Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years Day and How We ROLL!

I'm not doing well keeping up am I? LOL

Today is considered "dangerously cold" here in FL with a high of 53! HA HA I'll be the folks back home are laughing just like me! The true Floridians don't even want to go outside!

We are on 172 ACRES and 26 miles of paved roads here at Sun N Fun RV Resort. THIS PLACE IS MASSIVE!! And we don't want to drive our car everywhere like quick trips to the pool, playground, laundry or other things so we have a golf cart for the time we are here!! It is AWESOME!!! We all fit perfectly!!!! This is how we ROLL!!

OF COURSE we advertise as we cruise around!! There are 6,000 people here in the resort!! It's like a mini city in here!!! We'd be driving a LONG TIME on this back home to get anywhere!!

 We spent New Years Day SWIMMING!!!! The kids had a BLAST!!!! We are so Blessed to be where we started the new year WARM

This is our camp set up at night!! Just to give you the idea of how it looks!!! We are having SO MUCH FUN!!!

We were able to TAME the lights down with a dimmer switch and they look AWESOME NOW!

We've met LOTS of friends and are BUSY BUSY with activities!!!
We feel humbled and blessed to be here~!


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