Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa ON A DIME!

I am VERY PROUD of my shopping habits. Some would say I'm cheap I would say frugal-yet super FUN! ( I learned this from my mother-she ALWAYS encouraged me to save a dime and shop clearance racks-thanks mom!) Shopping for a family of 9 for Christmas can be expensive and stressful. I did all my shopping starting in November RIGHT after the Halloween costumes go on clearance. I bought 3 costumes for $9 (70%off) and they were a HUGE HIT! We got Snow White, A Transformer (no, I don't know what this is but knew Wyatt would like it) and A Fireman-Brendans future career so he says!
All 4 kids that didn't have sleeping bags got sleeping bags $8 each at Target the day after Thanksgiving equipped with a cute bag, a flashlight and a water bottle. The girls were OWL themed and the boys BUG themed. ANOTHER HUGE HIT!I also got 2 snow shovels for $5 on BLACK FRIDAY for the little boys and the little girls each got a cabbage patch $10 each at Wally World another BF deal. All other gifts were from the dollar section at target! SOOOO-Including The Oldests Makeup bag full of Clinique makeup and The Captains usual socks/underwear & Myah's ruby red sparkly dancing shoes $8 AND a bunch of candy-Less than $100 for 8 stockings-not bad huh?
I always make a detailed list of EVERYTHING I BUY and keep things fair. I am thankful that Victoria has now been promoted to "ELF" so she can help me with my shopping and keep a secret! This year I bought ALL practical gifts-no junk with a bunch of pieces that will merely be destroyed and/or lost in a matter of minutes with this TRIBE! GO SANTA GO I SAY!


Mandi said...

Very impressive! And I know I've said this before but I just LOVE your stockings!!!

Ruby Tuesday On Any Given Day! said...

You go girl..........Glad to know another bargain shopper buddy. I knew there were more like me!

Nelly said...

I have a very detailed list too. I am a bargin hunter but the hubby gets them whatever they want.

bearhugs2u said...

So glad to hear that you listened to your Mother!!!