Monday, March 17, 2014

CHICAGO!! Getting Comfortable being Uncomfortable!

I had to head out to Chicago for a few days to do some training with my team! 
On the way out of town, I stopped by and saw an old friend from grade school that reached out to me about THESE CRAZY WRAPS and our Hair Skin and Nails!! I told her I would be close to Kansas City the next day and would stop by so she could wrap!!! We LAUGHED AND LAUGHED!! It was SO FUN to get caught up and share the products with her!!! We had SO MUCH FUN, I almost missed my flight!

I landed in Chicago at 6:30pm Thursday and my WONDERFUL sister picked me up!
For those of you who don't know, we were separated at birth. I was adopted out to a wonderful family after spending several months as a newborn in foster care. My Mom and Dad ended up getting married RIGHT after I was born and got pregnant right away with my sister. After my sister they had my brother. When I was 25, My brother found me and I was shocked not only to find out I had full sister, brother and also 2 half-sisters but the most surprising part is I AM HALF MEXICAN.. AND THEN THE SHOCKER.... My Birthmom and My Real Mom have THE SAME FIRST NAME!!! 

My sister and I are SUPER CLOSE!! She is also in my business with me so that means we get to see each other EVEN MORE!!!!! We stayed up late talking and ate some Chicago Pizza! YUM!

We started the next day with a wrap party in downtown Chicago!! We met and wrapped some WONDERFUL LADIES during their lunch break!!

We signed TWO new team members and 3 new customers!!

We rushed back to her house and had training with some other team mates and went out for dinner and stayed up late chatting again :)

The next morning was a BIG TRAINING with 300 of our closest It Works Family Members.
When you get to a certain level in the company, You start holding your own training events a few times a year!!!!! This was TOTALLY AND 100% OUT of my comfort zone.

Here is the ENTIRE GROUP after the Training!

WE have SO.Much.FUN!

Never in a ZILLION years would I have believed 2 years ago that I would be speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people training them on things like leadership and how to build businesses and be MOMPRENEURS.

Isn't God just AMAZING?? He brings us to things we think we will never do and gives us a passion to get through them. I wasn't nervous AT ALL once I got up there!!! I am SO PASSIONATE about this business and have seen SO MANY LIVES CHANGE both physically and financially that It brings tears to my eyes.

So, If you are out there and you are at a standstill with something in your life, think about STEPPING OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE to push through it!! If you do something you thought you would never do, something will happen that you thought would never happen!! Pray for got to lead you to it and HE will lead you through it!! YOU are made for BIG THINGS!!


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