Tuesday, January 7, 2014

School From the RV!!

Our first day of school in the RV went extremely WELL! I always start with Blakely and get her preschool done first! She is EXCITED EVERY DAY to do school and is equally upset EVERY DAY when we are done!! She ALWAYS wants to do more! Once she finishes, she watches an educational DVD! She LOVES The Letter Factory!!

Then I move on to Caty and Myah while Brendan and Tori work independently unless they have questions! 

Meanwhile, The Captain is schooling Wyatt and Jett! It has worked out very well to separate the 2 second grade boys from Caty who is also in second grade. She was whizzing past them. This is a GOOD FIT FOR US and we are BEYOND BLESSED to have The Cap to be a full time homeschooling Daddy!

The Captain and I are still working out DAILY!!! We are on our 10th week of working out!! We also try to eat clean and healthy as much as we can!! I LOVE grilled food and we have had A LOT of that here! So YUMMY! 

We still get deliveries here!! All our mail has been forwarded! I had to share this picture of our UPS GUY!! CHECK OUT HIS WHEELS!!! I love it! 

After school is over, we LOVE to head to the pool! This motivates the kids to WORK! HA HA!! We also love riding our bikes, taking walks, fishing, jumping on the big bouncy pillow and SO MUCH MORE! Tori starts sewing lessons This coming Thursday. I am doing ZUMBA, BUNCO and joined a Bible Study! We are BUSY BUSY!! 

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