Monday, November 17, 2008

Out of the Mouth of my BABE.....

I had to quickly share in a "special moment" today at our lunch table. It was Wyatt's prayer that touched Nick and I immensely. As a newly turned 3 year old it is amazing to us to see God's work in his life and sweet little heart.

"Dear Jesus, Help me be a big boy, help all the kids who don't have homes, help Brooke at boot camp (she's been back since August LOL) and thank you God that we have a house full of kids." AMEN
That little man said it all.....for all of us!


Mandi said...

How sweet! Sounds like you're raising quite a little man!

Stacey said...

hi there, how was your cruise? if you get a minute to check out my post from today, i could REALLY use your advice.... :)