Sunday, February 15, 2009


Let me just admit...I SPEND WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THE COMPUTER! (Yes, honey, I know you are reading this and I am actually admitting this). Especially since MY COMMAND CENTER has had its makeover. I just LOVE MY SPACE.

SO, Today, I decided to GROUND MYSELF from the computer for 5 hours-I will admit, it was tough but I kept very busy. It's not like I sit here all day but since it's in the common area, I just check in on ya'all periodically. (You can see my command center chair in the upper right hand corner of the pics below.)

I cleaned out MUCH JUNK from counter tops and cupboards while painting & keeping my eye on The Daytona 500 in honor of THE CAPTAIN. The most fun thing was picnicking with the kids.





Pam said...

I hear ya! I have to do this often!!

cloudmaster said...

What a great looking family!!!

Kelly said...

I can relate. I try to be on here a lot less on the weekends when the hubby is home with us. And I take numerous time outs through out the day for games, puzzles, & play with Collin. :)
But sometimes you just need that escape. (at times more so than others)
Have a GREAT week!!!

Jess said...

Oh, What fun!
I need to ground myself also!

Elle said...

okay so I have to admit that my favorite part is that several of the kids aren't wearing pants. Yay! That makes me feel WAY more normal! I'm happy if my kids have a shirt and underwear on. That's a plus.
And this reminds me to do something fun to break up my day tomorrow!


trina said...

I'm with ya!! It's hard to be everything and do everything...and still have our 'social life" with our bloggy friends...LOL
yes, the kiddos are adorable having their picnic. Sweet,sweet!!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Ha! One day very soon I'm writing a post about giving up everything else for our children. Not in the way the world sees it - living for your children - but how God sees it. Why? Because God spoke powerfully to me last night through a talk I had with my husband. Truth sets us free!

Love you Jenn!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one that has to "ground" myself from the computer...LOL. I actually stayed off of it ALL DAY yesterday (Sunday)...but then I was sick all day maybe that shouldn't count...LOL. That's a cool idea to have a picnic indoors with the're so inventive! Have a great day!

Transformed said...

I have decided to do a 'internet' fast once a week. For medical reasons I am unable to fast from food and since I love the internet, I thought the Lord would honor it just the same :-)

Adeye Salem said...

YES---you are one very blessed mommy, your kids are all adorable. Mmmm---I have to constantly remind myself to find the balance during my day. Thanks for the reminder.

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Yes they are very adorable!

I spend way too much time on the computer too!! I have had to do the same thing...I tell myself if I dont get off I wont have anything to write about since the kids are all I really write about.
But its hard, I have somuch to do here as well...balance?? I dont thin kthere is one.

Marshmallow Circus said...

Thanks for visiting today, I LOVE your blog and plan to read more later. :)

I have to ground myself quite often or I feel guilty. Yes, I have a problem too. ha ha

Pink Slippers said...

They are all so CUTE! I love pic-nics like that.

Jen said...

Sometimes it just needs to be done.

Kim said...

Oh ... how we can all relate to needing that time out from the computer! You new space is beautiful. Love your Valentine ideas and the indoor picnic!

John Deere Mom said...

Ah, what a sweet way to spend a Sunday!!

Bobbie-Jo said...

I recently realised I need to ground myself, too. Only after ALL of them are in bed! ;)

They are much happier when they have 100% of me. Which makes me happy, too.

And look at your kids' picnic smiles - you know they love it!