Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend to Remember!!

That's my word for this past weekend.

I had always wanted to attend A WEEKEND TO REMEMBER Marriage seminar. A lot of my friends had been to them and RAVED about them. So about a week before it was in Kansas City, I googled it. and BOOM, it was to be in KC the next weekend!! I called Grandma and Papa to see if they could keep the tribe and they had NOTHING PLANNED!! What a blessing! So, I bought the tickets, booked the hotel and then told The Captain we were going! HA HA He's such a good sport! He will do anything for me! LOVE THAT MAN!! We got all the kiddies settled in at my parents and headed out!! I LOVE THIS PIC!!

I didn't really know what to expect but the weekend was FULL of us talking ONE ON ONE with NO interruptions about a TON of stuff we had wanted to talk about but never had time!! 

We learned how to fight healthier, be more patient with our kids and SO MUCH MORE!! We learned that despite the fact that our kids say "EW" they love it when we hug and kiss in front of them so the affection level is NOW ON STEROIDS!!

We ate LOTS of good food. Kansas City BBQ is THE BEST!

Every Meal was a date but on this night we ate Fondue at THE MELTING POT!! 

The Chocolate Fondue was the best!!! 
The Meat, not so much..


We wrote LOVE LETTERS to each other and RENEWED OUR VOWS!

They encouraged us to say them again in front of our family when we got home and let the kids sign our Marriage Covenant and witness it! 

SO, I'm planning a little wedding.
The kids are SO EXCITED!! They are ALL IN IT HA HA 

It was WONDERFUL to get home to our kids REFRESHED, RENEWED, ROMANCIFIED and REDEDICATED to each other and them as Better Parents. We are SO IN LOVE and I love that. The Captain is GOD's GIFT to me and I am forever grateful.

If I'm around, Blake can't fall asleep without her hands in my hair.
It's the sweetest thing ever.. EVER!

Bottom line, you need this. Whether you've been married a month or 50+ years, there is one in your neighborhood. GET THERE!!! You can even gift them as wedding gifts or send your pastor or someone in the military for free :)

TRULY a Weekend to Remember!


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