Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Crystal Angel!


I have been friends with Crystal for over 10 years. She is my sister in life and in Christ. We worked together in a Cancer Center several years before our family moved to the farm. She knew me when I had one child and supported and loved me through each decision to adopt every child.

Although we are separated physically by many miles (5 hour drive), she, like Christ has ALWAYS stuck with me "closer than a brother." She was there at my wedding AND at the birth of every child and endured sleepless nights with 3 newborns in our then 900 square foot house. Crystal lost the love of her life in July of 2005. I was blessed to be able to help Crystal out during some of John's final days when she was physically and emotionally exhausted & he could no longer care for his daily needs. Crystal is SUCH a wonderful friend, nurse, mother, grandmother and child of God. We have endured marriages, births, deaths, teenage daughter rebellion and much more together. God ALWYAS Sends my Crystal Angel JUST WHEN I NEED HER!

Crystal had some time off while transitioning jobs and decided to make the trek to the farm yesterday-I WAS SO EXCITED! WHY YOU ASK? The reason is I am like 12 miles from ANYTHING and when the Captain is away at work I spend 2 weeks each month (every other week) ALONE-held captive by my children. She could go anywhere and see anyone but I am still important to her, she knows I get lonely and SHE DOESN'T HEAR ME when I talk-SHE LISTENS.
So today I am thankful to God for GOOD FRIENDS, REAL FRIENDS, laughter and The Wine and "WOODY'S" Ribs (where THE SAUCE is THE BOSS) and seasalt body scrub I was surprised with last night & for MY CRYSTALYN Thinking I am important enough to hang out with despite 6 screaming rugrats!


Jill said...

Oh I'm so excited for you! There is nothing like the gift of friendship that is tried and true!

Enjoy every minute together!

Hugs and love,

THE Stephanie said...

Thank the Lord for GREAT friends!!

I'm loving your blog!! I can't wait to see what Staci comes up with!! :)

(This is Steph, BTW, from Blogalicious Designs)

Jen said...

that is so special that you have a friend like that. God blessed you so richly.

Mandi said...

It's so wonderful that the Lord gives us friends like that! I'm so glad the two of you got to spend some time together.

Amy said...

Everyone should have a Crystal ;). Good friends are hard to come by and should be cherished!!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

YIPEE - and I love your cross shirt - where did you get that?