Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Girls Day Hair Makeover!

As a Busy, Homeschooling, RV Traveling Mompreneur, I tend to let my personal upkeep get behind!! Anyone else like that?? It had been SIX MONTHS since me or the girls had our hair cut (Me, Colored)! The chlorine REALLY did a big number on our hair when we were in FL! Well, Today was the BIG DAY! HA HA FOUR HOURS at the hair salon and we all got freshened up!

Aren't the girls SO CUTE? MyMy has a SUPER tender head and she wanted short with some whispy bangs! SHE GOT IT!! SO SO CUTE!! Caty has been HOOKED on putting curlers in her hair so she just got a trim along with Baby B!

As for T and I, We BOTH got about 5 inches taken off!! 
I had been WANTING THIS HAIR COLOR and talking to my hair girl Lacey about it for over A YEAR!!! FINALLY went for it. I KNOW, I KNOW, Ombre is probably "OUT" but I LOVE my new hair color!!!! It is SO FUN!! The Captain LOVES IT TOO :) T's hair is SO MUCH EASIER to handle now also!! We are 5 happy girls tonight!

Since we are talking about MY GIRLS and HAIR.........
Here is a pic of THE OLDEST!! She and her hubby are FULL TIME With IT WORKS and I LOVE that our Glambaby has both Mommy and Daddy Home full time!! It's such a blessing as a Mom to know that Evaley doesn't have to go to daycare.

ANYWHO, This is our oldest after just TWO WEEKS on our HOT NEW PRODUCT, HAIR SKIN & NAILS! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!!  Her results are AMAZING!! 

It Works on ALL KINDS OF HAIR!! Here is my friend Lydia after just ONE WEEK!!

I will report back soon! I am meeting a friend from High School tomorrow in KC to Wrap on my way to the airport! Then I'm Heading to Chicago to TRAIN a few hundred AMAZING distributors as well as my Birth Sister Aprils Team and WRAP some people! Let me know if YOU are in CHICAGO!! I would LOVE to connect with you and get his CRAZY WRAP ON YOU!!!!! Text me 785-562-7651~ I'll be there Tomorrow Evening through Sunday!!!!



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