Sunday, March 23, 2014

A FAMILY AFFAIR! Camp Out, Camp In

I had never heard of the American Heritage Girls or Trail Life USA until a couple of months ago. WOW is it a NEAT PROGRAM!! It's VERY SIMILAR to Boyscouts and Girlscouts but it is based around the love for GOD, service to country and community! Our kids loved it the first week! THE BEST PART about it is that ALL our kids but Blake can do it!! And she can start when she is 5. It goes from 5 years old, ALL the way through high school. FINALLY something we believe in that our kiddos can do all together!

We never do baseball, or any other sports really. With 7 kids and only 2 the same age, we would be RUNNING RAGGED and I would be a GRUMPY MOMMY. I just don't want to be one of those people that is SO BUSY running kids around and none of us is enjoying it. 

On Friday afternoon, the older boys hiked 8 miles to the campsite. And they weren't just hiking on the highway, they were hiking cross country. It was about 60 degrees that day but really windy. Brendan headed off with his pack & sleeping bag with 6 other boys.

Saturday, Tori, Wyatt and Jett joined them along with about 30+ people

They learned how to tie knots...

Start a fire several different ways...

Cook over a campfire (I'm told they had 5 different kinds of cobbler that were DIVINE)..

There was even a BIGFOOT SIGHTING!!! And a midnight hike!  They had a great time! It got down to 13 degrees by this morning when they had the long 7 mile hike home.  The little boys came home last night but T and Brendan both stayed all night and  hiked home. T said it ALMOST killed her! HA HA

They woke up to Bacon sizzling and Breakfast Burritos cooking! They had a church service that the kids both loved. It took them a little over 4 hours to hike back. WOW!! I'm SO PROUD of both of them!! THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF WE WANT OUT KIDS LEARNING!! GOOD, CLEAN FUN with Christ at the center and No technology to be found! I'm so thankful for this opportunity for all of our kids. The leaders are so awesome to invest in our kids. The little ones want to stay next time so The Captain will probably stay with them. Wonder if they would mind if I brought the RV OUT??? LOL  Here they are making the final trek back into town!!

MEANWHILE, back at the farm.... We had our own lil Camp "IN".
I was super impressed with myself and the girls ability to set up the tent. 
(Notice the Campfire in the background)

We cooked our weenies over the fire. We ate on the cowhide rug.

We played UNO, Headbands and Made our own homemade playdoh.

A GOOD time was had by all!! For the record, we didn't make it all night in the tent, not even in the living room. They begged me to tell the scary story of THE BLACK HAND and all got Scared so they ended up sleeping in our room!! HA HA 

LOVE these precious memories made with our kids!! THEY GROW UP TOO FAST!


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