Friday, September 30, 2011


I would KISS YOU if you could tell me IF THIS IS EVEN POSSIBLE?????

Cause I'm finding out taking 9 people

I used to have a blog reader STACEY H-mom to Bennett and Avery that told me how once but I can't find her blog any more.

ANY ideas or links or suggestions would be awesome.

We already have our RV reservations at Fort Wilderness RESORT. This place looks awesome in itself at over 750 acres with LOADS TO DO!
Thats bigger than our farm PEOPLE!



Crystalyn said...

I looked and looked for ways to get tickets cheap when I took Nattalle last year but NADA. If you're a Florida resident you can get them cheap but you have to prove residency so my Mom couldn't even help. You can get free tickets if you want to attend a "short presentation". Nope! The package deal including meals worked best for us but since you have an RV you wouldn't need it. Good luck and get tracking devices for all the children. Lol.

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

Sorry, I got busy IRL and forgot to send- check out awesome!!!! You owe me a phone call, Sweetie!!! Love ya!!!

Renata said...

I hope you do find a way ~ I think disney world sounds awesome. We have nothing to compare over here, but we are taking out kids to dreamworld at Christmas ~ you've reminded me I should look into a way to get tickets cheaper.
Have a wonderful day