Sunday, January 18, 2009

Double Digits...WELCOME!

Today is a special day. I will admit the tears are flowing freely.

Today I am flooded with memories of learning that I would be a mother to a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl & wondering if they would love me or even like me.

I reflect back to the day that my living room was filled with friends praying and wondering if these to little ones would be mine. Flabbergasted that PEOPLE were making the decision on where these 2 angels would grow up but knowing that God was the ultimate decision maker.

When I got the call, I was surrounded by friends and The Captain was away. At first there were 40 families, narrowed down to 5 and we were in THE FINAL FIVE. I was amazed to find out later that their foster parents had been praying over us the entire time. My friend Rachel was listening in on the phone with me as I was doing the phone interview-I WAS BEYOND NERVOUS-she helped me get through it.

I remember my social worker asking me if I was sitting down and if she wanted to wait to tell me until The Captain got home-"NO" I had to know right then! I'm sure I bawled like a baby when I found out that we were chosen. We met them THE NEXT DAY and they moved in 3 short weeks later.

Today is the birthday of one of my HERO'S-my sweet son Bean. He has now entered the world of DOUBLE DIGITS-10 years old!

Here is the 1st picture of him and his daddy-the admiration you see in his eyes is still there-he adores his dad.
Gotcha Day! The day they left their foster home for good-new home and a race car driver-could life get any better for this 5 year old?Bean is fearless-Just 3 short months after he came home-we had a small tragedy. He was curious about some water boiling on the stove and dumped the water on his chest and leg and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns-probably THE SCARIEST day of my life. Many prayers were said and God healed him-he doesn't even have the hint of a scar.
Just look at his smile in spite of his pain-another reason he's one of my HEROES!His first birthday with us as a family # 6My favorite picture of my 3 kids at the time-who knew we would add 4 more in the next couple years! GOD DID!Me and my pint sized HERO in 2004Me and my HERO this weekWhy he's one of my heroes..
HE'S Sweet
He learns from his mistakes
He is remorseful
He is forgiving
He's always helpful
He always has a smile and a kind word
Just a doggone nice young man you have become!


Kristin said...

What a beautiful post and what a wonderful son God has blessed you with!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

K and the gang!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy! May the next year be filled with more miracles and blessings.

Kelly said...

what a wonderul trip down memory lane with you.
Happy 10th Birthday Bean.

Jill - Blessed Mom of 8 said...


You are a hero - one of God's mighy warriors!

Wishing you a very blessed birthday and year!

Jill and all of our blessings!

Mandey said...

You have a beautiful family! Happy birthday!

cloudmaster said...

Happy Birthday!!! AND I have to thank you. We are looking for places to go and things to do for a trip we plan for March and I had never heard of the Great Wolf Lodge. Looks like something we may want to do as we pass through Kansas City

Amanda said...

Your post made me cry...the good kind of cry! Your words about him are the kind that make everyone want a little boy just like him!! How very blessed your sweet guy is to have such a wonderful home, to have such an incredible family! God is so good!!

Stacey said...

a sweet trip down memory lane. i loved the pictures. thanks so much for sharing, you have a very sweet boy :)

Jess said...

Happy Birthday!

My eyes were wet the whole time!
You are such a wonderful mom!!

Mandi said...

Sweet post, Jen! I would like to meet Bean someday...he sounds like such a sweetheart. (:

Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Bean!!

bearhugs2u said...

As I am one of the grandmas of this sweet boy, I can say he is one of a kind. There is something about those sparkling eyes and that sweet smile that melts my heart. He is just all that his Mama says he is. I can only add that God did give us all this littly boy who is growing up before our very eyes. Happy Birthday "Bean" ...we love you so much.....gramma and papa

Transformed said...

Love it!. Giving good gifts to His children.

Adeye Salem said...

Oh Jen, that is SUCH a beautiful testimony to your son. So beautifully written---from the heart! I love the way he adores his Daddy :)
Have a blessed week.

Manette said...

That's such a beautiful story! Happy Birthday!!!