Friday, January 9, 2009

JOY & PAIN & Prayer!

Pain....If most of you don't know 5:30pm last evening Mark Lamberth lost his earthly fight and entered GLORY LAND after a dirt bike accident 4 weeks ago. He left behind a wife-Angie and son Nolan. PLEASE LEAVE ANGIE A NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENT HERE.

Now for the JOY! Please go visit GAYLY AND SHAWN and leave them a message here as they joyfully wait to meet their son Nate in China in less than 48 hours. Whats so amazing about them is that they took their other 3 kids with them ages 3, 4 & 5-WHAT TROOPERS!

IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE TO SHOW GOD'S LOVE TO people who could really use support! Have a BLESSED WEEKEND!


LuLu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet message. Your story is amazing and your children are adorable! I'm a military wife too!!My hubby is a Marine.

Jill said...

Oh I am so blessed by you!

Jenn, thank you for this update and how you lead others to praise and worship Him together!

Praying for Angie, Nolan and all of their family now. Praying for this beautiful family as they go to bring home their son. Scott leaves tomorrow with Jonathan to bring home Gabriel - WOW!


Amanda said...

Thank you for sharing the joy Jen!!

Shawnee said...

Amen. It only takes a few minutes to show someone you are thinking of them and praying you are so right. Even in blog world.
I am praying for Angie and Nolan. Also praying for this family as they bring home their new son! How awesome!! Thanks for being a shining light on the internet world.
I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Carrie said...

You have a beautitul family and I look forward to keeping up with your blog. I am a new blogger and am quickly becoming a blog addict!!

BoufMom9 said...

Thank you for telling me about both of these. How sad and then what a blessing. God is so mysteriously.

Pam said...

Joy and pain... isn't that about how it goes... prayers.

About the comment you left about our "Nathaniel" adoption... did you find the second half of that story?? It is in the side bar under "My testimony". I just realized I had them labeled wrong... fixing that, then you should be able to find it. Sorry.

trina said...

Jen, thanks for signing my blog! I love your family,too! Ok..curious..what vehicle do you all drive? We have a Honda van that seats 8 people...totally full. Any suggestions...just in case number 7 comes along? wink!

trina said...

copy away. save ya some time. :)

*Overflowing* said...

I am praying for this precious family! I can't even begin to imagine the pain. I am so sorry!

How exciting for your friends...the beautiful day each of our children were placed in our arms will forever be burned in my if it happened today.

Blessings! ~stacy

Jill said...

Jenn - I commented to you on my blog under While I'm waiting!

Love you bunches - Jill