twinside Out said...

Such a cutie! :)

rockstar said...


rockstar said...

Beautiful!!! And my little sassy girl likes things like stinky chicken sticks too! LOL

bella said...

She is absolutely beautiful and always looks so happy! You are blessed.

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

You forgot to mention she visited Auntie Jen and Uncle Pat held her as well!!! WE LOVE YOU BABY BAKERS!!!

Renata said...

She is so beautiful! And growing up very quickly too! Enjoy this time!
Have a wonderful day

Kathleen said...

Love that little girl with spunk! :) Can't believe that she is walking around - and 9 months old!!

gretchen said...

I've decided to quit stalking you and come and out say HI! You have an amazing family and I love following your blog. You are such an inspiration. We are in the process of adoption and I have loved being motivated by your words.

quilt-n-mama said...

she's adorable! what a blessing from the Lord!

Jess said...

She has grown so much !!! For some reason I don't get your updates in my feed so I missed this. Too, too cute!